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Magnet culture starting from Kanagawa

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Kuroiwa: Today I would like to talk about the theme of “Magnet Culture-the allure of entertainment”. First of all, I would like to ask you about the original musical “HEADS UP!” That premiered in November 2015 at the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater. It will be replayed here from the 14th of this month.

LaSalle: Here at KAAT from December 14-17, there will be performances in Toyama, Nagano in January, Osaka, Nagoya in March, and Akasaka in March. I have been active in comedy, but this musical has been conceived for 10 years. KAAT picked up the project, and from there it was possible to create a long-awaited musical by trial and error. I was very happy. Without the cooperation of KAAT and Kanagawa Prefecture, we couldn't do it.

Kuroiwa: Currently, we are trying to gather people through cultural arts, called magnet culture, or “magcal” for short. The image is Broadway. When I go to Broadway, I always do something interesting, and I want to do Kanagawa there. I wanted to come to Kanagawa if I want to see it if I don't come here, so I wanted to come back to Kanagawa, so LaSalle created an original musical with KAAT as something born here I was really happy.
“HEADS UP!” Is a story behind the scenes, but it attracted many people with fun that far exceeded my expectations.
Kanagawa promotes a magnet culture (magcal) that attracts such people who can do such interesting things and meet such interesting people. S UP! I want to create more content like "


LaSalle: When I first heard from the governor that Yokohama would be on Broadway, I was very surprised at how magnificent the story was, but at the same time, I also gained courage.

Kuroiwa: Will this replay be the same as the premiere?

LaSalle: This time, we will do almost the same thing. I think that the reason why so many people were busy was that they wanted to try again.

Kuroiwa: We are talking on the stage of KAAT. This KAAT has a reputation that it is easy to see for customers, and it has a good reputation for the performers, but what about the production side?

LaSalle: That's attractive. The stage is wide and deep. Both the video from the front and the video from the back are enough distance, so you can hit the video at the rear (* 1). For example, you can set up a real car from behind, or set up a stage. Okepi (* 2) can also be done. Above all, the proscenium (* 3) moves, so it becomes wide. There is no other place like this. “HEADS UP!” Was also born here.

Kuroiwa: It was possible because “HEADS UP!” Was a theater called KAAT.

in-bottom: 30px; "> Lasalle: That's really true, because I was practicing here, there is an elevator called Genie where the lighting goes up by electric, but there are few people who use it on the stage If you're practicing in other rehearsal halls and want to use it in other theaters, you can't use it.If you want it to be used in KAAT, you can use it for other performances as it is. I couldn't do it without KAAT.

Kuroiwa: That's Magcal itself. First of all, KAAT is the source of entertainment and I want to spread it throughout Kanagawa. Mr. LaSalle is also a member of “Magcal Table”, who gives advice on cultural and artistic activities from a professional standpoint. Based on LaSalle's proposal, we started a project called “Mugal Knight” in November. The event will continue to perform stand-up comedy, jazz and street performances every Wednesday.

LaSalle: I am also a member of the Japan Stand-up Comedy Association, so I will cooperate as much as possible to create more and more such devices.

Kuroiwa: Broadway has great musicals and plays. People from all over the world gather to see it. I would like Kanagawa to do that, so please lend me your help.


Look forward to the cultural program in Kanagawa PrefectureSai

~ After the conversation ~
In Kanagawa, the final of the Rugby World Cup 2019 TM will be held in 2019, and in 2020, sailing and other competitions will be held at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I would like to create a cultural space as a cultural program that can be enjoyed by visitors coming from overseas, and that is always connected to cultural events.
Until now, we have held musicals and short theater festivals that make the most of the individuality of the region. I would like to increase these programs based on KAAT. I would like to aim to become a new cultural legacy that will allow you to experience a different dimension.

Yuji Kuroiwa

* 1 “Rear”: Rear screen. A single curtain that can be illuminated from the front and back of the screen.
* 2 “Okepi”: Orchestra pit. An in-depth place between the stage where the orchestra plays in opera and the audience.
* 3 “Proscenium”: Proscenium Arch. A theater system where the stage and audience seats are clearly separated by a proscenium.
(Source: (Public Corporation) National Public Cultural Facilities Association “Stage Term Handbook for People Working in Theaters and Halls” (March 2014))