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舘形比呂一のDanceable LIFE Vol.5
Theater / dance

Hirokazu Tategata's Danceable LIFE Vol.5

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"Tategata World" in search of your own song
Hirokazu Tategata (actor, dancer, choreographer)

The other day, I did a live song and dance. Due to space constraints, I can't make big movements, so the main song is a song. Of course, I dance and sing on the stage of The Convoy Show, but it's been about three years since I started doing solo live performances with the main song. I couldn't think of it before that ... Rather, I was really bad at singing. Because of the complex, I was afraid of singing and I was very scared to sing. Anyway, I hate it and hate it ...
But the convoy has to sing. It also has to be harmonized because there are many people. At first, you can't get the sound, and it's a difficult technique to harmonize. Even if I force myself to sing, it gradually becomes fun, I can take sounds, I can harmonize, and then everyone realizes the joy of singing. Like dances and plays, I'm clumsy in everything, and it seems that I always start from the complex (laughs).
Hirokazu Tategata's Danceable LIFE Vol.5 However, I had never thought about doing a live performance with a main song. Ai Nishina, a piano and electone player, pushed her back. I planned a song at a private event and asked Mr. Nishina to accompany it.

"The important thing is to get used to singing. And singing in a live band. Even if you're not good at it, if you stand in front of people and sing, you'll definitely get better."

It's not the case when I'm not good at singing, and I feel like I was told so. Since then, I've been trying to sing live with a live band that also includes bass, drums, and percussion.
p / wp-content / uploads / 2019/02 / DSC03560-1.jpg "alt =" "width =" 1920 "height =" 1280 "/> Of course, it is important to learn the basics. By properly learning how to open the song, the pitch will be stable and you will be able to sing comfortably. Perhaps because of that, recently, I've been thinking that it would be interesting to sing like this.

Since I am not a dexterous dancer, I have aimed to express my own world view, so-called "Tategata-ness", when it comes to dancing.
The song is the same.
I want to be able to sing my own songs instead of singing well in order to acquire something more personal and persuasive.
Hirokazu Tategata's Danceable LIFE Vol.5

When I was young, I was desperate to learn the technique. I think it was absolutely necessary, but as we get older, what we want changes. In my case, I'm in an environment where I can learn songs and plays, so it's a waste to stick to dancing. I have come to think that it is possible to carry out a wider and longer-lasting activity by mixing various elements.

I'm still studying, but recently I feel that the boundaries between "singing," "dancing," and "playing" have disappeared when expressing my view of the world.