Don't miss the new work "WOLF"! This summer, OrganWorks/Shintaro Hirahara will bring you the latest dance theater performed by the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center.

新作「WOLF」を見逃すな! この夏、OrganWorks/平原慎太郎が送る 神奈川県立青少年センター上演の最新ダンスシアター。

I once read somewhere that the furthest journey for humanity is the inner journey.
These words have been echoing in my head ever since I finished my interview with Shintaro Hirahara.

Mr. Hirahara is a member of a dance company that focuses on Japanese contemporary dance.
He is the head of ``OrganWorks'' and the person responsible for the composition, direction, and choreography of the new work ``WOLF,'' which we will introduce here.

OrganWorks (©yixtape)

``WOLF'' is a new work created during the coronavirus pandemic.
About the “wolf” that is the theme of the stage play
Hirahara said he was inspired by Ezo wolves in his native Hokkaido.
The Ezo wolf was once worshiped as a god by the Ainu people.
It is said that over time they were driven out and driven to extinction.

``It all started from the fact that humans have a very poor attitude toward animals that are about to go extinct, and even though there was a time when wolves were praised as gods, at a certain point they suddenly became pests. I think that rapid changes in people's ways of thinking and values are extremely violent, and can often be compared to modern society.
I had a desire to incorporate this into my work well. ”

"WOLF" image photo ©OrganWorks

In addition to the theme of wolves, an important key point is ``vinyl''.
It feels like a subject that is difficult to associate with wolves, but I wonder what kind of thoughts are put into it.

``Vinyl cuts things off, but you can see what's inside.
It's a mysterious material with a vague but definite disconnect.
Also, I like going to see stuffed animals, and stuffed animals are a disconnect between life and death.
I try to make it look alive, but there are no living things there.
I wonder if people's views can be so cold and sloppy just because they don't have a soul in them.
I just didn't feel comfortable with that.
And that kind of ``discontinuity'' can be expressed through vinyl.
The meaning of this work is contemporary, and what we should think about during the time of coronavirus.
The reason I came to this conclusion is that it has become a great fit. ”

“diss_olv_e” performance photo (2020) ©igaki photo studio

The reason why I felt a little chill at the words ``become sloppy'' is because I remember it first hand.
Personally, I have never had the experience of reaching out and loving a stuffed animal like I do with living things.
In this world, all the "disconnects" that unconsciously separate us,
He expresses his work using ``vinyl,'' which is something we take for granted in our daily lives.

Hirahara-san's words make me more and more excited about the stage I haven't seen yet.
The boundaries created by “discontinuity” within “WOLF”
How is it actually being handled?

``I shouldn't just go see what I know, and I want to be an irregular generator.
In today's world, you can pick and choose what you like, but
I think it's important to step away from that.
Unexpected things are definitely interesting, and I hope I can convey the importance of coming to see such things. ”

Dancers Taeko Machida (left) and Shintaro Hirahara (right)

Come to think of it, lately, it's probably because SNS is reading my hobbies and preferences.
I realized that I was exposed to similar information.
Before I knew it, I felt like I was being put into a box that was getting smaller and smaller.

In today's world, where many people are trapped in the same box, it's not just one stone, but four or five stones.
I think it's a person called Shintaro Hirahara.
I wonder if the irregular generator named Shintaro Hirahara will be able to break this box.

Shintaro Hirahara's world is based on the existing world that he sees through his own filter.
It lets you look at it from a new angle.
This is an opportunity for me to reevaluate my own thoughts and values.
This message is conveyed primarily through physical expression through contemporary dance.

Stories and messages told through dance.

This summer, I will also go on an inner journey through the world of Shintaro Hirahara.
I have a feeling that this journey will be much farther and deeper than before.

Shintaro Hirahara (©️Hajime Kato)

Born in Hokkaido in 1981. After a career in classical ballet and Hip Hop, he became an expert in contemporary dance, working as a dancer, choreographer, stage composer, and dance instructor. He also leads the dance company "OrganWorks" and engages in creative activities. Participated in domestic and international dance works such as "Condors" directed by Ryohei Kondo and "C/Ompany" directed by Shintaro Oue. He actively interacts with artists in other fields, including co-writing with Noh actor Reijiro Tsumura, providing choreography for Ikiume Theater Company, Kentaro Kobayashi, Kensaku Kobayashi, and Akira Shirai, and collaborating with artists Chiharu Shiota and Midori Harima. . Magazine “BRUTUS” special feature “Next person. ~Catalog of People Who Change Tomorrow~” was selected in the performing arts category.

OrganWorks new performance “WOLF”
[Date and time]
July 2, 2021 (Friday) 19:00~
July 3, 2021 (Saturday) 11:00~ (Children 3 years old and older can enter), 15:00~
Sunday, July 4, 2021 11:00~ (Children 3 years old and older can enter), 15:00~
[Written, directed, choreographed] Shintaro Hirahara
[Cast] Taeko Machida, Takkun Ikegami, Ayai Onishi, Remi Murai, Jun Aoyagi, Minoru Takagi
[Location] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Studio HIKARI
(9-1 Momijigaoka, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
[Ticket price]
All seats are free (preschoolers cannot enter)
General advance ticket: 3,500 yen Same-day ticket: 500 yen increase in each price
■U-24: 3,000 yen
■High school students and under: 1,000 yen
(Please present your ID upon entry.)
△ Discount for people with disabilities: If you present your disability certificate when visiting the venue, you will receive a discount from the ticket price you pay.
We will give you a cashback of ¥1,000.
[Ticket handling]
□Peatix https://organworks-wolf.peatix.com
*Credit payment, convenience store/ATM payment
□Googleform https://forms.gle/ktqckGuHEqhz9VpGA
*Cash payment on the day
Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Hall Management Division: 045-263-4475
OrganWorks: office@theorganworks.com
[Sponsor] Kanagawa Prefecture, Craneo Co., Ltd.
[Cooperation] Saison Cultural Foundation
[Planning and production] OrganWorks, Craneo Co., Ltd.
[Production] Rayon Vert

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