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All-Kawasaki project aiming at the world "Kawasaki Romeo & Juliet"

A place where a play is born
File 2 Kawasaki Romeo & Juliet
Koichi Imai (editor writer)

One of the dreams of the theater company "Kawasaki Alice" who is based in Kawasaki City has advanced abroad. Recent young people 's theater company can hear saying that he knows the length, but it is somewhat lonely that he does not say such a word.

Ash, presided over by the theater company, was working as a musical actress in the American tour theater in his twenties.

"To work in the United States is natural, but the language is English. When did you start to ask the question," Why am I playing in English? ", And the musicals I made in Japan are overseas I came back to Japan and wanted to take it to Japan.While looking around for about 2 years, I heard that the Tokyo University of Fine Arts will make a course to learn theater, I thought "This is it!" I reintroduced into the actor, not as an actor, but to learn the production "

While meeting various playwrights, Miyagi Sayama led the Ku Nauka Theater Company. Speaking of Ku Nauka, a theater company that developed its own activities in a style in which two actors play a role as a moving actor and a talking actor. However, Ash was attracted to not being an acting style, but realizing that "putting Japanese in music" on the stage.
Music that is full of our everyday lives is European and American rhythms such as rock and pops. However, Ku Nauka had words in Japanese with a pleasant rhythm. I was also attracted to the vigorous performances of overseas performances. I was invited and joined Ku Nauka as a directing section and I will work long under Miyagi.
And Miyagi became independent as a result of moving the base as SPAC (Shizuoka Art Theater) art general manager. ThatIt is strange that the boundary with Kawasaki city will be born from here.
I got a job to teach theater from high school, worked on Indonesian company staying in connection with Miyagi, and became acquainted with the president of the design office. While the plural edges are tangled, theater activities are started.

Actually, many of the members of "Kawasaki Alice" once went to various courses and wanted to do a plays in Kawasaki after all "former students. The rehearsal place is offered by our design office. Then she began to root in Kawasaki city at first glance.
* "Running Melos" at Kamakura / Jirakuji temple

"I also participated in Mr. Tadashi Suzuki's Theater School at Taga village in relation to Mr. Miyagi, which was a shocking and interesting experience that overwhelms the concept of theater in me from the ground, but most closely to the area I was surprised that I was doing activities while building something with a social impact.When I thought about it, I realized that I am also interested in the relationship with the community "In Kawasaki I realized again that I like doing things. "
* From Toga "blue bird"

The reason I attached "Alice" to the name of the theater company is that he is suddenly drawn into Wonderland, because he is aiming for a play that can be taken away to the unreal world. It's been 8 years since the start. In 2017, Ash himself won the Excellence Director Award at the Toga Theater CompetitionIt was.

In December 2018, we hosted two versions of the red (kure no) group, 縹 (Hana nada) group at the producer 'Kawasaki Romeo & Juliet', a production to commemorate the 12 th anniversary of Laisona Kawasaki Plazasol, hosted by Kawasaki City To deal with.

"I've come to a new step as a theater company, I have never thought of ending with a regional troupe company, because I was originally my dream to publish my work to the world. It took, but I am delighted that I could have had the opportunity to talk about the producer's performance. "

* 'Weak mentor' who plays with high school students at Plazasol

Plaza Sol is a small theater in a shopping center in front of Kawasaki station. A richness was born by staging theater with high school students here.
"Romeo and Juliet" is a masterpiece of Shakespeare that depicts a short life-long love of Romeo and Juliet with two conflicting households. It is said to adapt it to the story set in Kawasaki like Nishiki town about 200 years later and make it into a music play with live performance.

"When it says" Future Romijuri "it will be an image of SF, but I always make it assuming" What will be this work ahead of seven generations. "Because it's already been left over 400 years ago I will continue to live ahead of this, perhaps it may have become a more innovative world than now, but I think that the fundamental human activities do not change, even if society and the environment change, "Romyjuri" should be played.While setting it as 220 years ago, I am making it while speaking with everyone, "I wonder what is going on Kawasaki then." This performance is going to come I think that raising a theater person of Kawasaki and cultivating Kawasaki should be a catalyst for it. "

A big audition is held this summer. The gathered members were divided into two groups, (Kurenai) pair will be Ash 's aiming artistic performance taste, the 縹 (Hana nada) group will be a work deepening the drama of "Romijuri".

* Romeo and Juliet Production Presentation

Recently it is becoming a global trend to fuel confrontation. Its epitome is in Kawasaki, but Ash feels that there is a city with lively power, including such negative aspects. How will this story be received?

"I feel that everything in the world is in a much smaller and conflicting structure." In the first place people are conflicting everywhere, aside from whether it is a dispute or not because of the sense of conflict Some things are born, such as art as well, I think that "Romeo and Juliet" will be a story that can be sympathized with people in Kawasaki living in conflict and miscellaneous culture. "

Ash has not written the ending of the script. It is because young actors derive rehearsals in Kawasaki. Naturally, the outcome of the two sets will be different.

"I think there is a pros and cons to doing the classics, I think that you can think about enriching life" using Romeo and Juliet "world common property, , From translation.It is not simply to replace it with the story set in Kawasaki, but aims to make it their own story.The person who lives in Kawasaki may be funny to laugh at. A visitor who saw this play is tragic, but I'm happy if you can find something in it.

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* "Romyjury" Promotion @ Kosugi Festa

And members supporting the theater are Ash, "The creative staff aimed for all Kawasaki", local friends and friends of Kawasaki. Because theater is a live art, no matter how interesting it is created, it can only share feelings with those who were there at that time. Because of its attractiveness as a part of theater, he put emphasis on the visual aspect for sending out information in advance. Supported local creative team "Nokuchi Base". That name comes from "Mizoguchi".

"Even if we want to emphasize leaflets, our budget does not go there so much, so this time the representative of Nokuchi base will say" Let's get our gallerry with cloud funding " Then. I will do my best to be a work that can respond to the spirit of those in Kawasaki. "

"Laisona Kawasaki Plazasol Opening 12th Anniversary Commemorative Public
"Kawasaki Romeo & Juliet"

■ Date and Time: Thursday, December 6, 2018 - Tue 11 (Tue)
■ Venue: Lazona Kawasaki Plazasol
■ Works: W. Shakespeare
■ Translation · Dramatizing · Directing: Ash (Kawasaki Alice)
■ Ticket information: general advance sales 4,000 yen / Kawasaki rate 3,800 yen / college student / vocational school student 3,000 yen / high school student or less 2,000 yen
Sumen set 7,600 yen * Advance reservation only. You can see 2 performances
■ Opening hours: 6 · 7: 19: 00, 8 · 9 13: 00/18: 00, 10: 14: 00/19: 00, 112: 00/16: 00 a day

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