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小学校でワークショップ! 〜子どもたちと僕を結ぶもの
traditional culture

Workshop at elementary school! ~ What connects children and me

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The cypress stage of a Kyogen artist living in the 21st century
  What connects children and me

Ozo Doctrine (Noh Performer Kyogen Style Ozo Ryu)

Hirata was a homeroom teacher when I was in the third grade. At the end of the class, we took everyone to the audio-visual room and gave them a "candle candle".

Close the curtains in the room to darkness.
When the candle is lit, the story begins.
The teacher memorizes a short story, and speaks while looking at each student's face.

That time was a special time for me.
Workshop at elementary school! ~ What connects children and me

The textbook of the sixth grader in elementary school now contains a story about Kyogen “Kakiyamabushi”. Partly because of that, I have had more opportunities to visit schools and hold workshops.
It is always done in a small number of people, so if there are more than 70 students in the 1st grade, work in 2 steps. Otherwise, I feel like I can't connect with the children.
Workshop at elementary school! ~ What connects children and me It's part of the class, but to be honest, I don't want to learn "what is Kyogen?" Kyogen has various elements such as comical elements, morality, rich creativity, etiquette, exaggerated expression methods, kimono, and humanity of the performer, so one of them remains in the mind of children. I think it would be nice if you could do it.

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During the break, the children talk to each other and give a little chat. In the kimono try-on experience, sometimes a child who has been quiet until then actively participates in it, and when a Kyogen line is spoken, some children go out in front of everyone and have a loud voice.
Being able to see such "chemical reactions" is the real pleasure of the workshop.

Workshop at elementary school! ~ What connects children and me

I've been doing that kind of activity for about seven years, and I received a very happy report from the principal of the school, which I conducted earlier this year. The students who received the workshop wrote about the day under the heading "Kiseki's Kyogen experience" in the graduation collection. I felt that Kyogen was fascinated and I wanted to cherish the culture that has been passed down for a long time and make the most of it in my personal life.
In addition, there are schools that send a video of the children playing the Kyogen "Kakiyamabushi", and the results of the efforts over several years have been fruitful, and I am feeling that all the efforts have paid off. ..
Workshop at elementary school! ~ What connects children and me

At the end of the workshop, we will talk about Professor Hirata.
It is thanks to Professor Hirata that I enjoy the workshop. When the children became adults, they remembered the time they interacted with us, and I would be very happy if the "something" I felt there would be useful.

I hope the future of children is always bright.