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Aim! Workshop to see and laugh, experience and feel good

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The stage of a samurai who lives in the 21st century
Workshop to see and laugh, experience and feel good
Great Confucianism

Learning is fun. Play is learning.
When did you encounter this word?

When I was in elementary school, the blue litmus paper used in science experiments turned red when I was immersed in an acidic aqueous solution. With these discoveries and surprises, I still can not forget the exciting things from foot to head. The wonder brought about by a piece of paper and liquid stimulated curiosity and became a 'play' beyond 'classes'.

Recently, I have been asked to experience workshops for children.
Until then I had experience in the workshop, but basically the target is adults. It was about 20 minutes at the longest, with customers on stage between the program and the program, and having them experience various expression methods such as basic posture, foot, speech and so on.

The first workshop I received around the age of 30 was an event where preschoolers could also attend. We who are not accustomed to children showed offences and taught various expressions and styles such as basic posture and sliding feet.

The children got bored.
I got bored in less than 10 minutes.
Some children exited on the way.
The other 50 minutes are for parents.
Although it is an event for children.
That failure I can not forget now.
Well, I just hate to remember ....

Since it is the world of classical arts in the first place, it would be embarrassing to think that it would be terrible to break the mold.
First, I thought about what I lack and what I should do to have fun. It was like working on replacing cells in the body.

The workshop is not learning but playing. With such feelings, I arranged various things.

Self-made crazy message picture-story show.
Fan kid who can make original fan.
There will also be times when you can try on the costumes of Kyogen.
Over the next few years I was able to create an "inspiring workshop" where you can enjoy the "real" and "type" without breaking it.
Faces and funny faces that laugh at watching children's crazy words.
The experience is full of energetic movements and split loud voices.
A figure that expresses themselves confidently.
Seeing the appearance of the child sitting behind, gradually getting in front, I got a little more confident.

What exactly is the attraction of "classical arts" in a true sense?
What is the "traditional arts" that you really want to cherish?
I strongly want to be a place to learn such things while playing.