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Though my appearance is NG, my thoughts are hot! "People" Heat up!

Is classical music hard? boring?
"The man inside" of the orchestra who beat such a preconception and tweet with a light narration. This time, we received not only Twitter but also the real 5 “people in the center”, and we talked passionately about “orchestra love”!

Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra (hereinafter referred to as Kanagawa Phil)   This time, we received a request from NHK Radio for a request for appearance. At first it was a plan for Sendai Phil and two people, but thank you for your kind consent to everyone who spoke to us from the calm. I think that being able to talk freely among "people in" is a good thing to enliven a concert.
Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra (hereinafter referred to as Sendai Phil)   If you don't have the means of Twitter in the first place, you're a member you never knew.
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (hereinafter referred to as the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra)   surely. The players interact with each other through supporting appearances, but the clerk did not have a chance to meet other groups.

What can you do with Twitter ?

ng> For those who have not listened to the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, the concert hall has an image like "hard" or "boring". But it's absolutely fun when you go! First of all, you can create an opportunity to realize that fun. If you actually came to us, there are times when a follower will tweet "someone, have you enjoyed it?"
I think that Tokyo Phil SNS is good to be able to make a good circulation, such as sharing impressions.
Listen to the live of Sendai Phil Concert live! Anyway, Twitter does not begin with having to come, so Twitter is the trigger for that.
Japan Century Symphony Orchestra
(hereinafter referred to as Japan Century) concerts tend to be regarded as extremely eclectic, but the way of enjoying is each person. Twitter can suggest a variety of ways to enjoy, so I hope you can choose the one that suits you.
The axis of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra is classical music, but the demand for film music and pop music is also increasing. Some customers are reluctant to say that because it is not "classical music ... " but we are performing with the same motivation for every concert, and first of all, you will experience it and touch the sounds of the orchestra It is important. It is good to be able to disseminate with a wide range of approaches just because it is a twitter that customers of any genre see. "alt =" "width =" 632 "height =" 888 "/>

Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra (hereinafter Tokyo City Phil) The ability to disseminate information in real time is another advantage of Twitter. While keeping in mind the time when everyone is easy to read, we keep in mind the information that anyone can easily read and feel free to "like".
The mutual exchange of Kanagawa Phil Fan is also born. Even though there are so many orchestras, it is meaningless to say, "Only Uchi." It is natural for me to hear the flow of “Well, let's go next” by listening to us.
If the Tokyo Philharmonic songs are taken up, customers from overseas such as Korea and Taiwan often come. It was something that was unthinkable a long time ago, but this is also the power of the Internet such as Twitter. SNS is very convenient to deliver to people who want to deliver information.
Sendai Phil Twitter also has a hashtag that says "# Go on a trip and listen to the orchestra".
is nice to travel to the Japan Century Concert, but when you have time on the road, it would be nice if you thought, “I have a concert like this, let's go”!

We have introduced the recent hit Tweet as "People"Would you mind?

Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra Last year conductor Kentaro Kawase announced a marriage with announcer Yumiko Matsuo. As it was just the first day of rehearsal, the band naturally swelled naturally, and played "Marry March" in Surprise. Don't you think it is an orchestral blessing? When I tweeted you to know it, it was a great response.
Tokyo City Phil In December of last year, I announced the entire series of Dragon Quest series held from April of this year, but when I Tweet it, I received over 1,300 "Like" Yes. I was just happy enough, but you can see an account following the account, or you can see a Tweet saying "I've never had a classic but I'm going to listen to a concert" That trend is more than anything, as it is also increasing.

Since the Tokyo Philharmonic our house is greater work of the TV "story" might is often (laughs). I appeared in a music program on TV in February this year, but Arashi just stopped workingIt was just after we announced the stop. I thought that this could only be enjoyed together, and I tweeted from the start of the program with live broadcast status. Then, at the moment of the high tide, “Like” exceeded 6,000. I remember that the counter went around so much and was taken aback.

Japan Century The
other day I went to a concert tour mainly in West Japan, but the momentum of the conductor and soloist fans was wonderful, and there were many customers who met for the first time, and the followers were in two weeks More than 200 people. However, I usually tell the everyday face of the player who is sparkling on the stage, and Tweet the work scenery of the staff.

People in the classics industry tend to be grouped as "people in another world," so people who are playing, "people in the middle", and those who wrote songs hundreds of years ago, look at tweets As a message that it is the same as everyone who is.

Sendai Phil At
the regular concert last year, the percussionist Sho Sasaki's "one-shot bass drum"I tweeted the video, the number of times it has been played about 20,000 times! Please come to Sendai to listen to this one shot (lol)

Where do you think the attraction of the orchestra is?

It is a word that the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra Koichiyama said, but I feel that the music of the orchestra is the best "feast" of music. I think the feeling that orchestral music is made by gathering dozens of instruments such as stringed instruments, wind instruments, woodwinds and percussions to create one music. Live is the best way to immerse yourself in the world of deep and thick sound when playing these instruments.
When the Kanagawa Philharmonic meets really good performances, the performer, the customers, and the staff are all in a happy atmosphere. I think that impression is something that can only be tasted "raw".
Tokyo Phil Oh yes. After the performance of the good concert, everyone will have a good face and will be back. The people who gather in the concert hall are very wide. Some people are old, some people are unexpectedly young. Don't you think it's amazing that people who have nothing to do with things come together in one place? And that oneness is wonderful!
You can see that the orchestra has a preconception of being "innocent" and "boring," but on the other hand, there is also the image of "what better" First of all, please come with the thought that "I do not understand well, but it seems great." Feel a sense of unity in the liveI don't know.
There are many Japanese Century Classic music made hundreds of years ago, so I think that it is great to be reproduced in front of you. Of course, the score is still there, so it can be reproduced, but the "sound" disappears on the spot. It is a concert that you can experience such a valuable experience.

Everyone can enjoy Kanagawa Phil Music freely. I am confident that you will definitely enjoy it if you come!
Sendai Phil No matter what you say, the best thing about listening to live! It is the role of "people in" to create that opportunity.

Thank you very much!