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From Heisei to Mirai. A total of 18 stages of challenges from "Yokonomoto" from Yokohama

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A scene where a play is born
File.5 Rainbow Element "Minato Mirai"
Koichi Imai (Editor Writer)

The next work to be introduced to Magcal Dot Net was "What's Good?", And when I was looking for a lineup of performances in various theaters and facilities, there were performances that attracted me a lot. Although it is unclear whether the case that “Yamagaki is small grainy and spicy” is correct, but there are few seats and a narrow space, ST emits a high profile company such as Chelfitsch that flies around the world and emphasizes exchanges with various regions Because it was a small theater called Spot Yokohama, I was more concerned about it.
Speaking of what I was interested in, it was a performance called Rainbow Element # 08 "Minato Mirai", but it will do 18 stages in 8 days. Recently, I was very interested in this challenge, having three days of performances three days a day, although there were not many places where the number of performances repeated so much in a small theater in Tokyo.
One night after completing the lessons of Minato Mirai, which I just started, I caught Ryuuma Rake, the representative of the theater company. It seems to be born in 1990, young!

"Always I was doing about 7 shows in a week based on Lazona Kawasaki. But the challenge for this show was to set up various hurdles for myself as a theater company in the future. One thing is that you have to be able to maintain the same quality of performance and performance no matter how many times you increase it, and usually, the show starts from around Wednesday and ends on Sunday, I hope there will be more customers coming by word of mouth over the week, both of which are experimental for usIt is true. I'm concerned that I'm physically ok, but I think I'm more motivated to do it. "

No, I'm fine because I am young. And it is better to climb high mountains faster and faster.
* From "Kiminotenohira"

Rake appeared in wards musicals from the junior high school era, and also loved the theater as he began to write a script, belonging to "Local theater education group theater group Himitsue". Launched “Niji-no-Mame” as a member of the Kanagawa General High School Theatrical Club and re-organized “Niji-no-Mame” after high school graduation. So far, it was a term. After that, the members have also been replaced, and now they are acting as a new “rainbow element”.

“We are carrying on two concepts:“ Only by love, let's make it ”” “Shine the tears. Sometimes it's like a miracle that you can only see for a moment, and it makes you happy when you find it. That way, the rainbow on my heart can make someone else's heart shine again. I'm aiming for a work with such a message. "

* From the Broken Heart Museum

Although the visuals of the flyers are a series of worlds like a girl cartoon, they have some kind of friendliness, but this time they used photos for the first time.It became what I used.
The new "Minato Mirai" is a work with a city theme. That's why I used the pictures of the city.

"I've been in Yokohama for a long time, so I'm getting along well with Tokyo theater people, so I often say" I should do it in Tokyo. "But I'm going to go to Tokyo I don't think so, I want to call customers in Yokohama, then why do we go to Yokohama, what is the significance of doing in Yokohama, rethinking that, this time, it was various breaks or milestones I thought that I would like to express again that “I am a theater company that works in Yokohama,” as it was a performance that was somewhat different.

It might not be the future where everyone dreamed at that time
No matter how different we have lived here
A music unit "Minato Mirai", a two-in-one girls from Yokohama
The two want to go music, debut in the third grade of high school.
The girls who still didn't know the taste of alcohol and the men's wrath.
It started running with the momentum like the extension of the light music club.
12 years from then. They also turned 30 years old. The end of Heisei. "Minato Mirai" to go on each way,
Disbands with the last broadcast of a long-time radio program.
"Now, what are we going to talk about?"
"There is no future to tell us"
"Let's talk. Minato Mirai"
The city of Yokohama, the era of Heisei, and the new future.
A bridge for happiness and a wish for the future given by the elements of the rainbow.

"There was a music unit from Kawasaki called RYTHEM (Rhythm) that was disbanded. I debuted when I was a junior high school student, played a major debut while working until 2011, and released 4 albums I wanted to create a work that was modeled on them and was so dramatic for me, so I set up a fictional unit called "Minato Mirai". That's why it's not a musical, but a lot of songs will appear. "

I will also introduce the comments of the two leading actors, Minoru Ito and Ito, future actor Eri Kimura.

"I think that the story of Minato Mirai this time is a very big turning point for Mina for Mina. Mina's feelings that are not mentioned in many lines are actuallyI am full of stories. Emotions that can not be expressed in words will be transmitted to those who came to see. As I and Mina are in sync, I can move without any lie. I'm working hard in the practice thinking about such things. It is a work that anyone can agree with somewhere. Please come and see! "(Ito)

"Hello, I'm Eri Kimura, who is the role of the future. When I first read the script, I felt that" I'm glad to find someone who can understand my feelings for future music "(laughs). Then, a lot of nostalgic songs coloring Heisei and songs made for this stage, music is also one of the fun And love, friends, unrequited love, broken heart, farewell, encounter, music, work, jealousy, Love, I have no time to breathe, it's a full 75 minutes.Please look forward to ☆ "(Kimura)

I asked about rake works again.

"The theme is something like generations and ways of living in the future. A new Gengo will be announced as soon as the" Minato Mirai "performance is over. The city named What was the "mirai" of those days when we lived? And let's go with everyone. I hope that you can share such thoughts with you. It is a work that is filled with our various challenges. I hope you see it. "

"The Elements of a Rainbow # 08" Minato Mirai ""

* Schedule details
Venue: ST Spot Yokohama
■ 作 :: Sakuragi Soka
■ Direction: Rake Ryukuma
■ Ticket fee: General 3,000 yen, high school student or less 2,000 yen (time designation, all seats freedom)
■ Inquiries:
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