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KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater "Oreste and Purades" ticket present!

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A new Greek tragedy that no one has seen
Following "Oedipus REXXX" and "Greek",
The final chapter of Kunio Sugihara's Greek tragedy series.
Draw the journey of his two young men,
A thrilling and epic “road movie” play is born now!

Kunio Sugihara, a top runner of young directors, has released a number of topical works under the commission of KAAT Akira Shirai, starting with "Roots" (screenplay: Shu Matsui) in 2016, especially since 2018, when performing Greek tragedy. I have been working boldly. In 2018 "Oedipus REXXX" (Oedipus King), the performance in the style of the time when the Greek tragedy was performed, in which the three main actors played eight roles other than the chorus, attracted a lot of attention. In addition, with a number of innovative ideas such as converting the chorus song into rap, the distant Greek story was vividly revived in front of us today, and its performance output was highly evaluated. In 2019, we will challenge the masterpiece "Greeks" with a performance time of 10 hours, and draw a magnificent picture scroll of 17 years swirling with human love and hate over the Trojan War in a speedy and stylish manner, and it will never get bored Praise gathered for the production.

And in 2020, Sugihara will take on a new challenge as the final of the Greek tragedy series. Agamemnon, who was the general general of the Greek army in the Trojan War, which became the main axis of the story in The Greeks. His son Orestes was "lost" (not extant) after he was entrusted by the sun god Apollo and killed his mother with the help of his sister Electra and his cousin and best friend Purades.I) Create a story.

Kunio Sugihara x Misaki Setoyama The first tag of two people leading the 20s
Misaki Setoyama, a playwright and director who is most expected to work next time, has commissioned the creation of an adaptation of this ambitious Greek tragedy. Recognizing Sugihara's desire to "create a new work centered on the two characters Orestes and Purades," he said, "I want to think about the" blank time "of Orestes and Purades. Take on the grand challenge of writing a new Greek tragedy. I want to do it, "he says with enthusiasm.

Jin Suzuki and Tatsuomi Hamada of young attention stocks, Gitan Ohtsuru, a shuri that can be transformed freely,
A splendid "road movie" play by 10 unique choruses

The performers are two young stocks, Jin Suzuki, who has been remarkably active in the video, and Tatsuomi Hamada, who has been active in the video since he was a child actor and recently attracted attention in Koki Mitani's "Earth". Play. Shuri, who shines more and more on the stage and in the video, and Gitan Ohtsuru, who is widely active as a movie scriptwriter and director as well as an actor, will play multiple roles for the people they meet during their journey. Koros, an indispensable part of the Greek tragedy, has participated in Sugihara's works, and can be said to be the breath of Aun.・ Maki Maehara, Maika Kawahi, Sanshiro Inomata, and Taku Takei, who has made remarkable achievements in the TC Alp, gathered 10 people from a wide range of generations with various origins.

Produced by KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater
"Orestes and Purades"
Newly written performance
[Date and time] November 28th (Sat) -December 13th (Sun)
11/28 (Sat) 17: 00-
11/29 (Sun) 15: 00-
11/30 (Monday) 19: 00-
12/1 (Tue) canceled
12/2 (Wednesday) 14: 00-
12/3 (Thursday) 19: 00-
12/4 (Friday) 14: 00 ~
12/5 (Sat) 15: 00- ◎
12/6 (Sun) 15: 00-
12/7 (Monday) 19: 00-
12/8 (Tue) Canceled
12/9 (Wednesday) 14: 00-
12/10 (Thursday) 19: 00-
12/11 (Friday) 14: 00- ◎
12/12 (Sat) 15: 00-
12/13 (Sun) 15: 00-
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◎ Times with childcare service (advance reservation required / paid / Mothers: 0120-788-222)
[Venue] KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Hall
[Holiday] December 1st (Tuesday) and 8th (Tuesday)
[Product] Misaki Setoyama
[Direction] Kunio Sugihara
[Music] Taichi Kaneko
[Choreographer] Wataru Kitao
[Cast] Jin Suzuki, Tatsuomi Hamada
Shuri, Gitan Ohtsuru
Junko Uchida, Emi Takayama, Satsuki Nakagami, Maki Maehara, Maika Kawahi
Shotaro Okubo, Taku Takei, Sanshiro Inomata, Ryo Amamiya, Seiji Toyama
[Price] (All seats reserved) S seat ¥ 6,800, A seat ¥ 4,500, U24 ticket (24 years old or younger) ¥ 3,400, high school student or younger discount ¥ 1,000, silver discount (65 years old or older) ¥ 6,300
* U24, high school students and younger, silver discounts will be available from October 17th on the ticket Kanagawa telephone, window, and WEB (advance sales only, limited number of tickets, certificate required).
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[Organizer] KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater
[Inquiry] 0570-015-415 (Ticket Kanagawa / 10: 00-18: 00)
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* Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
* Prohibition of resale for commercial purposes.
* To prevent the spread of infection, we will sell seats at intervals for the time being, but additional seats may be released depending on the situation. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


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Tickets for "Oreste and Purades" produced by KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater, which will be held at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Hall, will be presented to 2 groups of 4 people for each of the following performances. Please select one of your desired dates and times to apply.
■ November 30th (Monday) 19: 00-2 groups 4 people
■ Wednesday, December 2nd, 14:000-2 groups 4 people
■ December 3rd (Thursday) 19: 00-2 groups 4 people
■ December 4th (Friday) 14: 00-2 groups 4 people

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