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The presentation ceremony of the Kanagawa Culture Award and Sports Award was held in the 2nd year of Reiwa (69th).

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(TOP image) 69th Kanagawa Culture Award / Sports Award Presentation Ceremony

The Kanagawa Culture Award / Sports Award has been co-sponsored by Kanagawa Prefecture and Kanagawa Shimbun since 1952. Every year, it strives to improve and develop the culture of Kanagawa, and for individuals or groups whose achievements are remarkable. The "Kanagawa Culture Award" is presented, and the "Kanagawa Sports Award" is presented to individuals or groups who have made outstanding achievements in sports. In addition, since the 50th edition, the "Kanagawa Culture Award Future Award" has been presented every year to younger generation individuals (or groups) who are highly expected to play an active role in the future.

The presentation ceremony was held at the Kanagawa Prefectural Office on Tuesday, November 3rd, "Culture Day". This year, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we held the event on a smaller scale, such as by inviting only those involved.

Kanagawa Culture Award / Kanagawa Culture Award Future Award Winner
* The age of the winners is as of November 3, 2nd year of Reiwa. (Honorific titles omitted, by field, in alphabetical order)
《Kanagawa Culture Award》
[Literature] Masahiko Shimada (Contribution to the promotion of literature through creative activities such as novels and plays)
[Art] Shinichiro Ikebe (As a composer and director of the hall, he has contributed to the promotion and dissemination of classical music culture)
[Art] Nori Oya (Efforts to improve and develop Japanese painting through work production and training of younger generations)
[Industry] Chieko Suzuki (Contribution to the food industry, food culture, and local economy related to the kamaboko manufacturing industry)

《Kanagawa Culture Award Future Award》
[Art] Mariko Fence (active as a sewing artist)
[Cultural activities] Shibano Toramaru (active as a Go player)

Kanagawa Sports Award Winner
[Figure Skating] Yuma Kagiyama (ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championship 2020 3rd place)

Kanagawa Culture Award / Sports Award Presentation Ceremony
[Date and time] November 3 (Tuesday / holiday / Culture Day)15: 00 ~
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Office Main Building Large Conference Hall
[Celebration performance] String quartet by members of the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
[Organizer] Kanagawa Shimbun, Kanagawa Prefecture

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