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A group reading music play "Galactic Railway Night" connecting to the city

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File.2 Gun Reading Music Play "Galactic Railway Night 2018"
(Koichi Imai / Editorial Writer)

Speaking of a university that is imaged in terms of "theatre", are Waseda University and the Nihon University Art College?
There are arts, culture and chemistry groups at Okurabayashi University in Sasanobe, Sagamihara City, and it may not be known that actors and dancers from the same university have been active recently. However, at the university-owned Prunus Hall, we have advanced activities nationwide.
First of all, the management and operation of the hall is conducted mainly by the students, and various plans are being carried out not only as a place for student training and presentation, but also as "a theater open to the community."

The group reading program "Night of the Galactic Railway" was created as a citizen participation program to embody the mission, and became a summer regular performance like the face of the theater. This stage, created by citizens, students and professional artists, marks its 12th year this year.
It seems that 8,521 customers have witnessed so far.

In Konnobe, where Prunus Hall is located, as there is JAXA, the city is given a name for constellations as a city to put on galaxies, and in summer, it will be held as Galactic Festival, creating a city reminiscent of the universe I am In that sense, Kenji Miyazawa's "The Night of the Galaxy Railway" is a perfect subjectYou.
And there is also a reason that Kenji's unique breathing style is full of the desire to convey something. The theme of the protagonist Giovanni's loneliness is a fantastically drawn life and death story, in which you can hear "human voice" such as sadness, joy, and longing. It is the students of various generations of citizen casts selected in the audition last May that express this “voice”.

The stage is circular and there is a pond using this water in the center, among which is an island-like acting area. A chair is placed around the pond, and although the cast has a script, it runs around, dances, and even dives into the water. In addition, live collaborations such as live music and songs, body and percussion. The stage where the moving body and the many words of Kenji's strong thought are fused is transformed into a very deep world.

It is only a week of summer vacation, but it is a very luxurious environment as it can be fully occupied from day to night in the same space as the production and the same stage art.

The purpose of this project is that the organizer, artist and participants are goodIt is also a mission to increase interest in the arts by disseminating each other's values regardless of generation, gender or occupation, and to disseminate artistic activities with the community. You

"After the completion, we received a letter from the participating citizens, and the attitude that people of various generations are unwilling to go to one stage is the goal of Kenji Miyazawa, as in" Introduction to Farmer Art ". I was struck by the fact that it was written that it would be an ideal community. "

"If you were 70 years old (woman), you will be auditioned as a memorial even at the age of 80 after 10 years, and you will pass the audition. Furthermore, it is felt that the existence itself is increasing its brilliance rather than declines I felt like I learned the importance of continuing for us too. "

This is a word that left a lasting impression on me when I met the citizens, and it is a memory.

In the process of accumulating history, 2011 was after the Great East Japan Earthquake and created works with the theme of "Prayer of Kenji Miyazawa". It has also been introduced on NHK programs as "the stage to overcome the earthquake disaster".
In 2014, Iwate Prefecture, Kenji's hometown, went to Nishiwaga-cho, recruited performers from local townspeople, and created works as a Nishiwaga version. In 2015, Meguro Persimmon Hall was cosponsored and performed at two theaters, Hino and Meguro. Furthermore, in 2016, we will have a performance in Tongnan, Taiwan, and in October this year we plan to have a performance at the Chinese Academy of Dramas in Beijing as part of the inter-university exchange.
"" A group reading music play "The Night of the Galactic Railway" that is becoming the face of the city from the face of the theater. To really realize that, it is likely to be the key to how far you can connect with the city.

* Photo courtesy of: Sakura Birin University Prunus Hall
* All stage photos from the 2017 performances

<< OPAL x Okurabayashi University Prunus Hall Produce / Citizen Participation Plan
Group reading music play "Gyaxy railway night 2018"》

■ Date and time: August 23, 2018 (Thu) to 26 (Sun)
Venue: Okurabayashi University Prunus Hall
■ Original: Kenji Miyazawa
■ Screenplay and direction: Norio Atsuo (Oct.
■ Music: Akiko Kobayakawa (Associate Professor, Okubayashi University Art, Culture, Culture, and Music Group)
■ choreography: Kanda Hatsune Farrell (Occulty of Arts and Sciences, Omibayashi University)
■ Cast: 23 citizens and students selected by audition, Kanda Hatsune Farrell (dance), Kobayakawa Akiko (piano)
■ Ticket fee: General 1,200 yen / student 1,000 yen ※ On the day 300 yen more
■ Release date: July 16 (Mon)
■Opening times: 19:00 on the 23rd and 24th, 14:00 on the 25th, 19:00 and 14:00 on the 26th
■ Inquiries: Okurabayashi University Prunus Hall Tel. 042-704-7133 (10: 00-18: 00)