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Because I have a place, I want to go out. This is Japan's largest library!

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Go, see, feel the art world
Yamato City Cultural Creation Base Sirius
Miyuki Inoue (Magcal Editorial Department)

There is a banner that can be seen when running at Tomei Express.
Iwaku "the best library in Japan".
I went to "Yamato City Cultural Creation Base Sirius" on an exciting invitation complaint.

Official name, Yamato city cultural creation base.
Library, arts and culture hall, lifelong learning center, cultural complex centering on indoor children 's plaza.
Rather than writing like this, the person who called him by the nickname "Sirius" is perfect.
Because the facility just opened on November 3, 2016, the appearance is very stylish first. It is likely to be mistaken as a shopping mall because it is in a good location, 3 minutes on foot from Yamato Station where Sotetsu Main Line and Odakyu Enoshima Line meet.

When entering from the front entrance, the coffee shop and the library space are arranged cleanly. The floor with the colonnade is bright and plenty of opening feeling, and the moms who push the stroller go and go while talking.
After all it is a shopping mall?
I thought so and picked up a handy book in hand, as the classification sticker was affixed, I was convinced that "Yes, sure, it is a library."
Since the collection currently has about 410,000 volumes, it is by no means a large library as a scale. However, I understand little by little the reason why this place can be declared as 'the best library in Japan.'
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When I visited, related books such as music and orchestra were featured in connection with the concert guide performed at the main hall on the weekend.
Such a complex project is planned by "Yamato Mirai", a joint management entity managing Sirius. For example, if you are going to hold a rakugo party in the hall, featured related books in the library, hold lectures to learn rakugo at the lifelong learning center, hold "Okasama Rakugo" for children in indoor children's plaza, And so on.
It was unlikely, it is a wonderful effort.

This is the second floor open area. On the opposite side across the colonnade there is also a paid space that can be used as a second office.
Since the collections are distributed on each floor, there may be cases where it is difficult to find a book aiming at. However, it is one of the pleasures of the library to meet new books while they are urouro. Actually, the figure of a person who is fuzzing with coffee is also a thief. Yes, in Sirius, drinking anywhere is OK.

The third floor is "Yamato Kodomo no kuni".
"Children's library" where picture books and picture-story show etc. are available, all bookshelves and chairs are children's size. The color is also colorful, so the adults who are watching are also somehow fun
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"Genkikiko open space" in the back is a playground of parent and child playing for elementary school second grader from 3 years old. It can be played active with the play equipment of the popular "Bonerando", so it is always full of crowds despite paying.
"Healthy city library" on the 4th floor is an area unique to Sirius.
Firstly, on the bookshelf of "health corner", we display a wide range of health related books beyond the general library classification. In "Health Terrace", courses of various themes are held everyday from medical information to old days, and there is also a "health visualization corner" equipped with a body composition meter and a bone health measuring instrument. There were exhibitions related to disaster prevention, and I felt the spread of the theme of "health".
What is surprised at Sirius is the number and variety of viewing seats. From the counter table suitable for studying to the sofa where you want to take a nap, there are 915 seats in total. If you properly take the concept of a "stay-based library" into shape, it will be like this.
Mothers who are raising their children and the elderly who live alone also seem to find their own whereabouts naturally.
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On the 5th floor, there are reference counters that will respond to consultation of the investigations, and the landscape that seems to be the most library is spreading. It is strange to humans because it is "chic" because the colors are chic, and behaviors will become "library-like".

And the sixth floor is the only floor without a book. Conference rooms available for citizens are lining up. In the citizen interchange space "Platto Yamato" which can also eat and drink, high school students were working on homework with friends while eating sweets.
The terrace seat with a good view is next to the line of sight!
It is a bit cold in winter but thought that I want to read books leisurely here when it gets warmer. Along with a cold drink.

Yamato City Cultural Creation Base Sirius

The Yamato City Cultural Creation Base (nickname: Sirius) provides many people, from children to adults, the splendor of artistic culture and lifelong learning, new knowledge and encounters with people and a sense of unity in our hearts It was born as a place to create. The core is the library, the arts and culture hall, the lifelong learning center, the indoor children's plaza. Four facilities will create further energy by fusing individual personality, nurture the creativity that leads to the future, it will become a signpost for your art and cultural activities, and will evolve day by day.

【1F / Sensibility and Creation Place where inspiration is born】 Main Hall, Sub Hall, Gallery, General Information, Library, Other
【2F / floor of citizen exchange talking happily】 Citizens exchange lounge, library, Yamato City Hall Daiwa Liaison Office, etc.
【3F / Yamato Children's Country to learn by plunging play】 Genkikuku Hiroba, Chibikko plaza, Childcare room, Consultation room, Children's library, Studio etc.
【4F / Healthy City Library Familiar with Books While Relaxing】 Health Corner, Health Terrace, Reservation Book Corner, etc.
【5F / Library to study and learn】 Reference counter, information search corner, reading room, etc.
【6F / Lifelong Learning Center to Collect and Study with Friends】 Citizen Exchange Space Platto Yamato, Course Room, Large Conference Room, etc.

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