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Even if the appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People in the middle" heat up further!

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Is classical music stiff? boring?
An orchestra "inner" who breaks down such an established concept and tweet with a light narrative. This time, not only Twitter but also 5 people who are excited not only in real life, gathered and talked about "orchestra love" hotly!

Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra (Kanagawa Philharmonic)   This time, we had the opportunity to gather on the occasion of a request from NHK Radio. Initially, we were planning to have two members with Sendai Phil, but we would like to thank all of you for giving us your consent. I think that being able to talk to each other with ease is a great way to liven up a concert.
Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra (hereinafter, Sendai Philharmonic)   In the first place, I wouldn't have met anyone without Twitter.
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (hereinafter referred to as the Tokyo Philharmonic)   surely. Players interact with each other through supportive appearances, but the clerks have no chance to get acquainted with other groups.
Even if the appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People in the middle" heat up further!

What can you do with Twitter ?

ng> For those who have never listened to the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, the concert hall has the image of being “stiff” or “boring”. But it's definitely fun to go! The first thing that can be done is to create a "trigger" to make you feel the fun. In some cases, the followers, not the "inside person," tweet the person who actually came to us, saying, "It was fun, right?"
The Tokyo Phil SNS makes it easy to create a good cycle, such as sharing your thoughts, so I think it would be good if we could turn it around.
The real pleasure of the Sendai Phil Concert is to listen live! Twitter is the catalyst for that, because it doesn't start if you don't come.
Japan Century Symphony Orchestra
(hereinafter, "Japan Century") Concerts are often regarded as noble, but each person has their own way of enjoying them. Since Twitter can suggest various ways to enjoy yourself, I hope you can choose the one that suits you.
The focus of the Tokyo Phil Orchestra is classical music, but demand for film music and pop is also increasing. Customers also he is How can that be shy away from it and to reverse "not a classical music ...", we are to any concert is Tsu even with the same motivation, get in touch to the sound of the orchestra First to experience Is important. Because it is twitter that customers of all genres see, it's good to be able to use a wide range of approaches.
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Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra (hereinafter referred to as the Tokyo City Philharmonic) The ability to send information in real time is another advantage of Twitter. Considering the time that is easy for everyone to read, I try to provide information that is easy for anyone to read and can easily like.
Mutual interaction among Kanagawa Phil fans has also been born. Even though there are so many orchestras, it doesn't make sense to say "only for me". I think it's natural that the flow of "Where do you want to go next?" is born when you listen to my music.
Tokyo Phil When picking up rare songs, it is not uncommon for customers to come from overseas such as Korea and Taiwan. It was something I couldn't think of a long time ago, but this is also the power of the Internet such as Twitter. SNS is very convenient for delivering information to people who want to deliver it.
Sendai Phil There is also a hashtag on Twitter, "Go on a trip and listen to the event".
's nice to travel along with the Japan Century Concert, but I'm glad if you come and think "I have a concert like this, let's go" when I have a spare time on the road!

Introducing the recent hit Tweet as "Medium Man"Can you help me

Kanagawa Phil Last year, the permanent conductor Kentaro Kawase announced the marriage with announcer Yumiko Matsuo. It was just the first day of the rehearsal, so even within the orchestra, the excitement sprang up spontaneously, and the "Wedding March" was performed as a surprise. Don't you think it's a blessing unique to an orchestra? When I tweeted it so that everyone could know it, it was a great response.
Even if the appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People in the middle" heat up further! Tokyo City Phil In December of last year, I announced the whole series of Dragon Quest concerts that will be held all year round from April of this year.When I tweeted it, I received more than 1,300 likes. It was. I was happy enough by itself, but I also saw a tweet that they follow the account and say, "I haven't had a connection with classical music so far, but I'm going to go to a regular concert," Tweet The number is increasing, so I'm glad this tendency is above all.
Even if the appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People in the middle" heat up further!
Since the Tokyo Philharmonic our house is greater work of the TV "story" might is often (laughs). In February of this year, I appeared on a music program on TV, but Arashi was just offIt was just after I announced the stop. I thought that this would only get exciting together, so I tweeted it from the beginning of the program in a live broadcast. Then, at the moment of climax, "like" exceeded 6,000. I remember being taken away from me by saying that the counter turns around like this.
Even if the appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People in the middle" heat up further!
Japan Century The
other day, I went to a concert tour mainly in western Japan, but the conductor and soloist fans have great momentum, and there are many customers who meet for the first time, and my followers in 2 weeks More than 200 people. However, I usually tell the daily life of the players who are shining on the stage, and tweet about the work scene of the staff.
Even if the appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People in the middle" heat up further!
People in the classical music industry tend to be grouped together as "people from another world", so people who are playing, "people in the middle", and people who wrote songs hundreds of years ago, please see the tweet. As a message that it is the same as everyone who is there.
Even if the appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People in the middle" heat up further!
Sendai Phil At
the regular concert last year, percussionist Sho Sasaki's "One whole body bass drum"When I tweeted the video, it was about 20,000 views before I knew it! Please come to Sendai to listen to this one shot (laughs)
Even if the appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People in the middle" heat up further!

Where do you think the charm of the orchestra lies?

As Mr. Koichi Sugiyama mentioned at the Tokyo City Philharmonic , I feel that orchestral music is the most “feast” of music. I think the orchestra is uniquely impressed by the fact that dozens of musical instruments, such as string instruments, wind instruments, woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments, come together to create a single music. Live is the best way to immerse yourself in the world of deep and deep sounds when these instruments are played.
Kanagawa Phil When you come across a really good performance, the performer, customers, and staff are filled with a happy atmosphere. I think that excitement is something that can only be enjoyed "live."
Tokyo Phil Yes After the end of a good concert, everyone looks good and returns. The people who come to the concert hall are very wide. There are elderly people and unexpectedly young people. Wouldn't it be great to have people with no connection or connection in one place? Moreover, the sense of unity is wonderful!
I understand that the orchestra has the preconceived notion of "boring" and "boring", but on the other hand, there is also the image of "something good". First of all, please come with the feeling "I don't really understand, but it looks amazing." The feeling of unity in live performancesI don't know what to say.
Many of the Japanese Century Classic music was created hundreds of years ago, so I think it's great to see it reproduced in front of you. Of course, since the score remains, it can be reproduced, but the "sound" disappears on the spot. A concert is such a valuable experience.
Even if the appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People in the middle" heat up further!

Anyone can enjoy Kanagawa Philharmonic music freely. I am confident that you will definitely enjoy it if you come!
Sendai Phil After all , the real pleasure of listening live! It is the role of the "middle man" that creates the trigger.

Thank you very much!