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Yokohama Yorimono's hill, historic fragrant Western pavilion "Erismann House"

Sneak into the art space!

Tell the history of the foreign settlement era to the present age
Yokohama Yamate Western Western-style "Erismann House"

"Erismann residence" to be built on the hillside of Yamate which overflows exoticism. It is a mansion of the Swiss trader Fritz Ellismann built by the design of Antonin Raymond which is said to be "Taisho 15 (1926)" Father of contemporary architecture ".
Heisei first year (1989) It was relocated to Motomachi Park and restored, and it was released as "Erisman Man House" the following year. A Western-style building of extremely high value in the history of architecture was able to watch admission free, and now it is a tourist spot that represents Yokohama.
Halls with white walls surrounded by plants and many flowers and green borders are striking in appearance will change to different appearances depending on the season, and on sunny weather you can see people taking photos and sketching people. In the hall, there is a table with a living room cafeteria, a reception room with a fireplace, a solarium with a view of the garden, etc. It is fun to go around the hall while imagining the life style at the time! Also, various events are held throughout the year at the museum, which calls for great popularity every time.

Erismann entrance entrance.
People of a wide age are fascinated by the appearance to the pavilion which conveys the depth of history.

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Motomachi Park front street. In addition to the Erismann residence in the Yamate district, there is a Western pavilion of 6 buildings.

It is surrounded by three big trees. Very attractive appearance that changes each appearance according to the season

On sunny days, people reading books at the terrace seats at the end of the stairs, those who are taking a break slowly with their friends, are the places for the rest of the area.

There is a slope beside the entrance of the pavilion, even a wheelchair can enter the building. (First floor display only)

Admission is free. Take off your shoes at the entrance, wear slippers and go to the hall.

A retro public phone at the entrance.
If you call, it may lead to that time! What?

/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/eri_5.jpg "alt =" "width =" 800 "height =" 533 "/> Mr. F. Erismann, the Lord of this house, and his wife (Japanese) Portrait.
On the first floor, we restore the state of the room of the Western-style Western-style room and introduce it.
Furnitures such as chairs and tables were designed by architect Raymond.

Living room cafeteria

Reception room with fireplace

The solarium facing the south garden terrace

Terrace seat. On a nice day, the warm sun will fall.

Going down the stairs left,It leads to the underground hall.

A staircase leading to the underground hall. Please be careful as it is a little steep!

The underground hall is used as a rental space, exhibitions, workshops, etc. are also held.

During the interview, a group exhibition of "sketch classroom" students was held.

Next, to the second floor where there were three bedrooms!
Currently, two large bedrooms are used as an exhibition room, and you can further understand the Western-style building by looking at the documents on the Yamate's Western-style building with photos and drawings.
In addition, you can see materials and flyers in the conference room.

Things that were in use at the time are displayed together with the photographs.

Model of Erismann House and Diorama around Yamate District

I looked around where my house was! (I understood that it was Kana around here!)

You can see the Marine Tower from the window of the room and Motomachi Pool in the front. (The pool is hidden in a bush of trees)
Also, the old kitchen section on the first floor is used as a tea room.

It is wonderful to have a balcony or a chimney. ErismannThe contrast between green and white of the mansion is really beautiful! !

Although it is a pavilion of simple decoration usually, at the event held at early summer · Halloween · Christmas time, professional flower artists etc. will decorate the hall very gorgeously according to their theme.
Here, I would like to introduce the decoration of " 18th flower and vessel harmony 2018 " held this spring!

The theme of Erismann's residence at this time is "Hyakka flower rushing that colors interwoven, color incense turbulence" .
In the hall, FLOWER ACTIVIST Mr. Eshiko Shihomi expressed the fusion of Japanese traditional "sum" traditional beauty with the "Western" Western culture of the Erismann residence with seasonal flowers.
At the moment of entering the room, it was beauty enough to unexpectedly say "Amazing!

In addition, Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations, etc., the interior of the hall changes to various forms with decorations according to the theme. There seems to be many people who are looking forward to what kind of decoration they are each time!

Salon concerts of various styles are held in the drawing room.
"Kanagawa Music Competition" when coverageA salon concert by the winners has been held, and we have enjoyed the beautiful sounds!

The Yamate district is the place where a new art festival culture was originally delivered, such as the first performance of Shakespeare plays in Japan from the settlement era, and art events such as concerts and exhibitions are also held every year at the Erismann residence .
Next year, as well as the 13th Yokohama Yamate Art Festival, many attractive events are held throughout the year, so it's also fun

Personally, "Erismann residence" which I like very much and has visited many times.
No matter how many times you go, there is a new discovery each time, it will be fun and fresh feeling!
Why do not you visit "Erismann House" by all means during the Yamate walk?

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Erismann House

It was built in 127 Yamate machi town from 1925 to 1926 as a mansion of Mr. Fritz · Erismann born in Switzerland who was active as a manager of the Yokohama trade company. Design is Antonin Raymond, an architect from the Czech Republic called "Father of Modern Architecture". In 1982, it was dismantled for condominium construction, but it was relocated to your current location in Motomachi Park in 1990. There is a reception room with a fireplace on the first floor, a living room cafeteria, a solarium with a view of the garden, and reproduces a simple design.

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