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Interview with the round-table discussion by professional dancers who lead the street dance scene!

Kanagawa has a wonderful dance environment

– A great cheering came out with every performance, it was a final competition that showed great excitement. Please tell us your frank opinions.

【Okayoshi】 I heard that everyone is dancing with great fever. I knew as if I had practiced practicing with a feeling … as if picking up feelings this time, I also felt happy as a judge. "I understand, I understand, I guess this is like dancing (laugh).

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[Mikako Kano] Also, I thought that I am jealous. There were few such events in our time, and the place of presentation was limited in the first place.

[CRAZY SHIZUKA] That's true. Speaking of contest at that time · · ·, "DANCE DELIGT" about? That's why it was precious that you could show the results of your practice to an unspecified number of people. But now I have a lot of contests, so it is good.

【Okayoshi】 Among them, it is wonderful that "National High School Japan Avenue Street Dance Battle". Because, Kanagawa Prefecture's support is held at the convention, and Kuroiwa governor came today. It is an unprecedented contest.

【CRAZYSHIZUKA】 I think it's wonderful!

[Mikako Kano] Yes. Dancing is meant to refine your technique yourself, but the environment is also important to continue growing. Kanagawa prefecture is fulfilling and it felt charm.

– From the point of view of professionals, have you ever felt something in the student dance?

You are good at everyone. I'm practicing every day with club activities, I guess it's because I am seriously working towards a convention, but the level is high.

[DJ HIROKING] That's right. I feel like I've been practicing as a dancer that can produce results fairly. It is not my own style, it means that there are teachers who advise properly. It's a smart environment.

In our era, I felt fumbling and explored the performance

– For a student who wants to learn dance, there is a better environment. On the contrary, is there anything different or concerned compared to everyone?

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【DJ HIROKING】 It may conflict with the story just before, but if you give it strong, is there something called "refined too much"? For example, hip hop, jazz hip hop, rocking, popping, baking, etc. · · ·, There are many themes in dance, but students' danceWhen I am watching it, I feel "from the beginning" I know. What I mean is that you are dancing, recognizing that "○ ○ dance is such kind of thing". In other words, I already know the type of each dance.

Probably because it is learned from the teacher, I think that it is easy to touch dance on YouTube and others, but from me it is "little felt" because of me. Because our environment was not fulfilling enough for our era, no matter what we do, we fumbled first. I was honing techniques while thinking about trying to do or trying to do this each time. And with that repetition I think that there is today. But the era is also different from that time, I think that it is not good or bad … but, I feel that it is necessary for "adventure" origin. Even if it is a mistake as a result, it leads to growth, and there is a possibility that it will later become a big personality later. "Oh, I have never seen such a dance" (laugh), as long as it is on the board, it is the best charm even if I become a professional.

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[Okayoshi] I also agree with that. Although it may be a little extreme, I think that it is not too late to learn molds firmly and learn senior skills, even after becoming a professional. From a single point of view, it is something that is undesirable. So, I would like you to work on that era, that is, dance that can only be a student.

【CRAZY SHIZUKA】 That's right. I try to do a lot of things, I think that "playing heart" is a very important thing.

What I want to aim for is attracting people with 1 count, "cool anyway" dance – I will ask CanDoo, who was the chairperson of the special judge today. Which points did you emphasize and chose the winning team this time?

[CanDoo] I also emphasized, of course, what everyone was talking about. It is not something you have seen somewhere, it is whether it is the performance that you thought out.

And another important emphasis was "Whether it is becoming a part or not." After all, the feeling of demonstrating the outcome of practice, the team that the power of the shoulder has entered too much was conspicuous. But, as it is a manifestation of serious dance, it is natural. Among them, I focused on the team "I felt that dance and music are united," rather than "to dance to take the sound of music". Even if it is not a judgment, it is also an emphasis on the dance that I want, and the dancer who has been influenced so far has a sense of unity with music as well. So it is comprehensive strength. Elementary matters such as dance crisp and balance of movement of the whole team are also important, but we chose based on whether "more natural performance" is made.

– Finally, please give a message to the students who are responsible for the next generation of dance.

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【CRAZY SHIZUKA】 I would like to aim for a "no fence" dance. For example, contests are contests, freestyle is like freestyle, recently distinguishing between choice and performance of musicI wonder if there are a lot of young children. There may be difficulties not to distinguish, but I would like to have a neutral awareness and enjoy pure dance.

[Mikako Kano] I really want you to dance only now. I think that I would like to see more of the dance that is rough, but luscious and full of young energy. It is also important to refine your technique, but "Since I want to dance at that time" is only then, so I definitely have a performance full of thought that "their dance is like this!" I want you to make it. I am very much looking forward to the 4th street battle!

【Okayoshi】 I'm a dancer, so I'd like to cherish "Choice of music" too. Dancers show their own performances with the help of music. In short, music is the life of performance. So, as it is good enough, what kind of song is it before choosing this song? It is important to be a theme to be convincing to the content of the lyrics or the background that the song was born. That will lead to a deeper depth of dance.

【DJ HIROKING】 Inside of my heart I want to cherish the impression coming from there forever. For example, I do not show it to anyone, but he says he is dancing in a trance with his favorite songs. From that point on, I think that personality unique only to that person is born, and on the contrary I think people are impressed there. Dance like no one is watching!

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[CanDoo] Because there is such a good environment, I want you to appear more and more as a dancer like "to stand up and make customers come home". And I would like young children to be aiming for that. It is awesome to say that the dance is good, but it is a little different from that, anyhow cool. As music starts, the dancer just moves in one count, it seems like cheers are coming from around without thinking. To aim for that, as well as usual practice is of course essential, I think that it is also important to seek out dances that only you can do, while still looking at your own dance.

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