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「神奈川西・日本の伝統文化」 祭り特集 (湯河原編)

"Kanagawa West / Japanese Traditional Culture" Festival Special (Yugawara Edition)

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About "Yugawara Onsen Yukake Matsuri"

--What kind of festival is the "Yukake Matsuri"?

Yugawara Onsen Town is located vertically along the Chitose River, which runs through the prefectural border between Kanagawa and Shizuoka Prefectures, and the Fujiki River, which is upstream. From the roadside of about 2km, the audience rushes to the hot springs of Yugawara Onsen. We have 1000 barrels (about 60 tons) of hot water, so it's a participatory festival where you can pour hot water on it rather than enjoy watching it. In particular, at the Yugawara Tourist Hall Square and Izumi Park, which are the main venues, portable shrines parade through the venue, so hot water flies magnificently.

--What made you start?

It is said that during the Edo period, the hot springs were packed in barrels and presented to daimyo families and imperial villas because of the high efficacy of the local hot springs. This is the 34th time since it started with a ritual of praying for the safety of the road at that time, pouring hot water, and purifying it. Nowadays, I am grateful for the hot water and put it on the portable shrine.


--Who is carrying the portable shrine?

There will be four portable shrines this year, three of which will be carried by the local portable shrine association, and one by the participants of the "Yukake Matsuri Experience Tour" organized by the association. Although it is limited to women, we are still looking for hands-on tour participants, so please contact us if you are interested (first 10)0 people, all participants will receive an original Hanten gift, participation fee 3000 yen).

About "Yugawara Onsen"

--What kind of effect does Yugawara Onsen have?

Yugawara Onsen has long been known as a famous hot spring, and its quality is weakly alkaline and colorless and transparent. It has a wide range of effects, and is said to have great effects on cuts, bruises, neuralgia, and gynecological diseases.

Yugawara Onsen is famous as a hot spring for beautiful skin found by raccoon dogs. A festival where you can fully bathe in the hot water of beautiful skin

--How can I enjoy the Yukake Matsuri even more?

The Yukake Matsuri is a festival that both the bearer and the audience can enjoy. I hope you will enjoy getting wet as much as you can. On the day of the event, the "Mihashi Festival", a Shinto ritual event to burn tens of thousands of disposable chopsticks collected from the inn in Yugawara Onsen to pray for a good harvest and a good harvest, will be held at the same time in the square in front of the Yugawara Tourist Hall. There are food stalls in the square, and there is a footbath facility called "Doppo no Yu" during the day, so you can enjoy it all day long.

Participants wear a hanten over a swimsuit and carry a portable shrine </ font>

Enjoy Yugawara Onsen "more"

--Are there any other events you can enjoy in Yugawara?

From June 1st to 11th, we will hold a "Firefly Feast" to appreciate the native Genji fireflies at Manyo Park and a "Iris Exhibition" where iris pots are lined up at the Yugawara Tourist Hall. The time of fireflies may vary depending on the water temperature and temperature of the river, but you will be able to enjoy the relaxing and graceful light of fireflies that is unique to the native area.

--Please tell us about the things and spots that have been attracting attention in Yugawara Town recently.

It seems that bakeries and ramen shops are especially popular in Yugawara now. It is often featured on TV, and I've heard that some stores limit the number of people entering the store and some stores can line up for hours before entering. In addition, Yugawara has long been said to be a place where sacred energy works, and the "Triple Power Spot Tour" that goes around Gosho Shrine, Joganji Temple, and Makuyama is also attracting attention mainly from young women. increase. If you visit these 3 places and upload the images to SNS, you will also receive prayer goods that will allow you to wear the power of the sacred tree, so please take a look.

--Finally, please tell us your favorite points about Yugawara, Mr. Kunogi.

Yugawara Onsen Tourism Association Planning Section Chief Mr. Kunogi

The climate is warm, full of nature, and the people of the city are calm and laid-back. It's not far from the city center and it's easy to access and it's easy to live in. Soseki Natsume and famous literary masters have visited Yugawara for a rest from long ago, but it seems that the number of young artists is increasing recently. I would like everyone to come to Yugawara.

From the Magcal editorial department The Manyo Park with a footbath spreads out right next to the Yugawara Tourist Hall Square, which is the main venue for the festival. There is also a tea room in the park where you can enjoy matcha while listening to the murmuring of the river and the chirping of birds. Both the Yukake Matsuri and the firefly feast are events during the night time, so after enjoying it, I wanted to relax and stay at Yugawara Onsen.

Yukake Matsuri Date May 27, 2017 (Saturday) Rainy weather * It will be held on the 4th Saturday of May every year.
Holding time: Mikoshi parade: 19: 00-21: 30
Chopsticks Festival / Burning Ceremony: 19: 00- (Yugawara Tourist Hall Square)
Mikoshi parade section: Fudo Falls (19:00 departure) -Yugawara Tourist Hall (around 20:00) -Izumi Park (arrival around 21:00)

Firefly Feast / Iris Exhibition
Date: June 1st (Thursday) -June 11th (Sunday), 2017
Holding time: 19: 30-21: 00 (Iris exhibition is from 10:00)
Venue: Hanakien in Manyo Park Admission fee: Free

Inquiries: (One company) Yugawara Onsen Tourism Association TEL 0465-64-1234
* The deadline for applying for the women-only hot spring festival experience tour is around May 20th.