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You can play a passionate pursuit of your dreams on the stage! "Byte Show-Platinum Edition"

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In October 2014, Magcal Performing Arts Academy was opened with playwright and director Kensuke Yokouchi as the head of the school. Since 2016, the hall has been performed every summer.

In 2016, “Byte Show YOKOHAMA-Seishun Hen” began, and in 2017 evolved into “Bite Show -International Hen” and “Bite Show -BEST Edition-” in 2018. This year, which is the fourth year of the year, “Bite Show-Platinum Edition”, which was further brushed up, was performed at Youth Center Koyozaka Hall from August 15th to 18th.
I will report the whole story!
When the curtain opens, there will be a wide audience ...
At the time of the first performance, the “Theater In Theater format”, where temporary seats were set around the stage, became a hot topic. Well alive. It ’s an exciting opening.

New members will join in May, and the academy will power up to 48 people!
From the auditorium to the stage. I am attracted to the hot and serious eyes of the actors who rush to each other.

Wear a hat and start with the dance number of everyone.
The audience sits on the stage where dancers dance. Raw from uptempo music and dancer step The audience's heart heats up with a rhythm that resounds!

When the stage rotates, the stage is on the better side. The story of three women aiming to become professional dancers begins. Dance practice or part-time job? Dream and real life. There seems to be no end to the choices that cannot be chosen.

When the stage turns again, another story begins on the poor side. A friend who wants to make his band debut talks and sings about his life at night.

The stage has several stories on omnibus. We will proceed with Gunung while weaving showtime scenes.

One of the highlights is that it incorporates a wide range of musical essences such as rock, pop and jazz. This is a great experience for academies.
Of course, the element of laughter is also important.
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In between the dream and the part-time job, a small love can sprout ...

Because of the passing of the dream I envision, my short love is over ...

The days of washing dishes while squeezing the clock hands that do not go at all.
You will be fascinated by the tempo and the unique dance.
Then, an idol group <Koyosaka 81-10> will appear and work part-time.
Sing and dance “Future Create” with plenty of smiles!

After brightly bursting, you will again be in a harsh real world.
Contrary to the heavy story, I thought “It's cool like NY!” In a scene that uses the ladder next to the stage as a stage set.
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The days when my friends are betrayed, my dreams are broken, and I'm again a part-timer ...

To chase your dreams, you need friends who work together.
I was relieved at the scene of reconciliation.

The highlight is dance!
The whole theme song “Byte Show” appears many times in various arrangements.

Gradually become more familiar with your ears and sing and dance with the viewer!

The pose is decided and a happy ending ... I think ...
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Even if you work hard together, good luck doesn't always come together. Immediately after the excitement, such a cool reality comes.

But Daijobu. I have friends, so I can do my best!
For the younger generations who follow their dreams.
To adults who once had hot days.
And for those who have grown up without dreaming.
It was a stage where you can feel the hot message that can be conveyed as a musical.
Academy students who have received practical lessons from leading teachers in various fields such as singing, dancing and acting. The story on the stage is real for them.
Do your best!
Friends of the Magcal Performing Arts Academy!

《Production Note》

Kensuke Yokouchi (work, total conduct)

Magcal Performing Arts Academy has joined the 5th class and has grown to 48 people

October 2014Soon after opening the school. I feel that the academy's existence has been recognized by the public, including those who have experienced theater and dance, as well as young people who have watched the results presentation of spring.

On the other hand, I was surprised to realize that there was a difference in ability between the 5th class students and existing members. It's natural that it has been trained under the blessed teachers, but it was an “a group of amateurs” at the beginning of the school (laughs). It has grown greatly.
In fact, some members have learned vocal music in earnest and are active on the professional stage. Juniors who grow up watching them can expect to grow faster than ever.

What are the highlights of this year's performance "Bite Show-Platinum Edition"?

I especially focused on “songs”. Although there are still “more” parts, there are significant advances in vocalization and technology, so we added four new songs, including solos.
The basic story is the same, but the episodes and casts change every time, so it is always a challenge for academy students. I want you to acquire deeper expressions by repeating familiar scenes such as dance numbers.

Tell us about your future activities

In 2021, it was decided that a new “Department of Performing Arts” would be established at Kanagawa General High School. Of course, this does not end the role of the academy, but I think we need to take another step forward.
The Kanagawa Youth Center has an ideal environment for theatrical activities. In the future, I would like to continue to support young people from this base and excite theatrical activities throughout Kanagawa Prefecture.

    The Prefectural Youth Center is a facility that promotes the sound development of youth and also contributes to the improvement of the culture of citizens of the prefecture. Is working on.
    1. Development of human resources to promote youth experience activities
    2. Response to youth withdrawal, school refusal and delinquency
    3.Promotion support for youth scientific experience activities
    4. Active support for youth and prefectural citizens

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