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Recommended museums on foot from Kamakura Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine, which can be enjoyed on rainy days

Kamakura City Kashiwagi Kiyokata Memorial Museum of Art (7 minutes walk from Kamakura Station)


A masterpiece of graceful beauty painting, slowly in the art museum built in the old house of the painter

An art museum built in the former residence of Kiyokata Kushiki, a master of modern Japanese paintings who played an active part from Meiji to Showa.
In addition to Japanese paintings such as the appearance of a clean and elegant woman, lively living in downtown Tokyo, and the works of Higuchi Kazuha and Izumi Kyoka, he also introduces works of the era of Kiyokata illustrations.
One of the highlights is the garden where the flowers that Jiyokata loved blooms, and the restored room.
【Currently holding special exhibitions】 2017.05.27-07.02
Ayumi of Kiyokata, traced by the 50th anniversary of the publication of the book "Kotoko-no-ki"

Kamakura National Treasure Museum (12 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station)


Valuable items such as sculptures, paintings, crafts and writings from temples and shrines in Kamakura gather

At the Museum of History and Art opened in 1928 (1928), representative works of cultural assets such as sculptures, paintings, crafts and ancient documents transmitted to Kamakura and nearby shrines have been deposited, stored and displayed.
Many of these are produced during the Kamakura-Muromachi period, or come from China, and it is possible to strongly feel exotic tastes that are different from Kyoto and Nara, and that have a significant regional or cultural influence. Feature.
[Planning exhibition currently being held] 2017.06.10-07.17
Special Exhibition "Tokiwayama Bunko Art Exhibition 2017-Beauty of Sumo wrestler and Shape of Tenjin-"

Kamakura Ichikawa Kita Film Memorial (8 minutes walk from Kamakura Station)


A memorial hall for the wife and wife of Kawata who has made great achievements in the Japanese film industry. Movie screenings are also popular

We introduce European movie to Japan before the war, and built in the former residence of Nagamasa Kawakita and his wife, who contributed to international exchange through the movie, opened in April 2010 for the development of film culture.
Kamakura, where movie theaters have disappeared, has rare movie screening venues as well as a number of movie material exhibition rooms around the country, and you can enjoy the charm of movies in the atmosphere of the ancient capital, Kamakura.
[Planning exhibitions currently being held] 2017.03.17-07.02
【Special Exhibition】 Kamakura Movie Map

Kamakura Sculpture Museum (5 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station))


Speaking of crafts of Kamakura Kamakura carving. While following the history of Kamakura carving, the production experience is also popular

Kamakura carving is a traditional craft that boasts an exquisite combination of carving shades and lacquer shades.
This is the only facility where you can see Kamakura carvings full of character, sometimes profound, sometimes glamorous, sometimes rustic, from the Muromachi period to the present day.

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Several recommended model courses are also listed on the "Kamakura Art & Culture MAP".
It may be a new way of enjoying Kamakura as it is a walk to the back road as it is.

"Kamakura Art & Culture MAP"
"The recommended model course recommended by the curator is here"

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