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Regardless of disability or age, a project aiming at a stage that everyone can enjoy, a start!

(TOP image) Kanagawa prefecture "Symbiosis co-creative project" Main visual made a work by Hanabu Abe, a member of "Art de Vivre".

A place where a play is born
File.2 Co-creative co-creation living together and creating together – KANAGAWA ALL – COMERS STAGE – "
(Imai Koichi / editor writer)

KAAT Kanagawa Arts Foundation, which operates the Kanagawa Arts Theater, Kanagawa Prefectural Hall and Kanagawa Prefectural Music Festival, has launched a symbiosis co-creation project "Together with Living – KANAGAWA ALL – COMERS STAGE -" this year. Regardless of disability, age, etc., from the child to the adult, holding a new stage performance and workshop where all people can participate and enjoy it will be implemented as a consignment project from Kanagawa Prefecture. We will make practical efforts to create borderless creative activities through the performing arts, making full use of the know-how of the foundation's business planning and facility management.
We have already held the first "Human Resource Development Course" which will be a kick-off lecture in July, the Director of the Culture Section of the International Culture and Tourism Bureau, Kanagawa Prefecture, Deputy Director of the Symbiotic Society Promotion Department of the Welfare Children Mirai Bureau Department of the "Welfare Society Kanagawa Charter" We also participated in the department manager in charge of prevention of diseases in the Department of Health and Medical Division, Health and Medical Care Bureau listed "declaration on improving Kanagawa disease free disease".

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Today we have left the remaining 2 years until the "2020 Olympic Games – Paralympic Games Tokyo Games" held, we will see the information of the Paralympic Games and the appearance of the athletes aiming to participate as everyday. Not much known yet, but the Olympic and Paralympics is not only a festival of sports, it is also said to be a cultural festival. The cultural program contains many performances that artists with disabilities play active, and we aim for the opportunity for more people to participate.

Meanwhile, Japan is the world's smallest birthrate, the aging of society advances, it is about to reach the age of 100 years of life.定年後のお父さんが何をしたらいいか困るなど言われたのはひと昔前の話。今後さらに長くなる人生に対して、文化に触れながら過ごすことが提案されていくことでしょう。





○ 文化芸術基本法では「文化芸術を創造し、享受することが人々の生まれながらの権利である」とともに、「国民がその年齢、障がいの有無、経済的な状況又は居住する地域にかかわらず等しく文化芸術の機会を享受すること」が基本理念としてうたわれている。また、文化芸術は人々がその場に参加する機会を通じて多様な価値観を尊重し、他者との相互理解が進むという、社会包摂の機能を有している。


こうした社会的要請に応えてスタートしたのが『共生共創事業』です。今後、共生社会の実現などを意識した魅力的なコンThe creation / transmission of Tenz is going to be done.

First of all, as a commemorative performance, on October 13 (Saturday) and 14 (Sunday), at the Prefectural Citizen Mirai Hall, we will perform the "Moromoro 2018 of Wallehare" by the Elderly Theater Group Saitama Gold Theater .
The Saitama Gold Theater is a theatrical group that was launched in 2006 under the late Ninagawa Yukio Artistic Director. Currently it consists of 36 members (as of April 2018) from 67 years old to 92 years old, and has also performed overseas.

Starting with this performance, a lot of performances and workshops are prepared in the future.

■ Vietnam "Ah-show" workshop
Schedule: Mid November 2018 (Schedule being adjusted)
Venue: Miyuu Hall
* All Vietnamese are responsible for production, staff work, performance and performance. A workshop where children and adults can participate by the Performing Arts Company, which has gained a high reputation by traveling around the world including France in the authentic circus

■ Turquois (International Turku Cultural Organization) 25th anniversary concert "Turku's Great Legacy"
Schedule: November 15, 2018 ( wood)
Venue: Miyuu Hall
※ Concert to Japan by the Turkish language culture organization "Turuxsoi" composed of 6 Central Asian countries and Russia.

■ Experimental Gig "Futuramax / Futura Max"
Schedule: December 24, 2018 (Monday · Week holidays)
Venue: Miyuu Hall
* An eccentric Christmas concert by jazz pianist SUGADAIRO, 85 years old bassist · Isao Suzuki.

■ Blue Print Present "SAKEBU"
Schedule: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 – Sunday 20th
Venue: Miyuu Hall
* Featuring dancer from 10 to 20 who gathers worldwide attention. Dance performance depicting their past and the future that have been involved in dance since childhood, fought in a harsh environment and advanced with agony.

■ TPAM · International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2019 Related Events
Schedule: Thursday, February 14, 2019, Friday the 15th
Venue: Miyuu Hall
※ Showcase etc is held as a related event of the international performing arts platform "TPAM" to be held every February in Yokohama city.

■ Stop Gap Dance Company "Enomas Room (Endless Room)"
Schedule: March 3rd 2019 (Sun)
Venue: Aise Plaza (Kanagawa Prefectural Global Citizen Kanagawa Plaza)
* A dance company representing Britain, with wheelchair dancers, danceers of Down Syndrome, healthy dancers as members. A workshop will be held from Monday 4th March to Wednesday 6th.
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■ Kanagawa Elderly Creative Creation Project "Challenge of the Silver" Presentation & Information Session
Schedule: Sunday, March 16, 2019 (Sun)
Venue: Miyuu Hall
* Creativity creation project program centered on the elderly. A dancer / choreographer Yoko Ando from Kanagawa, as a director, through elderly people themselves finding new discoveries and possibilities of the body, aiming to "create together" with the elderly. Together with presentations at the stage, we hold briefing sessions for recruiting participants.