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Impressionist collaboration that I meet at the Monet & Debussy museum

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Music Competition at the Yokohama Museum of Art
~ Meet the Impressionists of Monet and Debussy ~
(Miyuki Inoue / copywriter)

"Monet 100 years since then" being held at the Yokohama Museum of Art. On the Friday the exhibition came to the end of the session, a nice performance by the piano and the pantomime was held at the museum after closing. (C) Akira

Co-organized by Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall and Yokohama Museum of Art, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, Miwa Mikawa (piano) and Philippe Emar (performance) appearances. "Piano · Salon · Concert" Nostalgy Paris "" performed at the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall on the same day was a fashionable stage on the theme of "Parisian Cabaret" 100 years ago, so further expectation for the night's special stage It takes.

The night section planned in collaboration with "Monet from 100 Years afterwards" was prepared a program that was close to the Impressionists, as you can see from the subtitle "Meet the Impressionists of Monet and Debussy".
The art museum wrapped in dusk has a moist atmosphere that is slightly different from the daytime appearance, which is also attractive.

Prior to the concert, I first attended the mini lecture by Mr. Shintaro Matsunaga, the lead curator in the lecture room.
The characteristic of this exhibition is the fact that 25 monet's paintings and 66 artists from the later generation were exhibited in one place, and some of them were "not directly affected by Monet" It seems that the writers' works are also lined up. It is said from the intention that Monet's innovation and universality will emerge more by gathering up to the work that feels what Monet and desperate can be felt objectively regardless of the author's intention . The point of view of the curator of the museum is somewhat interesting. Please visit the museum's opening hours again and try searching for "Monetty" in the works of contemporary writers!
When the lecture was over and the venue was ready, I moved to the Grand Gallery.

The atmosphere is different from daytime where the natural light is overflowing, and the night gallery illuminated by the light based on blue is a mysterious atmosphere like in the water.
threeMr. Fun is a blue dress, Emaru appeared in white overall figure which imaged light. Performance which French-like Esprit was effective spreading in piano and pantomime, mainly Debussy.
Playing Monet to Debussy or putting it on Schumann's "Troemerai" and reciting "I am Monet" and even showing off his poems. Along with the beautiful melody, I am fascinated by the colorfulness of Emar.
Debussy himself seems to hated being called "Impressionists", but I thought that the floating music is compatible with Monet's paintings.

The stage of about 1 hour finishes in no time.
Angkor is Edith Piaf 'L'hymne a l'amour'. When listening to Mr. Sanno's piano and Emar's song, it seems to be caught in the illusion that it is in the street corner of Paris. If it says Monet's work, it is an early work such as "Capesine Boulevard".
Here again I feel like I found "another Monet".

"Monet 100 years since then "
Duration: September 24, 2018 (Monday · Shift holiday)
Venue: Yokohama Museum of Art
Closed: Thursday
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 * September 14 (Fri), 15 (Saturday), 21 (Fri), 22 (Sat) until 20: 30
(Admission until 30 minutes before closing)

Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall

Queen's Square In the concert hall opened in 1998 in Yokohama, it is popular as a "concert hall where you can see the sea".
There are a large hall (2020 seats) where a large pipe organ is installed and a small hall (440 seats) adjacent to the roof garden of the wood deck, and almost every day a concert will be held.

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Yokohama Museum of Art

The Yokohama Museum of Art opened in 1989 with the aim of contributing to the appreciation of modern and contemporary art and the creative activities of citizens and helping to create a rich civic culture.
As an art gallery suitable for an international port city, Yokohama, we focus on the arts since the opening of Yokohama in 1859, we strive to collect works and hold exhibitions. Among them, the photo forms an excellent collection unique to Yokohama, one of the major bases in the photo excitement period in Japan. (Shooting: Yasuyuki Kasagi)

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