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Double Planet 第9話
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Double Planet Episode 9

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Double Planet
Episode 9 "Maybe Tamaru-san?"
Satoru Aono (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

"I'm sorry. I can't meet you. I'm sorry .. Luka Tamaru."

I read this message many times. I feel like I've already read it 30 times.
Even after reading it 30 times, the same thing was always written. Is it natural?
But maybe I made a mistake and I felt that it was really "OK", so I read it over and over again.
I'm sorry to have made you say "I'm sorry", and every time I saw the last "...", I sighed unclear.

Even in my second year of high school, I still don't understand the feelings of girls.
I and Mr. Tamaru know each other a little through the radio.
A relationship that was exchanged only a few times with a Twitter message.
However, I may have been in good shape because I wanted to meet and talk.
Maybe he seemed to be a suspicious person.
By the way, I'm not aware that I was in good shape.
I wanted to meet Mr. Tamaru and hear about the stage "Sky and Puzzle". That's it.
People have a feeling for how they speak. I wanted to get a hint from that feeling.
I wanted to touch Mr. Tamaru's invisible feelings.
Rival Kanda didn't know that feeling, so I thought it would be the place to make a difference.
But that also made it difficult.
My strategy has returned to the beginning.

Time passed without returning any message to Mr. Tamaru. I have no idea what kind of words are good. I also searched on Google. There was no answer there.

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I thought about "sky and puzzles" during class, but I couldn't concentrate on the class so much that I sometimes slept when I noticed. Naturally the teacher got angry. I don't have an answer in my dream, but I feel like I have an answer in my dream. Escapism.

School ended early that day.

I didn't feel like going straight home, so I decided to buy a manga at a bookstore near Fujisawa Station and read it at a cafe. It's a manga about Bandman, and you can feel like you're playing music only while you're reading it. When I finish reading the manga, I wake up from my dream and return to reality. I was wondering what to do, but suddenly I wanted to ride the Enoden for the first time in a while. I haven't been riding for a while. I don't have a place I want to go, but all I have to do is go to Kamakura, turn around and come back. I wanted to see the sea while being shaken by the train. If you look at the sea, you might come up with some good ideas about "sky and puzzles".
Double Planet Episode 9

Enoden is a mysterious train. When I think I was running on the road, I went through the private houses like a roller coaster with flowers and went out to the sea. I like the feeling of "Kuruzo Kuruzo" at that time.

Looking around the inside of the car leaving Fujisawa, there were not many tourists because it was dusk on weekdays. Rather, there are many high school students who are about the same age as me. When I see a high school girl chatting by the window, I just think about this.

What if that child was Mr. Tamaru?

I don't even know my face. It cannot be said that there is no possibility that the child in front of you is Mr. Tamaru.
What happens if you take the plunge and ask, "Maybe Tamaru-san?"
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I'm a completely suspicious guy. It's not the case when you push your fist up and reopen.
At all, I'm the one who can't help in my heart.

I realized today that I wasn't thinking about when I would be home. Parents worry about being late. I don't have the money to eat out for dinner. There is no choice but to give up somewhere and go home. A short, half-hearted trip that can't be called an adventure.

Before I knew it, the train arrived at the "Koshigoe" station. The next station will be "Kamakura High School". It is famous for appearing in that "Slam Dunk". The high school students at Kamakura High School are always shining. I'm too late and I don't remember getting off at that station. I felt like I was burned by the brilliance of Kamakura High School. I can see the sea. Sunset. The sea, which you should be familiar with, jumps into your eyes from the train window. Sunset. The high school girls who were chatting also stopped talking and looked toward the sea. Sunset. A lot of orange light comes into the car.

It's perfect. I thought so.

"Stop time"

I muttered in my heart. About today, I wanted to see it until the sunset.

Where to look

If you want to get off, there is only the next "Kamakura High School".
Great location for the ocean. But.
When I arrived at the station, the door opened. High school students from Kamakura High School came all at once. A big march of glitter.
I'm worried as I'm about to be drunk by a galaxy group. Should I try to get off or not? If you get off, your return today will be late. I also have homework. There is also a live stream that you want to see. But I didn't seem to win only today's sunset.

Just before the door closed, I jumped into the gap that was closing and jumped out to the platform.
Double Planet Episode 9

When the door closesWas lying down at home.

Enoden left for the next "Shichirigahama Station" as if nothing had happened.
Few passengers got off at the station in front of Kamakura High School at this time.

"Ah ... are you okay?"

Looking back, I was approached by a high school girl who got off at home like me. As far as I can see the uniform, I am neither a student of Kamakura High School nor a student of the same high school as myself. Of course, I wasn't sure. There can be no certainty. There is no basis. there is nothing. There was nothing, but I was doing something wrong. I might have hit my head when I fell down at home. The mouth was moving freely.

"Maybe Tamaru-san?"

If this is a scene from a drama, the high school girl might be Luca Tamaru. Once upon a time, a scriptwriter said. The convenient "accidental encounter" depicted in the drama is allowed up to once. This is because the viewer swallows the lie. But it's not good twice. The viewer is not stupid either. So is that one thing that happens in your long life? Even in a corner of such a world where people like me live.
Double Planet Episode 9

"Why do you know my name?"

"to be continued"

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