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From Shonan! A short film collection born from the movie community in Enoden

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Studio Malua “Enoshima Cinema”

Miyuki Inoue (Magcal Editorial Department)

"Enoshima Cinema"
This is a short film collection taken by unique filmmakers with the theme of Enoden and Enoshima Electric Railway Station.
What an attractive title and stage!
When it was first released at the Chigasaki Film Festival in late June, the tickets were sold out in just a few hours on the first release day.

Although it is not uncommon for the streets along Enoden to be the stage for dramas, this is the first movie based on Enoden itself. Certainly, railway companies are safety first. Careful attention is required when shooting at stations and platforms, and hurdles are high.
Under such circumstances, Enoden's understanding and cooperation were obtained because the concept of “film production closely connected to the community” advocated by Studio Malua, who is in charge of planning and operation, was in line with Enoden's philosophy.

Studio Maulua is sponsored by filmmaker and screenwriter Chihiro Yasuda. I moved to Chigasaki about two years ago in search of an environment where I was addicted to movie production and could continue to make movies freely.

“I tried to stay in a guesthouse in Kamakura for the time being, aiming for“ Shonan ”vaguely. During that time, there was a day of heavy snow, so I went to Inamuragasaki the next day. I think I can see it, and the local people came in. As expected, I know a lot (laughs). I wanted to make a base. ''
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Yasuda, who has settled in Chigasaki, has set up a local movie community studio, Malua. The aim is “a community where people who make movies and videos and people who watch movies and videos gather to create new works”.
In 2018, we held an event to learn movies and videos at the coworking space Cigalab.
The production of “Enoshima Cinema” can be said to be a step further from there.
* “Enoshima Station” shooting scene

The director was seven filmmakers who agreed with Studio Malua, regardless of professional amateur. Based on two common themes, “Enoden” and “Connection”, he created works with high artistry.
For example, Satoshi Takahashi, the movie director who served as an overall advisor, was a teacher at Yasuda's university days. Miho Yamamoto is from a scenario writer, and this is his first directorial work. Yasuda himself also directed a short film.
The focus stations are Suganuma, Shonan Kaigan Park, Enoshima, Inamuragasaki, Gokurakuji, Yuigahama and Kamakura. Although it is a sightseeing spot, Shonan, where nature is abundant and relaxed, seems to be dramatic and picturesque wherever you take it.
* From Inamuragasaki Station "Inamuragasaki Walk Tour"

Of course, it's not really that simple. The shooting time is 1-2 hours in the early morning so as not to inconvenience people in the area using Enoden. The lack of hands helped each other and also used crowdfunding to secure funds.
Everything for a movie we want to make!
* “Enoshima Station” shooting scene

“Because it was premised to produce each one freely, it would be a lie to say that there was no anxiety whether it would finally be formed as a single movie, but it was impressed when I watched the finished work that connected everything While each insists on individuality, we are proud that the quality of one movie has been finished to be suitable for theatrical release. "

Since it is set in Enoden station, which is rooted as a part of life, I hope local people will watch it first. With the thought that if you look at a familiar city from a different point of view, you will be able to see another charm and love the city more.
* “Kamakura Station” shooting scene

The idea of Studio Malua is not limited to producing highly authorial films.
Establish a guest house to create an environment where members can stay overnight and concentrate on productionYeah.
I want to have the function of an artist residence where foreign artists stay.
In the future, I would like to create a base in Shonan that members can use as an atelier.
Yasuda's dream has just begun.

"Enoshima Cinema"
Director: Satoshi Takahashi / Takushi Nishinaka / Miho Yamamoto / Takuma Suyama / Ami Inagawa / Naomi Takayama / Chihiro Yasuda

[Future release schedule (2019)]

■ Enoichi
・ Saturday, July 20 10: 00〜 / 13: 00〜
・ Saturday, July 27 10: 00〜 / 13: 00〜

■ Cigalab
・ July 21 (Sun) 10: 00〜 / 14: 00〜
・ July 28th (Sun) 10: 00〜 / 14: 00〜

■ Ms Cantina
・ Thursday, July 25, 19: 00-21: 00
・ July 26 (Friday) 19: 00-21: 00

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Kakinuma Station "Born 3 years later"
Director: Jun Takahashi

Shonan Kaigan Park Station "Lost Children on the Seaside"
Director: Takushi Nishinaka

Enoshima Station "New Moon Tomboro"
Director: Miho Yamamoto

Inamuragasaki Station “Inamuragasaki Walking Tour”

Director: Takuma Suyama

Gokurakuji Station “Takamono”
Director: Ami Inagawa

e30e85ad2.jpg "alt =" "width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "/> Yugahama Station" Sinking Heart "
Director: Naomi Takayama

Kamakura Station "sleeps in Tokyo"
Director: Chihiro Yasuda