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Aim! Workshops to watch, laugh, and experience

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Cypress stage of Kyogen teacher living in the 21st century
Workshops to watch, laugh, and experience
Okura Doctrine
(Nohgaku Kyogen Style Okura Style)

Learning is play. Play and learn.
When did you come across this word?

In elementary school, the blue litmus paper used in science experiments turned red when soaked in acidic aqueous solutions. With this discovery and astonishment, I still can't forget that I was thrilled from foot to head. The mystery of a piece of paper and liquid stimulated curiosity and became a play that transcended class.

Recently, children are often asked for hands-on workshops.
Although I had experience in workshops before, the target is basically adults. The audience was set on stage between performances, and they were allowed to experience various expressions, such as basic posture, rasping, and vocalization, and it took about 20 minutes at most.

The first workshop I took around the age of 30 was an event where preschoolers could attend. Unfamiliar with children, we showed kyogen, and taught various expressions and patterns, such as basic posture and sliding foot.

The children got bored.
I got tired in less than 10 minutes.
Some children left on the way.
The other 50 minutes are for parents.
Although it is an event for children.
That setback that I still can't forget.
Huh, I hate just remembering ...

In the first place, it's a world of classical performing arts, so it's terrible to be out of shape.
First I thought about what I was missing and what I needed to do to enjoy it. It was like replacing cells in the body.

Workshops are fun, not learning. With such a feeling, I prepared various things.

My own Kyogen picture-story show.
A fan kid that can make an original fan.
There will also be time to try on Kyogen outfits.
Over the next few years, I was able to create an "exciting workshop" where people could enjoy the "genuine" and "model" without breaking.
Faces laughing and laughing at children's kyogen.
In the experience, a lively movement and a shattering loud voice.
A figure that expresses ourselves eagerly.
As I saw the child sitting behind, gradually appearing in front, I gradually gained confidence.

What is the attraction of “classical performing arts” in the true sense?
What are the “traditional performing arts” that should be really cherished?
I really want to be a place where I can learn while playing.