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Machinaka Exhibition

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“Machinaka Exhibition” where companies, etc., illuminate with their own lighting technology using historical buildings in Yokohama.

At MAGCUL.NET, we interviewed Yamatomo Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Crown Bee exhibiting at the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater 1F Atrium.

Q1) What kind of company is Yamatomo Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Crown B Co., Ltd.?

Yamatomo Kogyo: Our company has been engaged in infrastructure development by manufacturing large equipment and other communication equipment used by electric power companies all over Japan for 50 years. In the process, we started using LEDs, which led to the production of production lighting that we used this time.

Crown Bee: A company that does most of the process from balloon design to production and removal.

Q2) Please tell us about the works that will be exhibited this time.

—Why do you choose this motif as the key to this work? Also, please tell us if you have any technically devised points or difficult points.

Yamatomo: All the motif selection was left to Crown B. Since it is a complex shape and symbolizes the building and the nature of Yokohama, I was careful not to use vulgar light. If you look at it, you will be able to enjoy the vivid impression of the large size and the elegant expression of light. >

Crown Bee: First of all, this image was made because the building itself was imaged as a trap when I was guided through the building of KAAT, and the tiles and ramune bottles were excavated and are also trade ports. Speaking technically, the LED is inside the balloon, so the internal structure has been devised to allow light to reach the outer skin.


Q3) Is there anything you are aware of when exhibiting “works” like this time as a company?

Yamato Kogyo: Since we are an equipment manufacturer, we do not exhibit “works” by ourselves, but we think that we can do our best to help you realize the image of artists and users. Is making. It is the first time to form a tag like this one. In the past, when we purchased our lighting fixtures from Crown Bee, we actually showed us how to use it. The impact of the balloon at that time was very impressive, and when we participated in the smart illuminations this time, we would like to talk to you if you could join us. We have never been able to participate in such events and exhibitions, so we are very honored to be jointly involved in the production of such works.

yle = "color: # 808080"> Crown Bee: I hope that many people from small children to seniors will enjoy watching and enjoying it.

Q4) Please give a word to everyone who comes to smart illuminations.

Yamatomo Kogyo: “LED”, which has been established in ordinary households in recent years, has a strong image of energy saving and saving on electricity bills. However, I hope you will find out that it is sometimes used to entertain the viewers. Please enjoy the unusual night view of Yokohama.

Crown Bee: Please enjoy various light productions.

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