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Double Planet 第12話
音楽 Theater / dance

Double Planet Episode 12

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Double Planet
Episode 12 "Christmas will come as Christmas even in such a year"
Luca Tamaru (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

The club room in December was colder than I had imagined. Leaving yourself in an electric stove that shakes your head unreliably, you can only hear the slurping and screaming sounds of turning the script with Natsuki's biting hands. I was dumbfounded and remembered that day. Stars looking up at the beach, conversations, dawn, sunrise, first train, Enoden, excuses for mothers. I don't know what the expression is inspired by. I wrote down the overflowing ideas, went to the library to do some research, and put all the deadlines into the script as if they were trivial. It's embarrassing to use such a word, but if I dare to use it, I'm totally focused. Yes, I concentrated on finishing the script of "Sky and Puzzle".

Natsuki, who had read to the end, said with trembling.

"What's this ... it's dangerous"

I was confident. Rather, I can't write anything more than that. To be honest.

"The character modeling and story development are good, I think it has improved a lot!"
"Was good"

I responded shortly, killing my joy. The rescript of "Sky and Puzzle" went well. Natsuki and I have taken another step forward.

"Well, what do you do from here? How do you perform this work ..."

After all, in words there詰まった。相変わらずコロナの影響で活動は見通しが立ってない。というよりも、状況は悪化しているのかも。先月の文化祭も中止になったし、演劇部の活動もしばらく休みが続いている。このままだと2月の卒業生を送る会も中止になるというのが、もっぱらの噂だ。自由な活動を許されていた頃が、もうずいぶん昔のことのように感じられる。せっかく台本はできたのに、それを上演する機会と場所がない。これはツラい。はぁ。しばらく黙っていると、ナツキは小さく折り畳んだ紙を私に差し出した。





「え、待って待って。カレシ……?! え?え?」











ナツキはどこか誇らしげだった。武村君がどんな人なのかよく知らないけど、大好きなカノジョのためにここまでやってくれると言うのなら、信頼してもいい気がしIt was.

"Maybe it's a delivery performance!"
"OK! I'll meet you today, so I'll talk about it. If I decide, I'll have to practice!"
"Yes, you'll be busy!"

I left high school and headed for Fujisawa station. It is full of people who are rushing home.
My gait was light. It is a big thing that we have advanced to the next step of distribution performance.

Suddenly, I stopped at the station and took out my smartphone with my back against the wall.

Start LINE and scroll with your thumb.
I found it as soon as I looked for the icon of the blue planet.

"Sky and puzzles are likely to be performed as a broadcast performance."

I pressed the submit button.
1 minute, 2 minutes, ... 5 minutes.
It's hard to read it.

I got sick of myself waiting to be read and started walking around the station.

There was a signboard accepting reservations for Christmas cakes. Even in such a year, Christmas will come as Christmas. Natsuki may spend time with his girlfriend Takemura. Maybe we'll exchange some presents with each other. At Christmas, I've only seen it in manga and dramas. Natsuki thought that she would increase her withdrawal as an actress by one more. Good, good, good Natsuki.

I heard a LINE ringtone and hurriedly opened my cellphone.

"What time do you come back?"

It was from my mother.
Try tapping the blue planet icon.
Not yet read.

What's that guy already?

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It was the night two days later that I received a reply from Mr. Aono.

"I'm sorry for the late reply. I think the delivery performance is good! Congratulations. I finally completed the song. The song I made by myself from the beginning to the end for the first time in my life. The theme song of" Sky and Puzzle ". I want Mr. Maruyama to listen to it first. "

One sound source was attached after the message of the end.

Suddenly, my chest began to flutter.
Before I knew it, my mouth was dry.

I tapped the play button and slowly closed my eyes.

"to be continued"

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