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Go, see and experience! The world of stage technology that creates a fascinating stage

Yamato City Cultural Creation Center Sirius 
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The world of art that you can go, see, and feel
File.23 Yamato Art Cultural Hall "Enchanted Stage Technology"
Miyuki Inoue (Magcal editorial department)

Great music and trembling stories. With laughter, tears and emotions. My theory is that there is everything in the world on the stage.
The artist who creates such a stage space is really wonderful.
However, it is only with the power of the technical staff, such as lighting, sound, and operation of the stage mechanism, that the artist can look even brighter. The backstage tour of the hall, where you can get a glimpse of a part of it, is popular.

* Backstage tour Experience Symbol of Yokosuka Arts Theater is here >>>

This time, we focused on the Yamato Art Cultural Hall, where you can go one step further and experience the stage technology for a whole day. The name is "Art Management Course" Fascinating Stage Technology "".
It seems that even completely inexperienced people can participate if they are junior high school students or older, but what can they do? With a simple question in mind, I went to Sirius, the cultural creation base of Yamato City, where the lecture was held.

First, compare the two photos below.
.net / wp-content / uploads / 2019/12 / c60fc5ee692f5b215a7bd8bb788a520d.jpg "alt =" "width =" 1681 "height =" 1076 "/> * Photo: SSS Co., Ltd. Toshihiko Kato

The first is a picture of the stage surrounded by a black curtain. I think this landscape is familiar to those who go to the theater and dance.

* Photo: SS Co., Ltd. Toshihiko Kato

In the second photo, the wall surface is continuous from the audience seats to the stage. For brass band members and those who like classical concerts, this is a familiar look.

Needless to say, both are the main halls of the Yamato Art Cultural Hall.
The block-shaped wall that surrounds the stage in the second photo is called an "acoustic reflector," and is installed to efficiently resonate the sound of live music.
Hmm ... don't overlook it.
Normally, it is divided and stored on the stage, but when you look at it up close, it is huge, and the total weight is about 58 tons! It will take more than 30 minutes to install all of this.
“This time, I would like you to experience the difference in the sound of the sound with and without the soundboard,” says Hall staff Shimizu. The difference is clear, "If you experience it, even an amateur will definitely understand it."
You can see the difference ... It's kind of "professional" and interesting.

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* Photo: SS Co., Ltd. Toshihiko Kato

When I stand on the stage and look up, it looks like this. You can see that a heavy soundboard is hanging. To ensure safety, even hall staff rarely enter the hall during installation work.

You who thought "it looks interesting" when you heard the story that you might be able to experience such a powerful work this time!
Welcome to the fascinating world of stage technology!

* Photo: SS Co., Ltd. Toshihiko Kato

This is the work space above the stage where the soundboard is stored. It is in a high position overlooking the stage, and many lighting devices and stage sets are stored here.
Many of the work related to the stage involves work at such high places, and a slight relaxation can lead to a major accident. I'm always nervous during work, so the appearance of the staff who move sharply is cool.

In this project, while receiving guidance from professionals in each field, it seems that you can experience from setting up the stage to cleaning up, so-called "preparation" to "disassembly" over a day. Such a chance is rare!

This is the lighting room. It is in a high position overlooking the stage behind the audience. Even if you have visited the Sirius Hall many times, the scenery you see from here should feel fresh.

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This is Mr. Acoustic's adjustment room. Recently, the number of cases of operating behind the audience seats is increasing, so there are many opportunities to see the work up close. The scenery with the latest equipment is very cool, but of course you shouldn't touch it.
But in this course, you can touch lighting and sound equipment.

We talked to Mr. Kako Oizumi (right, Suntory Publicity Service Co., Ltd.) and Mr. Kaname Shimizu (left, Sigma Communications Co., Ltd.), who were in charge of the hall business.

"No matter how advanced the mechanical technology such as sound, lighting, and stage, I think that the basis of professional work that supports the live stage will not change significantly. What the engineers think and what they value. I planned it because I wanted you to know what it is. I am planning the specific content, but if you know the professional work that supports the stage, I think that you can have a different perspective and enjoyment. " (Mr. Oizumi)

"The possibilities of the stage are endless. Of course, there are time and budget constraints, but if you talk to us," I want to do something like this! ", I would like to respond as much as possible. Experience in the course. Let's think together and create a fun stage based on what we have done! "(Mr. Shimizu)

Some people like to watch the stage, others want to stand on the stage.
First, take a step forward!

This event has ended.
《Art Management Course “Enchanted Stage Technology》
[Date] January 25, 2020 (Sat) 9:00 Open / 9:15 Start 18:00 End
[Venue] Yamato City Cultural Creation Center Sirius 1F Arts and Culture Hall Main Hall
[Lecturer] Sigma Communications Co., Ltd.
[Performance cooperation] Yamato City Minamirinkan Junior High School brass band club
[Recruitment target] Junior high school students and above
[Number of applicants] * Deadline as soon as capacity is reached
(1) Experience: About 5 to 6 people each for stage, sound, and lighting
② Tour only: About 100 people
[Fee] ① 1,000 yen (tax included, including insurance) / ② Free

Yamato City Cultural Creation Center (nickname: Sirius) provides many people from children to adults with the splendor of art culture and lifelong learning, new knowledge and exciting encounters with people, and a sense of unity in everyone's hearts. It was born as a place to create. At the core are the library, arts and culture hall, lifelong learning center, and indoor children's plaza. The four facilities will generate more energy through the fusion of their individuality, foster creativity that will lead to the future, and will become a guidepost for your artistic and cultural activities, and will continue to evolve day by day.

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[5F / Library to research and learn] Reference counter, information retrieval corner, reading room, etc.
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