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[Ticket gift] The hotest musical this summer "Bytes Show - BEST Edition -"

Magar · Performing Arts · Academy, which was established in Heisei 20 years with the aim of nurturing professional performing art professionals. Under the direction of Kensuke Yokouchi, a playwright / director who is the president, I am doing hands-on lessons by leading instructors in vocal music, dance, acting and various fields.

A musical performance that can be said as a result presentation will be performed at Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Konosaka Hall on August 18 (Saturday) and Sunday, 19 (Sunday).
The title is "Byte Show - BEST Edition -".

In the summer of 2016, temporary seats were temporarily installed on the stage around the hall in the style of Theater In Theater, and each audience was rotated, 360 degrees, all theaters were performed as performance spaces, "Bytes Show YOKOHAMA - Seishun Hen - ". In 2017 I brushed up "Byte show - International version! - "was performed.
In the summer of this year, I will return to the Youth Center Hall as a "Byteshow - BEST disc -" that has further improved.
The young actors who were trained and grew up at the Youth Center narrowed down the 360-degree rotation stage with a hot feeling and run through. Do not miss the stage full of songs, dances and play!ttp: // "alt =" "width =" 1000 "height =" 667 "/>

"Pick Up Interview"

Mr. Hyodo Masayo
When I saw the academy 's spring presentation, I was impressed by the person of my age of the same age working hard and mutual augmentation, I also wanted to do it and got an audition.

I just entered this year's May, so I still desperate to just remember dancing. Dancing with the seniors who have danced for years is a great pressure, but for our customers neither seniors nor newcomers are involved. I will do my best with a strong feeling "I will not lose!"

Yokota Shiori
It is a member from the time the Academy was launched.
At first it was as hard as I could follow, so I can not see the video at that time (laugh). At that time I was only interested in musicals, but as I looked closely at the people who are active in the stage, I began thinking seriously "I want to play an active part in this world" as well.

Since the title is the same, I think that some people think that "they are the same again", but I think that it is completely different if you actually see it. There was a change in content, and a lot of new songs were received. Even for those who came up to now, for those who will come for the first time this year, absolutely I think that it will be a stage to have fun.
I will make "Byte show" that you can say "This year was the best this time"!

"Production Notes"

I interfered with the rehearsal area near the actual stage and I talked to Mr. Yokouchi, the principal.

What is the "Byte show" like?

It is a life-sized musical which remade works which originally played at our theater company (door theater) to suit young school students. The hint was Broadway musical "Rent". Jonathan Larson who made up this stage suddenly died before the opening of Broadway but the sister's sister who attended the Tony Awards ceremony instead of him gave a speech more than 20 years Even now it remains in my mind.

"Eggs of artists who are working hard while washing dishes in New York, please do not despair, with hope, because my brother was like that"

I thought that it could be said even in Japanese cities. If you dream, you have to work hard for that dream. But, the more real dreams that they need, the more money you need to earn in order to be serious, there are plenty of specific problems to live. It is "byte show" that summarized such torment and challenge as a story and made it musical.
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It will be the fourth year actually, but how do you feel about seeing the academy students?

At first it was too bad we thought what to do (laugh). There were also some people with experience, but basically just "people who want to do" gathered, it was far from the adult play we wanted. So I remember saying in the first year "Do it in the heart."

While it was the second year and the third year, the level of the members rose dramatically. I entered the music university and learned vocal music in earnest, and some professional dancers got to work. It is no longer "body hit" like in the past.

So this time, I raised a hurdle. Some of the newly entered members have inexperienced people, so we can not deny that there are bad parts. But advanced users are trying to do it on a high level, so I want to respond to that thought.
I also have new episodes and new songs, so I'd like to see a new "byte show".
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Please tell me the thought Yokouchi will have at the academy

A prefectural youth center as a base is a place not to be an exaggeration to call "a sacred place" for those who have performed high school plays in Kanagawa prefecture. What we are aiming for is to revitalize this place and to make new dissemination.
This year, companies that support cultural activities are attracting new sponsors, such as sponsor. I feel like I'm opening up the way of public halls that I have never seen so far, so I would like to expand this movement further.

Magal · Performing Arts · Academy Performance 2018
"Byte Show - BEST Edition - "

[Date and time] August 18 (Sat) 13: 00/18: 00 Sunday 19th (Sunday) 12: 00/17: 00
[Venue]Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Kohakamasaka Hall
[Price] General Advance ¥ 2,000 General on the day ¥ 2,500
College student or less Advance ¥ 800 Under-university students Same day ¥ 1,000

[Ticket handling]
Doorsheet 03-3221-0530
Ticket Kanagawa 0570-015-415 (10: 00 ~ 18: 00)


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