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The person's heart and history are projected

UMI 招山由比ガ浜 
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Kanagawa gallery walk
File.11 UMI Yuyama beach
Shimoto Yamamoto (Galerie Watts)

This time, let's take you to the gallery where many years have passed since you thought "I want to go!"
It is a gallery in Kamakura called "Gallery Shozan". There are YAMA and UMI in Gallery Shozan, but this time we are going to "UMI Yuyamahama". As its name suggests, when you get off Kamakura Station, head toward the sea. I will walk for a while, but on a sunny day, the cityscape feels good!

The person's heart and history are projected However, it was raining on the day I visited, so I took a taxi.
Since I was just entering the path, the local taxi driver was surprised that "There was a gallery in such a place", but this is the Western painter Asai Kanemon (1901-1983) A corner of the atelier. It seems that it was a room for the caretaker.

The person's heart and history are projected

The lush green courtyard was a perfect match for the light rain. The building you can see over the courtyard is Akai Kanemon's atelier. It seems that the inside of the house, including the materials collected as art materials, is kept as it was at that time and is open to the public from time to time.
The works of Kanemon Asai are also in the Museum of Modern Art, Kanagawa. Roses painted with thick oil paint There are quite a few people who have seen the scenery reminiscent of a circus.

The person's heart and history are projected

* I can't stop talking about handiwork with the embroidery artist Hitomi Usutani (right) who is exhibiting works.

“At Gallery Shozan, we introduce old tools related to food, clothing and shelter and the works of contemporary artists,” says owner Yasuyo Watanabe (pictured left), a wonderful person with a unique atmosphere. He is from a design field at a university and is interested in the background of what was born.
I love fabrics, especially those in Central Asia such as Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and the collection is impressive.
“The cloth has the texture of the land, the patterns and embroidery of the people, and I feel that the depth is interesting.”
Is that why? It seems that there are many exhibitions by cloth artists here. At the time of my visit, Hitomi Usutani's "Poetry Exhibition" was being held.

The person's heart and history are projected

The main embroidery motif by Hitomi Usutani is letters.
“When I looked at the Hebrew Bible, it looked like a beautiful pattern and I wanted to sew it!”
Mr. Hitomi who originally likes reading and also writes the lyrics himself. Called the Queen of Punk and spelled out by Patty Smith as a poet, and Jack Kerouac, a novelist who represents the beat generation, he said that he would be more uplifting.
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“When I'm depressed, reading a poem seems to help me with the words, so I can help. So, spelling a needle or a needle might represent something in my heart. Maybe "
I felt a sense of rhythm and a pleasant impression by being connected like a symbol or a little at random through Hitomi, rather than being properly written.

The person's heart and history are projected The white embroidery is also attractive. In particular, the work in which the root of a large tree is sewn with linen cloth using silk thread looks like it was spelled with beads, and the beauty is enhanced.

The person's heart and history are projected

On the chair is a work still in progress. A mouse needle stick made of felt is beside me. "This rat has always been my buddy."

"What is right for me? What is it for living like me?"
Mr. Hitomi says he tried various handicrafts such as glass crafts, weaving, dyeing, but none of them lasted long, but since the sashimi that was stinging from the elementary school days was the longest, `` Oh this is this. It's just me, "he said.

The person's heart and history are projected

Prickly stabThe small arts we did had their own presence.
To tell the truth, Mr. Hitomi says that she was brought to the Gallery Shozan by her mother, a dyeing artist, when she was in junior high school.
Watanabe-san told Hitomi-san, "Make what you want to make anyway."

"It might be better to sell it in the form. But without thinking about extra things, it just keeps on tingling as much as you want. By doing so, you will come out with that person."

The person's heart and history are projected

The embroidery of Hitomi who looked like a snow queen was added to this year's Christmas display.

It seems that the embroidered Sanskrit word means "as it is."

It's strangely my theme for next year.

(Interviewed on December 12, 2019)

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  • UMI Yuyama beach

A gallery that uses a part of the atelier of Western artist Aoi Kanemon (1901-1983).
"I think what you can see in your hands is the best. With natural light."

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