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Is Maki Morishita challenged ?! Beethoven Symphony Complete All Project 2

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A place where a play is born
File.7 Morishita stand "Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Dancing All Movements"
Koichi Imai (editing writer)

The dancer and choreographer Maki Morishita, who performed "Tenkomori", which projected his own dance life at the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Studio HIKARI's mosque, Magcar aims to discover and nurture young talents who will create future live performances. A new work adopted by the theater will be performed. However, the face does not float for some reason.
"A lot of people are saying," Mr. Morishita will perform Beethoven's No. 5 "Fate", who was dancing solo, in a group dance. " 9 ”is a new work! From scratch I will be in charge of choreography and the Morishita stand will dance. There are many people who are misunderstood, so I am in trouble (bitter smile)"
* April Staying at Kinosaki International Art Center (prototype event) © ️igaki photo studio

In March 2016, Morishita choreographed "Fate" in the Kani City Cultural Creation Center (Gifu Prefecture), a project called "Let's dance in an orchestra!" Was. I was fascinated by “fate”, and choreographed the first movement to MIKIKO, the second movement to Miki Moriyama, the third movement to Naoki Ishikawa, and the fourth movement to Naoki Ishikawa. But) danced solo. After that, the Japanese Philharmonic, who is also a music director, also plays a tact with conductor Ebihara HikaruHe has performed the first movement with the Harmony Symphony Orchestra and has performed live with pianist Yasuhiko Imanishi. In "Tenkomori", he performed the 4th movement while the dancers at the Morishita stand appeared. She is a "fate" woman.
* April Staying at Kinosaki International Art Center (prototype event) © ️igaki photo studio

So why is this the ninth?

"Actually, when I did my fate, I felt like I would have to die for Beethoven's Symphony Nos. 1 through 9. I didn't really like Beethoven, but I met Ebihara-san will be involved with you as a music director, but you have to say, “The next one is“ No. 7 ”.” He is advancing and is about to become a project aiming for total domination (laughs).
"Ninth"? Next year is Beethoven's 250th birthday, so I chose to do what I wanted to do. I'm still doing "Fate", but I hope that eventually I can do something like "Fate" and "Ninth" as a van, and "Ninth to watch" as a concert at the end of the year I'm glad if you call me. After the premiere at the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Studio HIKARI, for example, I would like to play with Kanagawa Phil in the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall. "

Recently, Morishita has been contemplating a unique project, involving his surroundings, and making it happen. Fate of "the ninth" and how!
* Mr. Morishita seriously explaining his production plan at Studio HIKARI

Speaking of "ninth," many will think of the last great chorus. So the concept of this work is to challenge with group dance.
"The other day, Ebihara gave me a" ninth "lecture with ten young dancers at the Morishita stand. I asked him about Beethoven's" the ninth "charm and gave him chorus guidance. As a conductor, the director who puts the sound together, what was striking in Ebihara's words, was that “the ninth was not intended to match the performance, It is the energy that keeps the performance of the interpretation from falling apart so that it doesn't fall apart. ”In fact, the Morishita stand is also the same. The background is diverse, from ballet to street dance, modern dance, rhythmic gymnastics, theater, etc. , Only the members who make their own works, so we're doing the ninth, so we're keeping a last-minute balance Laughs). I also I'm not suitable for people in group dancing including (maybe), but a force that ultimately pretend to your stuff is I have a very "

* April Staying at Kinosaki International Art Center (prototype event) © ️igaki photo studio

The Morishita Stand is a company where young members Maki Morishita met at the Yokohama Dance Collection and other places gathered under Morishita. Despite the great physicality and dance technique, when I make the work, I feel that I feel regrettable. I was formed after an audition because of the interest in "what would happen if I choreographed".
And this time, it is the first new book performance as a company Morishita stand. "If you are a company, you can do a lot of experiments, and I want to grow up with it," says Morishita.
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In April, he held a two-week residence at the Kinosaki International Art Center, sketched his work, and has already seen the whole picture. Then dance it over a month.

"I think that the theme is the same for" Fate "and" Ninth ". I have to overcome adversity, reach a new frontier, and finally rejoice. But" Ninth "has more sounds. There is an impression that you can see various scenery.It feels like traveling around the world.It is a journey of a phrase to search for joy.I hope that you can see various scenery from our dance ,I think"

Deliver to the Governor Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture who loves the stage, `` I want to see it by all means '', delivered!

Morishita Stand New Dance Performance
"Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Dancing All Movements"
[Date] October 3 (Thu)-6 (Sun)
* Click here for more information about the performance !

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