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Summer insect-drying time that passes peacefully

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Hinoki stage of Kyogen masters living in the 21st century
Vol.9 Summer insect drying
Okura doctrine (Noh performer Kyogen style Okura school)

Summer vacation Sea bathing River play Fireworks Bon festival dance Insect drying
Both are summer traditions.
Some people may not be able to hear the word "drying insects", but for us, drying insects in costumes is an annual summer event. By taking out the clothes that are normally stored in the clothes storage and exposing them to the wind to dry them, insects do not come near in the winter, that is, they prevent insects from eating.
Summer insect-drying time that passes peacefully

I don't know how many costumes I have in my house, but it's difficult to dry them all in one season. Narrow down the items that need to be maintained, and work intensively over 3 to 4 days.
Summer insect-drying time that passes peacefully

In addition to "dressing" that is worn under the outer garment such as large stripes, the costumes used as "outer garment" such as foil, planks, and karaori are made of pure silk. Hang it on a clothes rack and dry it in a well-ventilated place. It is also important to check the condition while drying and repair if necessary. If it's a slight fray, you can use a patch to repair it yourself, but if it's too bad, you may have to send it to a clothing store to fix it.
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Since costumes such as Kyogen hakama, Nagakamishimo, and Suou are hemp, they are maintained using the old-fashioned method. First, use a brush to carefully apply the starch diluted with water. Fold it neatly on top of the 茣 蓙, pull the 茣 蓙 on it, and four or five adults will ride and step on it. By doing this, it will be pressed cleanly and the dust and dirt on the hakama will be removed. When it dries, it not only returns to a crisp hakama, but the glue coating effect makes it harder to get dirty.
Summer insect-drying time that passes peacefully

Costumes and props are one of our business tools, and how to handle them was strictly taught from an early age. Outside of having to step on or straddle directly. Even if you fold it one way, it will be checked if you fold it correctly.
Summer insect-drying time that passes peacefully

Basically, the performers themselves manage these costumes, but when there are not enough people, disciples from all over the company may participate.

Cheers of children playing in the water Wind chimes Sudare watermelons and ice cream swaying in the wind

The time when everyone chats and passes peacefully is like the original scenery of Japan that makes me feel nostalgic, and it is a summer tradition that I like.