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Insect drying time in summer

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The cypress stage of a Kyogen artist living in the 21st century
Vol.9 Summer insect drying
Ozo Doctrine (Noh Performer Kyogen Style Ozo School)

Summer vacation Bathing river Playing fireworks Bon dance Insect drying
Both are summer traditions.
Although some people may be uncomfortable when they hear that it is "drying of insects," for us, the drying of clothes is a regular summer event. Usually, by taking out the clothes stored in the clothes storage room and exposing them to the wind to dry them, insects will not come in the winter, that is, to prevent insects from eating.
Insect drying time in summer

I don't know how many costumes my house has, but it's difficult to dry them all in one season. Focus on the items that need to be cared for and work intensively over 3 to 4 days.
Insect drying time in summer

In addition to "dressing" such as wearing large stripes underneath the outerwear, the clothes used for the "outerwear" such as foil, thick plate, and Karaori are pure silk, Hang it on a clothes rack and hang it in a well-ventilated place. It is also important to check the condition while drying and repair it if necessary. If it is a slight fray, we will apply a patch cloth and repair it by ourselves, but if it is too bad, we may send it to a clothing store and have it repaired. "alt =" "width =" 3840 "height =" 2160 "/>

Costumes such as Kyogen Hakama, Nagamiso, and Suou are hemp, so care should be taken in the traditional way. First, carefully apply a wash paste diluted with water using a brush. Fold it properly over the broth, draw the broth further on it, and step on with 4 or 5 adults. By doing this, it will be pressed cleanly and the dust and dirt on the hakama will be removed. When dried, not only does it return to a crisp hakama, but the coating effect of the glue makes it less likely to get dirty.
Insect drying time in summer

Costumes and props are one of the commercial tools for us, and we have been taught how to handle them since we were young. Outside, such as stepping directly on or straddling. Even if you fold one, the folds will be checked for proper folding.
Insect drying time in summer

Such costumes are basically managed by the performers themselves, but when there are not enough people, there are times when a disciple in the company participates.

Cheers of children playing in the water Wind chimes Sounds of wind swaying watermelons and ice

It's a summer tradition that I like, as the time when the people pass over each other while chatting harmoniously seems to be the original scenery of Japan with a feeling of nostalgia.