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Double Planet 最終話
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Double Planet final story

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Double Planet
The final episode "Until the stars disappear"
Luca Tamaru (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

Only myself is okay. Only I can't get corona. Since I was a kid, I've never had such a premonition. When I think about it now, that kind of overconfidence was useless. It was hard after I got the diagnosis. It caused a lot of trouble to parents, teachers, and everyone in the drama club. There was nothing I could do just to bother you. While living in isolation in my room, only the "nothing" time passed at the speed of the hands of a sundial. Food is regularly placed in front of the room. It's my food. My mother bought "crab bread" for some reason when she said she wanted to eat bread. I don't remember saying I like it even once. Looking up at the ceiling, only this room will be separated from the world, floating in the sky and sucked into a black hole in the air. Such an image passed through my head many times.

It was almost until the delivery performance of "Sky and Puzzle".
I turned the puzzle over, even though all the pieces seemed to be ready in a little while.

"It's not Luka's fault."

Natsuki said that, but it's my fault. That's because I think so myself. It seemed like I could reach my dream of being able to perform my work. I enjoyed every day. No, it was too much fun. It's so much fun to make one thing with a reliable companion. It's dangerous. I was dazzled by the fun and I was alert. After exchanging with Natsuki on LINE, the delivery performance 10 days later will be postponed. Unless I go to the scene, preparations for the performance will not proceed. It was a unavoidable decision.

"Drama doesn't run away. If you run away, it's Luka."

As usual, the words I received from Natsuki were hot. I was a little frustrated because I seemed to have seen the weakness of a human being. To be honest, my heart was broken somewhere. It's easy to say that it's postponed. But at this stage, I have no idea when it will happen. After allI also know a lot of performances that are virtually canceled, called postponements. Two months later, I will be in the third grade, and I will start studying for entrance exams. I wonder if I'm doing theater. Can I persuade my parents to do it? When I start thinking about that, I become more and more bearish. I had only this timing, but I was moving everything towards here. But I missed it. The switch, which should have been pushed slowly over a year, was about to be pushed back with a strong force.

Double Planet final story

The smartphone rang.

3 o'clock midnight. I have a hard time understanding why I was contacted at this time.
It's completely insane as the time to contact me, who is sick.
But I was awake. I was looking up at the ceiling all the time.
Said the Lord who called.

"At this time ... I'm sorry"

The main voice was Satoru Aono. I heard that Natsuki had told me that I had corona, and I couldn't contact him individually because I didn't know how to contact him face-to-face. He didn't contact me either. I also wonder what words to say if Aono gets corona. In the end, if you can only say one thing on the street, you may be stuck.

"I'm sorry this happened."

I looked up at the ceiling and said in a dumb voice. Then, I heard some noise.
No, it's not a sound. It's a voice.
I heard a voice like a woman talking quietly over the phone.
That voice was the one I knew.

"... Natsuki?"

Why are Natsuki and Aono together at 3 o'clock midnight?
I have no idea what it means.

"No, uh ... that's ... I'm not Natsuki-san."

Aono is completely muddy. I'm definitely there. You're there, right?
Already good, instead.
Yes, when I think I heard a voice,Natsuki answered the phone.

"Did you get caught?"
"What do you mean? Eh, are you together?"
"Well ... well, that's what it is. I'm in Aono's room right now."

The two are said to be in Aono's room.

"Oh, but not two, because my boyfriend is the same."

I don't understand more and more.
I don't know that the three of us were weaving a love triangle. You must be kidding.

"Don't say it yourself from here onwards."

It was the turn that Aono talked about.
I took a breath.
What exactly is he trying to do at this time?

"Ah ... from now on ... could you give me an hour?"
"1 hour until the stars disappear"

Suddenly, I was called a star and remembered the star I saw at the beach that day.

Double Planet final story

By the way, it was just like this time.
I think it was 3 o'clock midnight when I returned to the beach from the convenience store and looked up at the sky that day.

So this time ... is it?

Then I heard a voice from the pitch darkness.
The voice of another person is already different from the previous one.
Natsuki's voice was beginning to read the script for "Sky and Puzzle."
The lines I wrote, the writing.
I will read each word carefully.
I tried to say something and shut up.
I didn't practice like this.
It wasn't a story I wrote for reading in the first place.
But Natsuki had his own voice completely his own.
And it already dominates the story of "Sky and Puzzle".
Before I knew it, my ears were trying not to miss a single word of the story that was flowing in.

A performance just for me, which started at 3am on the phone.
That's what this is.
I became the first customer of my work.
Natsuki's voice can be heard clearly.
Natsuki's boyfriend, who is familiar with the distribution, may have prepared a microphone for reading.

Even though it's pitch blackwarm.
Even though it's pitch black
Even though it's so dark.
No, because it's pitch black.
The story is amazing.

Double Planet final story

The last scene that was rewritten many times.
My favorite lines will come out soon.
Come on, come on.
Natsuki, how do you read it?

"It's boring to look up at the stars alone. It's okay because we're two."

While suppressing the intonation and killing the emotions, consider the feelings of the other person from the bottom of my heart.
It was the best.
The sound of the guitar came in there as if sneaking in.
I can't say that I'm good at complimenting.
However, only desperation is transmitted with a strong density.
I can't see it, but I can see it.
Aono Satoru's seriousness was there.
A thin singing voice begins to read Natsuki and run in parallel.
It turns out that the two are practicing a lot for this day.
You can't do this in a day or two.
For me alone.
Tears spill.
I wonder if I'm crying as a spectator.
Or maybe I'm crying because of my gratitude to Natsuki and Aono.
I don't know which one. I can't organize my emotions.
I can't stop tears.
It's already an epilogue.
The story is about to end.
I know that.
Because it's the author.
Hey, is it really over?
Is it over?
Don't end.
Don't finish yet.
Continue as it is.
No good.
It's over.
It's over.
I have to say it before the end.
hurry, hurry.
I have to say this.
I want to tell them.
Will it be in time?
in time.

"I won't quit"


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