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Magcal Performing Arts Academy 2019 Results Presentation

Miyuki Inoue (Magcal Editorial Department)

Magcal Performing Arts Academy opened in 2014 for the purpose of fostering performing arts personnel. In addition to Keisuke Yokouchi (theatrical director / director) serving as chief director, Keiko Fukasawa (composition / music director), Lucky Ikeda (choreographer), Eri Ayaki (choreographer), etc. The names of the top spots are lined up in a row, and as a musical lover, I can not keep an eye on that trend. The appearance of this show in summer was also reported last year by Magcal.
* Click here for the report of the 2018 summer performance!

The audition of the new member will be held in spring, but prior to that April Yayoi's result presentation meeting was held. The venue is the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Studio HIKARI, which has just been reopened. With about 130 seats, this is a valuable studio in Kanagawa Prefecture, where 22 academy students sing and dance, and a hot stage unfolds.

Of course, the dance of everyone!
It is drawn to energetic dance that does not let you feel the narrowness of the stage.
Then he sings the numbers of the musical "Chorus Line" in a hurry, and it seems like the academy's thoughts come to the dream.

The stage of the presentation consists of various songs, dances, plays, etc. which have been repeated lessons until now, and they are spun like one story. There is also a ballad that sings softly if you think that there was an up-tempo dance, and you can enjoy it as entertainment.
This time is also the first challenge to control!
Mr. Takeshi Oyone (in charge of Takeshi Ogino Takeru) was in charge of writing and directing the control. There is no reason to get a sense of “take a laugh” in a night, but anyway the script is interesting! The venue was surrounded by a whirlpool of laughter, and the momentum and seriousness of the academy students were also transmitted through.
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And, from last summer's regular show "Bite show -BEST board-", Idol song "Future Create" sing and dance.
You are aiming for a CD debut, is it true?

Then "message from the whale ~ Mezappula plastic garbage zero! ~.
In August 2018, there was shocking news that blue whale babies were launched to Yuigahama, Kamakura city, and plastic waste was found in the stomach. Inspired by this, Kanagawa Prefecture announced the "Kanagawa Plastic Bin Zero Declaration". The academy sends the message as a song.

And from the Broadway musical "RENT", select one famous scene.
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After all the song goes up with dance!

It may be another step to call "professional" as a stage performer. But when I see the hot appearance of young people who keep fighting with the harsh reality to get their dreams, their heart gets cramped.
Maybe I had such a hot season for myself .... Even if you don't, you may be happy to make you dream together.

Five years from the opening of the school. The appearance that the academy student plays an active part in each field came to be seen little by little. If you do your best, it will not be a rewarding world, but you will have to try it.
New members will be added to the show this summer. Expecting a stage that has deepened more than ever ... Do your best! Academy student!

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    Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center

    Prefectural Youth Center works on four pillars for general development of youth measure, promotion of the performing arts as facility to plan healthy upbringing of youth, and to contribute to improvement of culture of citizen of the prefecture together Working on
    1. Development of human resources to promote youth experience activities
    2. Response to youth withdrawal, school refusal, delinquencies, etc.
    3. Support promotion of scientific experience activities for young people
    4. Support for lively performing arts activities by young people and prefectures

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