Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Building Conference Hall Short Drama Collection vol.2 Special Page

神奈川県庁本庁舎大会議場短編演劇集vol.2 特設ページ

- Short drama collection vol.2 will be held at Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Building Conference Hall! -

The second installment of the ``Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Hall Conference Hall Short Drama Collection,'' which was well-received last year, will be held!
This year, the event will be held on April 18th (Saturday) and 19th (Sunday), and four groups, Yokohama Marine Rocket, Shaggy Head and Spinning Glasses, theater 045 syndicate, and group ASIF~ will perform short plays at the conference hall of the Kanagawa Prefectural Office Main Building. We will be performing! This performance takes place at the prefectural office, which is a valuable venue on a nationwide scale.

Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Building Conference Hall Short Drama Collection

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We received comments from the planners, Nobuhiro Sasaura and Shoko Kawada!

From Nobuhiro Sasaura
Just like last year, with the great cooperation of Kanagawa Prefecture, we were able to perform at the wonderful venue of the Kanagawa Prefectural Office. I'm really happy.

The audience seats are covered in red carpet. In the center is a huge chandelier that makes its presence felt. Such a luxurious set is prepared in advance. What kind of chemical reaction will occur between a truly luxurious environment and the works of us theater artists?

I'm also a producer and a director of my own organization, ``Mojamoja Head and Hera Hera Megane,'' so I'm thinking of making the most of this space to put on a production this year as well. The works we will perform are the three-person play ``Boy of Dawn'' and the new short musical ``Ukiyo Hotel,'' both of which were created with the intention of performing in this space. ``Boys of Dawn'' will be performed by 3 talented young actors, and ``Ukiyo Hotel'' will be performed by 10 people, mainly veterans of the Shiki Theater Company, and we are looking forward to seeing you.

In addition, the groups invited as guests this year are all talented. Yokohama is the closest regional city to Tokyo. I would like everyone to see some of the theater scenes that take place there. I think this is a great opportunity for people who have never seen a play to experience theater. Although the number of performances is small, we hope that everyone will come and see it.

From Shoko Kawada
Last year, we performed ``The Boy of Dawn,'' a three-person play depicting a night in the life of Yoshiro Obi, who designed the main prefectural office building. Due to the favorable reception, we have decided to hold the performance again this year. This year, we would like to deliver even more refined content.

We will also perform new works. This is a night for men and women modeled after the Ukiyo Hotel, a dance hall that existed in Yokohama in the early Showa era. It's a short musical, so let's dance! sing! Please enjoy a luxurious spring moment.

■nobuhiro SASAURA
Director, producer, stage manager, theater basic design advisor. The shaggy head, Katsu, and the representative of the eel project.
Lives in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Together with Shoko Kawata, she is based in Kanagawa Prefecture. From musicals to conversational dramas, fantasy to social dramas, everything is meticulously directed.
As a stage director, he is well versed in theatrical expressions, and has a reputation for dramatic production that takes advantage of his unique characteristics, as well as his long and persistent approach to failure. In recent years, we have started the ``SHOTGUN produce'', a short performance planning unit that gathers writers from various genres, the ``Musical Project ``M.PinK'', which allows citizens to encounter musicals, and the short play competition ``Kanagawa Gekiou'' and ``Kanagawa Gekiou''. ” and “Gekiou Tenka Unification Tournament ~ Bay City Royale ~ Royale in KAAT”. At the above-mentioned "Tenka Unification Tournament", he directed Kanagawa's representative work "Urban Onna". Additionally, as a theater educator, he holds workshops at companies and schools, as well as communication courses using theatrical methods in independence support projects for people with mental disabilities. Member of the Japan Directors Association. Standing director of the Kanagawa Prefectural Theater Federation.

■Shoko KAWADA | shoko KAWADA
Playwright. Flat glasses.
Born in Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Spent his childhood in Zurich, Switzerland. Graduated from the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Faculty of Letters, Gakushuin University.
In addition to writing works with gender themes, she also specializes in works that analyze past materials and create scripts. In 2009, she started her career at JMS "Princess COLLECTION" (Kichijoji Theater). Since then, he has provided numerous works to various organizations, including musicals, conversation plays, civic plays, and short stories. In addition to providing scripts for citizen participation musicals held in Yokohama City, such as Tsurumi Ward Resident Musical and Totsuka Ward Resident Musical, he was also the producer of Magcal Friday's ``Sakuragicho Kiki Gathering'' and co-producer of SHOTGUN produce ``BULLETS ASSORTED.'' He has worked together with Sasaura to produce numerous performances. At the "Kanagawa Drama King" held in October 2014, he became the third generation Kanagawa Drama King with "Urban Onna", and in February 2015 he participated in the "Gekiou Tenka Unification Tournament ~ Bay City Royale in KAAT". ~'' and advanced to the finals with the same work, finishing in 3rd place nationally. Member of the Japan Playwrights Association. Member of Japan Modern Girl Association.

Nobuhiro Sasaura Shoko Kawada

Photo from left: Nobuhiro Sasaura Shoko Kawada

Performing group information

■Yokohama Marine Rocket
Direction/Composition/Choreography/Performance: KOH, Yokohama Marine Rocket Dancer

Opened on October 1, 2012 as a show restaurant in the Hama Yokocho Building at the west exit of Yokohama Station. In order to spread "energy" from Yokohama, the theme is "Tomorrow's energy is here!" and a mix show time of dance shows and live imitations will be held twice a day (closed on Sundays). Until showtime begins, professional dancers work as waitresses, and during showtime they transform into super dancers who dance vigorously and happily on stage. The entertainment from Yokohama will be enlivened with locally-based showtime production and an impressive stage that takes advantage of its proximity to the audience seats.

■A shaggy head and floppy glasses
"Boy of Dawn"
Taichi Fujishiro (Maimu Productions)
Ming season
Naotaro Akiyama

Short musical “Ukiyo Hotel”
Kumiko Noda
Ao Waki (Yume Kobo/Gekidan Stray Dog Dan)
Hiroshi Muto
Yo Okoshi
Mai Miyauchi
Ikumi Ekida
Mitsuyo Sato (Mugen Theater Company)
Ito Minami Saki Kaneyasu Manami (Production Tank)
Takayuki Fujimoto

Written by Shoko Kawada (Herahera Megane)
Direction: Nobuhiro Sasaura (shaggy head)
Music: Tokifumi Ozawa
Choreography: Aiko Maezawa (Piece of modern)

A unit formed in 2011 by Nobuhiro Sasaura of Unagi Keikaku, also known as ``Mojamoja Head,'' and writer Shoko Kawada, also known as ``Herahera Megane'' to perform short performances.
Active mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture. On April 12th and 13th, 2014, he produced and performed "Short Drama Collection in the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Hall Conference Hall."
From September 13th to 15th, 2014, he performed his first full-length feature, ``The Taste of Chickpea Soup'' (Sotetsu Honda Theater).
The third generation Kanagawa drama king.

■theater 045 syndicate
Written by: Naotaka Hiratsuka (Oysters)
Director: Kosuke Yoshimura (Gekidan B-class guerrilla squad)
Assistant director: Tomofumi Nakayama (theater 045 syndicate)

Tomofumi Nakayama (theater 045 syndicate)
Katsuho Imai (theater 045 syndicate)
Takayuki Nonoyama (Gekidan Haiyuza)
Andy Motoyama (Gekidan Furaizu)
Shohei Ueda
Toshihiko Nishimura

Toshiaki Inomata

Founded by Tomofumi Nakayama to send information from his hometown of Yokohama.
In addition to Nakayama, actor Katsunori Imai is also a member.
In addition to theater, he also produces live dance performances at bars and restaurants around the city.
He is working behind the scenes with the keyword "to cause trouble". The first and second generation Kanagawa Drama King.

■Group asif~
“I love my wife.”
Written and directed by: Ryo Fujimaru

Yuki Shigeno
Konno Saori
Kosaka Katakashi

It was launched as a planning unit in 2006 and became a theater company in 2008.
Written and directed by Ryo Fujimaru. His style is ``improvisation'' and ``negative comedy.''
Based on scripted plays as if they were improvisational plays, and improvised plays as if they were scripted plays, he creates pop entertainment by mixing works that expose the deep darkness within the human heart with improvisation and comedy.
He has won first place at the Sasazuka and Shimokitazawa theater festivals.
Fujimaru also won the Best Screenplay Award twice at the same competition.
The next performance is scheduled for February next year at Kichijoji Theater.

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