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The stage turns! Life goes around! "Byte Show - BEST Edition -" Performance Report

McCAL · Performing Arts · Academy who is a playwright · director Kensuke Yokouchi who is a principal president and who cultivates performing arts talents. The 2018 year performance "Byte Show – BEST Edition -" was held on August 18 (Saturday) and Sunday 19 (Sunday) for 2 days.
Songs and dances that level up every time, the stage that will be brushed up are topics, and this year all the tickets of all four performances are sold out. Unfortunately for those who were not able to see it, I will report the whole stages of the hot stage!

The venue is the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center where we have produced numerous theater people. Konohara Saka Hall boasting 812 seats for regular use, but "Byte Show" limits the number of seats to 180, "The stage that rotates 360 degrees per audience" is Uri. What kind of stage will it be? I was surprised at the fact that I informed my expectations and asked when I heard that it was suddenly "Dawn mouth" on the stage!
That's right, the audience seats were set up on the stage!

Waiting while waiting while viewing the curtain from inside. An actress appeared inside the curtain with the opening bell and it got excited with "premiere", exiled at the line and exited. As expected, the stage organization is fully used.

As the curtains rise, the actors standing in the large audience seats. If all this space is going to be the acting area, whatAnd it is a luxurious production.
Pounding on a dramatic opening.

The actors who rushes up to the stage one after another while singing "to the stage".

And dance with all members!
Since the audience seats on the stage surface where the actors dance, their vibrancy will be vibrating and be transmitted to the bing. Acting area is nearly as close as possible reaching if reaching out!
Wear dressed in a real byte uniform, sing a hot feeling to follow a dream, cry out the reality of byte life!

The pose is decided in front of me MAX!
Although it is such a large hall, intimacy like a small theater does not stop.
"" The goodness of the rhythm that the stage develops without darkness is also attractive.

With the left hand, the scenes that used the set stages of the stage sleeves as it is will expand.
A dream that seemed to reach me could be played, anger and lamentation where there is no turn intertwine. It is a painful scene, but I think that it is "cool"! Like a scene of the Westside story.

The new song was added to this "BEST board" which was revised from the premiere of 2016.
"Squeeze money" to sing raw piano back. A scene that sings a tough reality as if it overlapped the appearance of academy students who are becoming adults remained in the impression. Singing voices mixed with strength and excitement are reminiscent of star eggs on the stage of Off Broadway.

Even so, I can do my best because there are companions!
Even if you do fight, it is nice to have a friend who wants to do together as well.

I think it will be exciting at once to the finale … I think.


Still, I have a friend. I can not quite get out of byte life, but I do not know what the future will be, but I can work hard because there are companions to support the days I keep running towards my dreams!

And today, there are young people who silently sweat bytes while pursuing their dreams.

Lastly, "Let it be" flows, greet casting to the audience seats.
Total about 2 hours 20 minutes. It seemed like a long time, it seemed like it was in a blink of an eye, it was like a life with a mountain valley.

A total of 31 people from 0 to 4 grades. The stage of the summer of 2018 where each effort and thought was packed wrapped in big applause and it curtained.
In the near future, from thisThere is no doubt that a professional stage person will be born a musical star from Kanagawa Prefecture!