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Things to bring up people

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Cypress stage of Kyogen teacher living in the 21st century
Vol.12   Things to bring up people
Okura Doctrine (Nohgaku Kyogen Style Okura Style)

I think every organization is the same, but it's hard to grow people anyway!

Now I have one inner disciple. He was five years younger than me and hit my father's gate upon graduation. Nature and I will be the educational instructor.
It was my first experience of nurturing people, so it was a trial and error day to learn how to interact and how to communicate. At that time, I was surprised to read Ishuin's book, Adult Style.

"When scolding people, scold in your own words."
"It's okay, because society is more unreasonable."

Until then, I was one step behind me, but according to Ijuin's words, I decided to convey what I thought in my own words. Sometimes I say a bit too much, but don't forget to follow up later.

Things to bring up people

The training process of an inner disciple starts with the so-called "bag holding". On the lesson day, have them cleaned from the morning. Teach from the beginning how to clean, such as tatami and floor cleaning of the stage.
On the day of the performance, the costumes will be transported to the dressing room. In the dressing room, the costumes are arranged on the shelves. If you have the props you need on the stage, it's important to get them in. If you don't know how to prepare, you will teach and accept questions. Be careful if your costume is poorly handled.

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Tea fetching is also an important work.
We will also give you detailed guidance on when to make tea and how to serve it. For example, if you do not add a comment such as "How about tea?" The amount of tea is 8 minutes.

Things to bring up people

I also need to teach how to dress. It is important that you fold correctly, carefully, accurately and quickly. Be careful if you can't and sometimes get angry.
Instruct each folder not to make the wrong fold.

Things to bring up people
As the saying goes, "Disciples are begging for teaching," basically I don't "teach me." Ask them to see and remember, and ask questions if they do not understand.
Doing so fosters a natural and voluntary approach to things. I don't care, but work. What do you need now and what to do? You have to think for yourself and solve it yourself.
The trust created there is a strong bond, and strong teamwork is born.

Not only the stage, but also the attitude and manner of facing the work and the way of being a person are very important. When he is alone, I feel that my job as an educator is to bring up wherever I go.

He has been in for 10 years. I think he came well. Different ages are born and raised in different environments. With different values and ways of thinking, we will continue to build good relationships so that we can appreciate the disciples and respect each other.I want to.