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Double Planet 第10話
Theater / dance musics

Double Planet Episode 10

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Double Planet
Episode 10 "I have something to do with the night sky"
Luca Tamaru (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

Neither side by side nor separated. He and I were walking, keeping a distance that seemed subtle and exquisite. Assuming what he says is true, he was Satoru Blue, the listener of "Love & MUSIC", Satoru Aono. The moment I heard it, my head went blank. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I also thought about this. Maybe he was really an important figure in the reality show just because I wasn't informed. For the time being, I checked 360 degrees around myself, but there was no camera that looked like a camera.

"If you like ... can I go with you?"

When I said I was going to the beach, Aono-kun also said I wanted to go. I really wanted to go alone, but before I was concerned about him who was diving home and falling, it wasn't the air I could refuse.

"Betsuni Iikedo"

An unfriendly reply. Perfect salt correspondence.
As I started walking, Aono quietly followed me.

There was also the awkwardness of returning "I can't meet you" in a Twitter message.
I should have said that I couldn't meet, but I met around in this way.
After all, there was no reply from Aono-kun after that, and only he knows what he thinks.
Inwardly, I may be angry. You might think that you are a good woman who tries not to meet the opposite sex easily. Of course, I don't have the courage to ask about them.

Cross National Route 134 while listening to the cars going and going, and go down the sandy steps leading to the seaside. Only this feeling is exciting no matter how many times you taste it. come! I'll come! Expectations grow.

When I landed on the sand with both feet, the setting sun drew a straight golden road on the surface of the sea.
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"... Wow"

Aono muttered with a sigh. Immediately I took my smartphone out of my pocket and pointed the camera at the setting sun. When I was watching it, I just said it.

"I don't think you can take beautiful pictures against the sun."
"Huh? Is that so?"

Aono pressed the shutter button with half confidence. When I checked the photo immediately, he showed me the photo with a bitter smile. Sure enough, the setting sun reflected diffusely and I couldn't understand what it was.

"As Mr. Tamaru says"
"I don't think this beauty can be preserved in machines."
"It looks like that"
"If you don't want to forget, you have to burn your eyes."

that? I usually have a conversation with Aono-kun.
I thought I was on the alert, but before the sunset, I was disarmament.

"I saw it for the first time. Where the setting sun sets in the sea."

It didn't seem like the words of a person born and raised in this town.

"Why don't you come to the sea?"
"Yeah. I think it's been a while since I looked up at the sky like this."


I don't know if Aono consciously said "sky".
But now I definitely said "empty".
I wonder if I'm going to touch on that topic from here.

"Why did Mr. Tamaru come here?"

In fact, while reading the script of "Sky and Puzzle" with Natsuki, I found some points to be revised. The script as it is is incomplete. That was the common opinion of Natsuki and I. That's why I came to look for hints. To improve our "Sky and Puzzle".

Today I have something to do with the night sky.

"The setting sun has set"

Aono said, saying what he saw.
Is it a thoughtful person or a childish person? I can't grasp that area well.
However, the setting sun certainly set.
The orange color will soon disappear and the sky will be dark blue.
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"Don't you want to hear about'sky and puzzle'from me?"

I cut it out from me because I wanted to get messed up.


Yeah? Eh, other people?
Aono-kun closed his mouth like a shellfish and immediately shut up.
As expected, it came with a click.
Even though I turned the invitation water from me, was it my turn right away?
I saw that this man had grown up quite spoiled.
Hi hi, is that so? I want you to tell me. I understand. understood.

"You can talk to me."
"Oh, is that okay ?! Really? !!!"

Aono raised his tension gear all at once and stared at me next door.
After all, I was waiting to cut it out from me.
can not forgive.
While writing such a hot thing in the message, this sweet and sloppy other power application is plentiful.
can not forgive.
I don't think you can get important information so easily.
I wanted to give him a try.

"I can talk, but there is one condition."
"You can talk to me at night."
"If you can wait here with me until night"

"to be continued"

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