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The Universe of Shining Moon, where Fuminetsu Shine creates words from the drawings of Tetsuro Komai

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Yokohama Museum of Art "Tetsuro Komai-Space on a Shining Paper" Related Event "When Words are Born from Pictures"

Miyuki Inoue (Copywriter)

Tetsuro Komai is one of the pioneers who made Japanese art world recognize new print expression and its charm through copperplate printing. However, personally, I'm interested in cross-genre activities called "Experiment Studio" where Komai was participating. I heard that there were various talents such as a composer, a critic, a lighter, a photographer, an engineer, a modeling artist, and they said, "It looks like a ballet russ!"

Active in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century, Ballet Luce is a melting pot of ballet dancers Nijinski, Cocteau, Sati, Picasso, Laurentsan, Coco Chanel and others. That Japan has had such wonderful avant-garde activities!
A related event was held on November 10 (Saturday) with a poet invited Mr. Fumitsu Minato as a guest, so I wanted to touch the world of art beyond genres and went out.

* Tetsuro Komai (shooting: Kawaguchi Seigo)

Displayed before the event The first thing that gets caught in the room is the portrait of Tetsuro Komai. Excuse me, how good man!
Born in the current Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, in 1920 (Taisho 9), entered Keio Juju building through junior high school and high school, and entered Tokyo Art School (now Tokyo University of the Arts). It is a brilliant profile. When I was teaching at university, I was also concerned about clothes like "white shirt, dark suit, tie". The freedom of the work, and some kind of exclusivity, is selfishly enlightened that the author's birth and growth may not be irrelevant.

Then, the talks and the poetry reading "When words are born from the picture (e)" opens.
"Because you are active as a poet, it's rare to be invited to an art museum event," said Fumizuki. Having said that, I have a deep knowledge in the art world as I belong to junior high school, high school and art club.

The "Black Horse in the Dark" special edition book on display is a short story of Yutaka Sugaya, a "work" drawn by Komai. An image drawn by Komai, who received a request from Kasuya, reads the novel and then visualizes the view of the world.
While saying "I did not know the name Komoi Tetsuro", it seems that "Black horse in the middle of darkness" was lined up on Mr. Fuzuki's bookshelf.
"It is not a special-purpose book, but I found it at an old bookstore when I was a student and purchased it by chance."
Different genres, but there was an edge attracted by talent and talent ....
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As there was no copperplate print tradition in Japan, Komai studied techniques by himself. There is no workshop because there is a new genre, that is, no craftsmen. For this reason, it is said that Komai printed more than 2000 pictures for the publication of 350 copies using a press by himself when he published the poem collection "The Songs of Mardrool". The exquisite balance of poetry and paintings seems to be related to the fact that the painters "handmade" one by one.

"I feel a force that transcends the relationship between poetry and drawing. I was attracted by the fact that the relationship between the Lord and the follower was not fixed, but was opposing."
Mr. Fumizuki reckons the one-piece "bulbs" that he chose from "Tandorie".

After that, talks with curators and poetry readings continue, and I feel that the distance between Futsuki and Tetsuro Komai is getting closer.

The last Komani work chosen by Mr. Futsuki is "Maze of Time" (1952).
I wrote a new poem for this picture and read it myself.
In the poem, the text of Komai included in the catalog of the planning exhibition is woven. There is also a way to enjoy poetry, and I feel that the sill has fallen a little.

In the question and answer session, we introduce one theme that has attracted interest.

Q Is there any cross-genre interaction like Komai in the same generation as Mr. Fuminetsu?
style = "color: # 800080"> It is great that the A copperplate was established as a genre, but it feels a bit lonely as I feel that the distance with other genres has been reached. The power to create new things across genres, such as "Experiment Studio", I think that it is amazing that the poetical works published in that exchange are still being reflected over 50 years now You
I myself would like to do co-productions without limiting generations, but also with the works of artists and painters who have already died.

After the event, the exhibition limited menu "Monochrome Vanilla Cafe Mocha" at Café Kokurayama in the museum. Mix and dissolve the crispy chocolate on top of the fresh cream.
The taste of Paris, where Komai was admired?
A symbol of Komai who continued to produce works of Esprit while interacting with poets and musicians?
For the time being, I felt that I was looking for a deep autumn landscape.

"Tetsuro Komai-Space on a Blazing Paper"
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