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Double Planet 第1話

Double Planet Episode 1

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Double Planet
Episode 1 "The day comes when you realize that it was a big step"
Satoru Aono
(Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

Life in club activities and life in homecoming clubs.
About the superiority that the choice brings.
In the era of diversity, life is not influenced by club activities.
I (Satoru Aono), a 16-year-old philosopher, thought so.

After a day's lessons, go around Fujisawa Station and go home.
The night came while playing with my smartphone, and I did my homework and lay down on the bed.
I feel like I had a dream while I was sleeping, but I can't remember what it was.
Everyday, only mysterious daily life without contours is being archived.

"No, I can't stand it anymore"

It was in December that I said that.

Someone said that high school life was instant.
New year is 2020. The first year is over in three months.
That was true. Actually, there is almost no memory so far.
It is time to retire a silent philosopher. It's not when you are pretended to be aging.
I was finally ready to accept a fact.

"I wanted to do a band"

When I was a junior high school student, I received the Internet ban declaration and gained the freedom of the Internet.
I spent listening to all kinds of music. The entrance is J-POP. Rock, EDM, and Western music via anime songs and game songs. I listened to music endlessly. He scattered music like a hungry monster. After listening a lot, I came to understand my taste gradually. Apparently, he likes arrangements and sounds that are played in rock bands called "band sounds." To put it simply, it's a cool guy.

However, I have never played in public where the band wanted to do it.
In the first place, instruments are castanets and recorders taught in compulsory education.Outside is non-professional.
Still, I'm only interested. It's real to see this feeling, a place where it is hard to leave.

"I want to do a band"

What happened to me if I chose to enter the light music club that April?
I didn't think I could do it with my classmates whose music hobbies didn't fit (and I thought they were). I was sure to be there, and I didn't have a place in my music club (I wanted to affirm my life that I couldn't start over). I think too much. Troublesome.

Can I play a band alone?
No, it's not a band anymore.
So what? What will happen to me?

I went to the second grade without doing anything, the third grade came, and is my high school finish?

That ’s bad. The goal tape cannot be cut as it is. I understand only that.
But I didn't know exactly what to do or where to start.

Saturday evening without school.

I decided to go to the music store impulsively.
When I searched on the net, it was near Fujisawa Station.
Yugy 通 り -dori Street, which leads to Yugyoji Temple in the north exit, which is not usually accessible.
Out of season, unreliable illuminations lined up.

Double Planet Episode 1

Is this the first move in anticipation of the coming Valentine's Day? Or is it just lazy?
I do not understand the aim.

As I walked slowly, I found the Wakaizumi Musical Instrument Store.

Double Planet Episode 1

It was nice to come, but suddenly weird tensions came.
ThroughWhile pretending to be a pedant, let's look inside the store through the glass.
Repeatedly watching the fliers back and forth in front of the store many times. Apparently a suspicious person.

Do you open this door or not?

I'm worried that I'll die just because of that.
Today, I have not brought any money and I am a completely obsessed guest.
Can such customers enter? After all, shouldn't we return?

Think again.

Let's go to another day. This time again. good bye…

"Polon, Polon"

I heard the tone of the guitar from inside the store.
The customer happily trying out the guitar and the clerk staring at it.

Do I miss the opportunity to change myself again?
I feel like I won't come here again if I escape now. It has always been so.

There's no "next time".

here. My step is now behind this door.


He put his hand on the door to be sucked in, turned around, and was in the store if he noticed.
Double Planet Episode 1

Looking at the acoustic guitar hung on the wall, she fell in love with the beauty of her body.
The texture is completely different from what we have seen through the Internet.
I look into my body, and I'm so shining.
Double Planet Episode 1

Looking back, electric guitars were lined up.
The pop and vivid colors reminded me of the 24-color craps I had as a child.
Even though I didn't play, I wanted to pick it up and put it on it.

I wanted an instrument for the first time.
No, do you want a guitar instead of an instrument? I feel differentDo.

"I want my future playing this one day in public."

I left the store in a state of extermination.
In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, what happened after Alice got out of the hole?
I wasn't Alice, but that didn't make it.

I decided to return down the street to the station.
Is the first one an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar?

Or both? No, it's too much. Either one.

"Which one is better?"

First of all, how to make money for buying a guitar.
It was when I started thinking about that.
Double Planet Episode 1

I heard the phrase "Double Planet" from the radio station in front of me.

"to be continued"

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