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The fifth generation "play king" decision! Short story drama battle contest "Theatrical king Kanagawa V" report & championship theater company "reactors" and executive chairperson talk about the fifth year now and the future

"The Play King Kanagawa V" Final Report

"The performance time is within 20 minutes" "The actor is within 3 people" "The size of the basic stage is between 3 × 4 (5.30 × 7.10 m)" "Only set tool can be converted in a few minutes" "Qualifying, final "The Play King Kanagawa", which is held under the unique rule that the winners are decided by the votes of the audience and the jury, is the fifth time this year. The Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Multipurpose Plaza, which became the venue, held a four-group, three-block qualifying tournament from October 14th, and out of a total of 12 groups, three first place passing groups for each block and second place for each block One of the top scoring groups in the group (= wild card) has entered the final on the 16th.

This "King of theaters Kanagawa" is one of the charms of the event management and progression, and the handmade feeling that each group volunteer is doing. The venue for the final match, filled with passionate theater fans full of young and old people, is the atmosphere of a small theater with a quiet, passionate atmosphere.

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The final game, which began at 14:00, comes from the pleasant opening ceremony by the light-hearted presiding officer of Mr. Maruo Maru, who belongs to "The Office Project M to Play with the World". The history started from the collaboration of Nagakute City in Aichi Prefecture and the Japan Dramatists Association Tokai Branch. Following the history introduction and rule explanation of the theater contest "Theatrical King", the championship that has been passed down to the successive dramatists who shine in "Kanagawa Theater King" Prizes will be introduced. The prize is the original Sukajan unique to Kanagawa! The theater king Kanagawa Sukajan produced by a famous store produced by Yokosuka Dobu Dori, a true school, is a full-fledged group embroidered with the mark of Kanagawa Prefecture and the names of successive Kanagawa theater kings. Applause and laughter were happening from the venue to introduce Mr. Maruo's passionate Sukajan.

/ "alt =" s-mgc_1909 "width =" 1000 "height =" 667 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image -31032 "/> Mr. Maruo

When the opening ceremony is over, it is a performance of each work immediately. The first appearance is "Gekidan 820 Mfg.-Annex" (Yokohama), which is the first place in Qualifying B block. Under the light of the moon they played, the three mysterious men and men who are now in different positions and occupations, while having a bonfire in the dark woods, have their mysterious past and the blessed present. A dark and serious work to be released. I breathed in the madness acting and the mysterious development, where malice and good intentions are mixed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Gekidan 820 Mfg./Annex / Photo courtesy of Play King Kanagawa Executive Committee

The second place was "Cyre Reactors" (Odawara) 's "Don't Do It Without", which won the first place in the qualifying A block. There is a serious image when you look at the title, but the protagonist (?) Of this work is how familiar it! (Of course, that's the "teeth"!) Mazakon man who is afraid to go to the dentist despite suffering from the incongruity of his back teeth, "It will be a serious thing because it becomes a toothache if I do not get out of it now The pop and speedy conversation play with the cause of the pain, warning and warning that continued to warn, was caught in the whirlpool of laughter in the midst of the audience.

ess / wp-content / uploads / 2016/11 / 001_PA161317.jpg "alt =" OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA "width =" 1000 "height =" 750 "class =" size-full wp-image-31028 "Chi Reactors / Photo courtesy of Play King Kanagawa Executive Committee

The third appearance was "21g" (Hiyoshi), who played as a wild card for qualifying B-block 2nd. 21g is a unit derived from the theater club of Keio University and will end its activities in the future, so this is the last chance to challenge "Theatrical King Kanagawa". In "Heiji Onoku", which depicts the pursuit of writers and female editors who do not meet deadlines, he showed a full-fledged youthful performance.

001_PA150886 21g seat / Photo courtesy: Play king Kanagawa executive committee

The final match for the final match is the "voice" played by "Moja Jaja Tora Ella Glasses" (Yokohama) in the first qualifying C block. This work depicts a woman who bet her life to dance, dancing in an attempt to complete a dance while talking with herself in a mirror that speaks another voice of her heart. The audience was involuntarily drawn to the full-scale dance performance and serious performance that the two actresses make a pair and sometimes show off each other.

"width =" 1000 "height =" 750 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-31027 "/> also the head and the spatula glasses / photo courtesy of the play king Kanagawa executive committee

After four sets of performances, three finalists: actors, voice actors, directors, director of sound, Shonan Teatro ☆ Deralte representative Hozumi Goda, playwright · director of "Minamosa" Misaki Setoyama, actor, Mari Nakayama, who belongs to the "phosphorescent group", will leave for the jury ballot, and the audience will be voted in the audience and wait for the count.

Then, in front of the result presentation, first of all, the judges of each judge commented. On stage, dramatists from each group will also be on stage. He was keenly listening to the grim, loving, but loving dramas and advice for each piece individually.

s-mgc_2013 (1)

When the comment is over, it is finally the result announcement. Every time the score of each jury in each group and the number of votes cast by the audience are written on the white board in the center of the stage, cheers and roars come out of the audience from the audience. And the final result is ... "Choreactors" that got 76 points out of 173 total votes by pulling away the others! At the same time as the result is determined, Hiroshi Oshima, who works and plays the wisdom character in "in the middle of no action," sheds tears and a guts pose. Performed a handshake with Hajime Ikeda and Ryoka Kimura, and said, "Thank you. I participated in the 4 years and continued to give up and struggle, and this year it was good to do something I like. Even before the committee members do it, "How are you going? "I was thinking, but there is no contest that is operated so fair! I will try my best from now on!"When I put on Skajan as the 5th generation play king, a big applause was given from the hall.

s-mgc_2120 (1)

In addition, Judge Hozumi Gouda "I realize that the level is getting higher year by year. Especially, Reactors was united with the venue. I thought that this was the power of the theater." Mr. Misaki Setoyama also gave a voice saying, "There were a lot of wonderful works for the qualifying. The audience also felt that they would like to enliven the event," Gekio Kanagawa "is the best. Finally, Mr. Yoshifumi Nakayama, the executive chair of the tournament who worked on the production company “820 Productions and annex,” brought all the participants to the stage, and the winner, Oshima, said, Come get Skajan to Odawara! Let's do it in Odawara next time!

s-mgc_2178 (1)

"The play king Kanagawa V" which closed the curtain in tears, laughter, heat and excitement. The champion group Reactors, as a representative of Kanagawa Prefecture, participated in the " 2nd Kanagawa Kamome Short Theater Festival " held at KAAT Kanagawa Art Theater Large Studio from Thursday, March 2 to Sunday, March 5, 2017. Is decided. “Kanagawa Kamome Short Theater Festival” consists of 10 groups selected from all over the country and 2 groups invited from overseas,It is a short theater festival that is staged and competed in 20 minutes per body. If you missed "Shinnouchi" full of fresh laughter and drama, please come and visit "Kanagawa Kamome Short Theater Festival".

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Interview with "The Play King Kanagawa V" Winner "Reactors"

--- The Reactors has been participating for four consecutive years since "The Play King Kanagawa II". Finally it won the fifth generation "Theatrical King Kanagawa" seat. congratulations.

Kazuto : Thank you very much !!

s-mgc_2313 (1) From the left, Mr. Oshima, Mr. Ikeda, Mr. Kimura

-"I do not do it" announced this time is a terrific human comedy that various sub-characters played by Mr. Omura-san, a irresistible owner who hates a dentist who plays with Oshima-san, and a variety of sub-characters that Mr. Kimura plays. I was also surprised by the humorous idea of persuasive personification. Why was Oshima, the author and director, came up with this subject?

Oshima : This year, I really overcame my wisdom. It is all a realistic experience, with the details of the savings of the dentist who came out in the play and the details of breaking the wisdom tooth that had grown sideways into two in half. In addition, it is also a true story of the present progressive type that the dentist says that it is better to remove another tooth and remove it. Of course, I have not pulled out yet! (Lol)

Kimura : As in the play, you're still running away, it's difficult (laughs).

-What did you think of the two actors who received such a unique script?

Kimura : Until now, when I came to "Theatrical King Kanagawa", I had many serious stories. Last year's "sucked type" is also the previous "do not do, do not do, can not do it anymore." "I was surprised at first because it was a story that dealt with life and death. He said, "It's an important 'play king', but is it comical like this? Really?" (Lol).

s-mgc_ 2271 (1)

Iketani : When I heard only the story, I was really surprised to think that it was a tooth (laugh). But when the script went up, it was a fun content for the performer, so I was excited to come to practice.

Oshima : I regret that I did not finish the championship for the first time in the final game for the first time last year, and this is my last plan, “I will do something I like because I can be said to be control, with the customers In order to enjoy it, I challenged the comedy of "100% laugh". During the rehearsal as well, consult with other theater members to write a script. Because I was up, I think that all the members of the theater company were united and made "in the middle of no work".

Ikedaya : ... It may be the first time to see Oshima, which appreciates the members so honestly (wry smile).

―― Even in the final game, the audience laughed, but did you get a good response from the qualifying?

Oshima : Yes, there was. But when I commented on qualifying, I was told that it would be better if Setoyama had a scene with Kimura and three people, as well as the scene with me and Ikeya. Until last year, I had a strange pride in myself and I did not go to the commentary of the qualifying, but for the first time this time I thought "I'm right!" And I took the morning of the final day to rewrite the script and came on.

s-mgc_2279 (1)

--That was tough, huh. In the first place, the rules of the drama king Kanagawa are determined in detail, such as the performance time and the number of performers, so you need a different consciousness and sense from your regular performances, right?

Kimura : That's right. Usually there is no chance to play for 20 minutes, so it's interesting to pull on acting.

Ikedaya : If you usually play for 60 minutes or 90 minutes, there will be areas where you can not reach your eyes. It is fun that "Theatrical King Kanagawa" has a short time, and even as an actor, it makes it possible to create more and more detailed parts every lesson.

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Oshima : As a writer, there are aspects where writing is easier if there are restrictions. You can change it at your own discretion. However ... it is too deep and it is difficult to express what and how. In that sense, I think it was good to focus on the play that you can laugh for only 20 minutes this time. As an actor, there are many things that are not drawn about the character in the scale of 20 minutes, so there is a difficulty that you have to use your imagination more than an ordinary play.

-And, with this "do not work", next March, he will participate in the "Kanagawa Kamome Short Theater Festival" as a representative of Kanagawa. How would you like to fight next?

Kimura : To be honest, I still haven't realized my feelings yet ... (wry smile). However, the last "Kanagawa Kamome Short Theater Festival" was on stage as an MC, but I was not able to be an actor, so I am very happy!

Oshima : You seem to have realized it now (laughs).

Ikeya : And from here on, I will continue my training for next year, so I will never forget my initial intention of "making the stage entertaining the customers," and I will do my best.

Oshima : Next is a large studio at the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater, so the stage is wide. As for the production using sketchbook, it is necessary to devise for the big stage. In terms of content, the part pointed out in the final comment ... I want to make more adjustments to the drama by making more expression of fear when the wisdom tooth is pulled out. And more simply, bigI hope I can deliver a laugh using my body. After this, I'm glad if more people come to see our plays, so I brush my teeth firmly so that "I will not do it" will be a representative of Reactors. want to go! (Lol)

"Theatrical king Kanagawa" executive chairperson, Yasufumi Nakayama (theater 045 syndicate) interview

-First of all, was it possible to look back on "Gekijo Kanagawa V", where a new drama king was born?

Nakayama : The start of "Theatrical King Kanagawa", which began in 2012, will be held in Kanagawa from the Japanese dramatist association Tokai branch, the parent of "Theatrical King", which was held in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture. It is an opportunity to have you request. At that time, Mr. Roh said, "It is nonsense to place the score in the theater by nature, and it is not superior to the work. But if you go on five times, you will definitely grow young artists who will win the prize."

s-mgc_2349 (1) Yoshifumi Nakayama

―― That “fifth” has finally come this year.

Nakayama : That's right. So what I thought was the best this time was that the customers watched the play very flat. After five years, both the audience and the creator have become familiar with the enjoyment and system unique to "Theatrical King". If it recorded the fullness for the first time this yearI think that also appeared in the mobilization results.

―― Has "the play king Kanagawa" taken root in the area, has the theater scene in Kanagawa changed?

Nakayama : Yes. In fact, while continuing, young people are participating more and more, and the exchange between the theater parties is increasing is one of the things that changed with "Theatrical King Kanagawa". As one of the participants working in Yokohama, I received the title of the first and second generation play king Kanagawa, but Ojima-kun who won this year is home to Odawara. Without this event I had no opportunity to meet. In particular, the deepening of regional exchanges among young generations is also good for future Kanagawa theatre. With this as a starting point, you can expect developments in which different theatrical groups in the active area will perform together.

―― There were comments from the judges that they were improving year by year, but how do you feel about the content?

Nakayama : Mr. Hozumi Gota also said on the stage, but because the theater system for "Theatrical King" has a lot of restrictions, there is a way of proper fighting. In that sense, it has become possible for the participating groups to devise their ideas for the event. I think that was connected to the results of this time Reactors, Oshima-kun and others.

―― Mr. Nakayama, who has been an executive committee member for five years, would you like to see "Gekioh Kanagawa" developed in the future?

Nakayama : At the last greeting, Oshima-kun said, "If you want to be the sixth generation play king, come to Odawara to get Skajan," but since Yokohama has been around for a while, Odawara, I think it's interesting to do in Sagamihara, Atsugi and other cities in Kanagawa Prefecture. As an individual, by all means in Hakone. Theatrical contest using the banquet room of the hot spring hotel, isn't it fun?(Lol)

s-mgc_2345 (1)

--- It's new!

Nakayama : I would like to try something more new after 5 years in "Theatrical King Kanagawa". The Executive Committee, which our generation has come up with, I think it would be nice if Oshima-kun, a generation in the middle of your twenties, would be moving around. I don't have much money because this is a hand-made event (laughs), but I would like to cherish the feeling that it's an event I'm going to create as a respect for the main house "Theatrical King".

--- Even as the first, second generation drama king Nakayama himself, I hope that this event will continue in the future.

Nakayama : Of course. This time, I was not able to receive the award, “Under the Moonlight,” which I was involved in the production, but I would like to regain the seat of the play king (laughs). As a single theater fan, I think "King Play Kanagawa" is a very interesting event. As it can be enjoyed as a showcase for a wide variety of groups with various genres, I would like to see the performances of various theater companies and artists taking this opportunity as a trigger for the Kanagawa theater scene. In the finals and qualifying, there is a change in the same program, so I hope you can see it from qualifying next time.