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Group connected to the city Reading music theater "Ginga Railroad's night"

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File.2 Group Reading Musical Theater "Ginga Railroad Night 2018"
(Imai Koichi / editor writer)

Talking about the university that imagines the word "theater", are Waseda University and Nitai University of Art?
There is a group of Arts and Culture at Ohba College in Fuchino Sagamihara City, Sagamihara – shi, and it is not yet generally known that actors and dancers from the same university are working quite well. However, in Purunushoru owned by the university, we are doing advanced activities nationwide.
First, the management and management of the hall is conducted mainly by students, and not only the place of practical training and presentation of students but also various plans are being done as "theaters opened to the community".

Born as a citizen participation project to embody the mission, it was the summer performances like the theaters' faces, group reader music "Ginga Railroad Night". This stage created with citizens, students and professional artists will celebrate the 12th year of this year.
It seems that 8,521 customers are witnessing how far they have witnessed.

On the Furanoside where Prunus Hall is located, as JAXA is present, as a "galactic city", the town creation reminiscent of the universe, such as naming the constellation on the road and holding the "galaxy festival" in the summer We are. In that sense, Kenji Miyazawa's "Ginga Railroad Night" is a perfect subjectToday.
Moreover, there are also reasons that it is full of the desire to convey something from the stylistic body which contained the breath unique to Kenji. From the story of life and death fantastically drawn on the theme of loneliness of the hero Giovanni, "human voice" such as sorrow, joy, longing will be heard. Expressing this "voice" is a citizen cast of various generations, students, chosen by the audition of last May.

The stage is circular, and in the center there is a pond with this water, with an active area like an island in it. A chair is placed around the pond, while casting has a script, you can run around, dance, jump into the water. In addition, live performance music, songs, body / percussion, sound collaboration. The stage where the dynamic body and the words of Kenji combined with the strong feelings are fused is transformed into a very abysmal world.

Practice is only one week of summer vacation, but it is a very luxurious environment because it can occupy plenty from day to night with the same space as the actual work, the same stage art.

The purpose of this project is to ensure that organizers, artists and participants are of good qualityIt is also in the mission to promote art activities by enhancing interest in art by presenting each other's values ​​regardless of generations, gender, occupation and so on, regardless of generation, sex, occupation, etc. I will.

"That posture that people of various generations enthusiastically head towards a stage after receiving a letter from participating citizens after the end was aimed by Kenji Miyazawa as in" Introduction to farmers' art " I was touched by the fact that it was written that it might be an ideal community way of life. "

"A woman who participated at the age of 70 (women) received an audition to commemorate even at the age of 80 years after 10 years, passed spectacularly, and felt that the existence itself was increasingly shining I felt that we learned the importance of continuing for us. "

This is an impressionful word that Professor Masao Noza, who is in charge of directing, met up with the citizens of the past so far, it seems to be memories.

In the course of accumulating history, in fiscal 2011, it was after the Great East Japan Earthquake and created works with the theme of "Miyazawa Kenji's Prayer". It was introduced as NHK program "The stage to overcome the disaster".
In 2014, Iwate Prefecture, the hometown of Kenji, went to Nishiwaga-machi, recruited performers from local town residents and created works as Nishi Waga version. In 2015, Meguro Persimmon Hall co-hosted the performances at two theaters "Fuchinoba" and "Meguro". In addition, we will conduct a performance in Tanan City, Taiwan, in FY 2016, and in October this year we are planning a performance at the Chinese Drama Academy in Beijing as part of inter-university exchange.
"" The group that is becoming the face of the city from the face of the theater Reading music "Ginga Railroad Night". It is likely to become the key to how far it can connect with the city to make it really true.

* Photo courtesy of: Okura College of Technology Prunus Hall
* All the stage photos are from the 2017 performance

"OPAL × Oirakuoba University Purunushoru Produce / Citizen participation project
Group Reading Musical Theater "Ginga Railroad Night 2018"

■ Date and Time: Thursday, August 23rd to Sunday 26th (Sunday), 2018
■ Venue: Okuraibin University Purunushoru
■ Original: Kenji Miyazawa
■ Screenplay / Director: Masio Nozomi (Professor, School of Arts and Culture, Oro Bibai University)
■ Music: Akiko Kobayakawa (Associate Professor, School of Arts and Culture, Jobitori University)
■ Choreography: Kanda Hatsune Farrell (Albert University College of Arts and Culture) Graduate
■ Cast: 23 citizens / students selected by the audition, Kanda Hatsune Farrell (dance), Kobayakawa Akiko (piano)
■ Ticket price: 1,200 yen for general / 1,000 yen for students ※ Increase 300 yen on the day
■ Release date: July 16 (Monday)
■Opening hours: 23/24 Days 19: 00, 25 Days 14: 00/19: 00, 26 Days 14: 00
■ Inquiries: Prinus Hall of Okura College Tel: 042 – 704 – 7133 (10: 00 ~ 18: 00)