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Kuroiwa Kanagawa Governor x Shirai x Ambassador Yagi "Kanagawa Magkal Talk! (Part 1)"

Ambassador Yagi: What does it mean to be a governor and feel about the attractiveness of Kanagawa Prefecture?

Governor Kuroiwa: Once, for example, after drinking in Tokyo, I'm going to go to Yokohama from now on. Kanagawa has a kind of bustling culture unique to Yokohama. There is something like exoticism. That's why Kanagawa has been weak recently. The feeling that I want to do it again in such places is "magcal". It attracts by the power of magnet culture and culture art.

Ambassador Yagi: As for cultural arts, it is also the food culture, but as with Broadway, I want to go there to see the musical. I would like to produce such an attractive power. Mr. Shirai, how are you?

Shirai: As the governor said, KAAT (Kanagawa Art Theater) also felt the same. KAAT is the 7th year since its opening. In the past seven years, the place has been gradually recognized by you, and I would like to expand it even more. It is a theater located near Chinatown, but there is a dream that the area should be spread all the way around KAAT.

Ambassador Yagi

Ambassador Yagi: What kind of work specifically do artistic directors do?

Shirai: In KAAT, what kind of program will be organized, and also what kind of intentionality this artistic theater will be, let's put out directionality as the flag on the artistic side That is my role.

Ambassador Yagi: What kind of play will take is your personality. There are individualities depending on the theater. If it's a Shihbashi dance hall, it's about creating a personality that feels like a play like that at Kinokuniya Hall or something that pops up.

Shirai: I would like to create such artistic and cutting-edge things that can not be seen or touched in Tokyo. I would like to put out something that can not be seen without going to KAAT.

Ambassador Yagi: Among the work done so far, is there anything that will become the direction of KAAT in the future?

Shirai: The other day I did a work 120 years ago called “Awakening of the Spring,” and a 60 meter-deep stage with a work called “The ups and downs of the city of Mahagony” by Brecht, a master of 20th century theater I made it.

Governor Kuroiwa: I want you to do it as Mr. Shirai likes. Magnets come to see on purpose, saying, "If you go over there, you're always doing something interesting around Mr. Shirai." After all, I think it is the power of the artistic director.

Shirai: To have young and mid-sized theatrical companies create works that they can only do here, centered on KAATI'm drawing.

Ambassador Yagi: Mr. Kuroiwa thinks of "Magnet Culture", which means that each one is doing self-directed chemical reactions rather than putting something in it and making it a Kanagawa .

Governor Kuroiwa: That's right. That's why I think it's a person. LaSalle Ishii also made an original musical called "Heads Up!" At KAAT.

Ambassador Yagi: I saw. was fun.

Kuroiwa Governor

Governor Kuroiwa: A work born at KAAT in Kanagawa Prefecture. Mr. Shirai is Mr. Shirai's color, and Mr. LaSalle Ishii is Mr. LaSall Ishii's color. In addition, it is because there is a great director who has always been in Kanagawa called Ryosuke Yokouchi. Take out their own color, so that various people compete, while it sparks in various ways. If you go to Kanagawa, there is something interesting about it, so I'm aiming for something like that. There is a Rugby World Cup final in Kanagawa just in 2019. In 2020, at the Tokyo Olympics, we will do sailing competitions in Kanagawa. At that time, the whole country is trying to create a "cultural program" that customers from all over the world can experience. Kanagawa also catches this machine and sends out many culture programs like Kanagawa. Under such circumstances, we will create the stage of a concrete stage as Kanagawa. Then it's a so-called classic. A little bit of traditional arts Please range.

Ambassador Yagi: Classical.

Kuroiwa: Yes, Re-classic. It is easy to see the classics and arranged in a contemporary style. It can be seen as a new thing while touching the classics. People will go there if they are able to understand the information well while discovering such things. I would like to create such a flow as a whole. There is something interesting in Kanagawa, but if I go there I do not know something, but I want to aim at such things as there is something interesting.

Ambassador Yagi: In KAAT, are you thinking of a project that takes 2019 into consideration?

Shirai: It was around the World Cup. Now, I'm thinking about raising the theater for 19 years.

Governor Kuroiwa: What's interesting is that KAAT is not only a stage, but something that is united with art. There is a room of a unique space that is created in the room with only a bright red thread, using a certain room or a certain art.

Shirai: In contemporary art, let's try putting something that would normally be done in the white box exhibition space into the theater's black box and putting the work into the theater space.

Ambassador Yagi: Contemporary art using a theater.

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Shirai: All works of a contemporary artist named Chiharu Shiota (Shiota Chiharu) are packed in the entire room, and there are dancers coming there to perform in the art. I asked the performers to play, and now I try to blend contemporary art with other arts. I did one again this year, and next year I am going to do something different. When it was not a time when you could see anything on the net, you came to the theater and everyone was going to enjoy things, but with so much media development, you can see various things in your hands. It has become an era of Nevertheless, I think it's the best part of the theater that people come and see at the scheduled time. So I think that it is the hallmark of the theater that you go to that place and feel that things that can be tasted, things that touch the art work, feelings that are uplifting, or that feelings that are different from the usual buzzing up go directly to that place. I am trying to create something that can be felt from various angles. (Following the second part)