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湘南発!ラジオとWEBがコラボする『Double Planet』
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From Shonan! "Double Planet" where radio and WEB collaborate

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Double Planet
Episode 0 Greetings
Furutajun & Yota Kanda (Radio Shonan Personality)

Nice to meet you. My name is Furuta Jun.
This time, let me introduce myself to the new series starting next month.
First of all, who are we?

I usually act as a scriptwriter and director while presiding over a theater company.

And, because of the connection, I am serving as a radio personality for musician Yota Kanda (Bluestone) and a radio station in Kanagawa prefecture.
From Shonan! "Double Planet" where radio and WEB collaborate

The program is "Radio & MUSIC", a music variety program that is being sent every Saturday at 17:00 on Fuji FM's community FM station "Radio Shonan FM83.1".
This year marks the 16th year since the program started.

That's right, it's also a longevity program.

Due to the chemical change of Kanda Yota's sensibility and Furutajun's sensibility, many "musical pieces" and "radio dramas" originated from radio have been born as programs where the two people who are in front of each other create 0 to 1.

In addition, at the 20th anniversary of the opening of Radio Shonan, we have launched the “Shonan Sound Connection (SSC)” event, which will bring excitement to Shonan through the connection with music, the community and people. Radiostone Shonan, which keeps transmitting from the middle of Shonan, and Bluestone formed a tag, and in November 2016, Bluestone held Vol.0.
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After the flagship performance that closed the curtain in the midst of great success, SSC has been involved with many artists and has grown into a big event with each turn.
In the Radio Shonan Band formed with Kyoko Tomita (former Princess Princess), Hideyuki Tsunono (TUBE) and others of the station personality, Kanda is in charge of vocals. In Vol.3 and Vol.EX, Furuta was in charge of the script and direction.
From Shonan! "Double Planet" where radio and WEB collaborate

The event is currently held up to Vol.5 and is continuing.

On the other hand, people from various genres have appeared as guests in our programs.

Kyoko Tomita (Former Princess Princess)
Hideyuki Tsuno (TUBE)
Reiji Matsumoto (TUBE)
Teruhisa Kitahara
Ryuichi Kawakami (Dainippon Pro Wrestling) and others

In addition, the following people appeared in the interview sound source by Yota Kanda.

Maeda Wataru (TUBE)
Ryu Si Won

* Honorifics are in no particular order

In addition, we have delivered a variety of expressions from various fields, ranging from simple stories to deep stories about expressions.

This time, I wonder if it is possible for us to serialize, so I will start such a project.
A serial novel "Double Planet" that works in conjunction with the radio program "Love & MUSIC".

Yes, it's a novel style.
The main characters in this story are Sato Aono, a first-year high school boy who lives in Kanagawa prefecture, who pursues the path of music, and Ruka Tamaru, a first-year high school girl who seeks the path of theater.
They don't know each other's existence, they go to different high schools and live while worrying about their expressions.
One Saturday evening, these two people listen to the "Love & MUSIC" radio broadcast, so the new development of the two people will be serious.

A new series that delivers real fiction and interweaving.
Linking with programs is newWe plan to supplement the development on the Facebook page of the program launched in.

A mix of radio and serialized columns set in Kanagawa.
Please look forward to it!

From Shonan! "Double Planet" where radio and WEB collaborate

[Personality Profile]

Youta Kanda
October 30, 1977 Lives in Kanagawa prefecture. Vocal of "Bluestone", a music unit mainly based in Kanagawa.
Received the Best Vocal Award at Hot Wave, which was called the high school band Koshien. The band PuZZ: won the Chigasaki Music Festival Grand Prix. Made a major debut in 2000 with the same band. Solo activity started after activity suspension. Formed Bluestone in 2008.
Ryu Siwon, Ryudo Uzaki, TUBE, Anri, Michiya Haruhata, Lee Jung Hyun, Kobukuro, T-BOLAN, etc. CD production, TV appearance and live tour participation with back chorus.
From Shonan! "Double Planet" where radio and WEB collaborate

Born in 1981.6.4 Born in Mino city, Gifu prefecture. Representative of Furutamaru theater company. Writer / Director.
After graduating from the Department of Drama Studies, Faculty of Letters, Meiji University, he started acting in Shimokitazawa as his home ground. He has worked on many works such as troupe performances and produced performances.Also active as a program constituent writer.
・ TKO Takehiro Kimoto Solo play “Lies cannot be searched.” @ Small Theater B1 (Production / Direction)
・ Cartier "FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY" @ Roppongi Hills BTQ (Production / Direction)
・ Standup comedy live "Good morning parakeet part 5" @ Honda Theater (director)
・ TBS Radio JUNK "It's the opposite of Sama-zu !!" (Composition)
・ TBS Radio “Shuta Furuta's Fur Chin!” (Composition)
From Shonan! "Double Planet" where radio and WEB collaborate