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A gallery where you want to meet the owner

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Kanagawa Gallery Sanpo
File.13 Container rape blossoms
Shino Yamamoto (Gallery Watts)

The DM sent from "Utsuwa Nanahana" is always accompanied by sentences.
That is the passion of Dai-chan and the owner, Daiichi Takahashi.
At one time, how much I fell in love with the artist, at another time, the expectations of the creator's unknown world, and at another time, about the light emitted by things, etc., the eyes of Mr. Tai (my name). Is told in.
I talk straight to what I feel and throw it, so when I read it, I want to go.

"Utsuwa Nanahana" is an exhibition of brilliant artists, but this time, "I want to meet the owner" is the point of the gallery walk.

A gallery where you want to meet the owner

It's about a 15-minute walk from Odawara Station along Odawara Castle Park while feeling the history, or there is "Utsuwa Nanahana" along the national highway leading to Hakone.

A gallery where you want to meet the owner

Michiaki Mochizuki, who is a dyer, a modeling artist, and a designer, has a variety of faces, and you can see the curtains in your eyes.

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A gallery where you want to meet the owner

By the way, the back door looks like this. This is also a goodwill written in the characters of Mr. Mochizuki as "Nanohana".

A gallery where you want to meet the owner

The exhibition was held by Mr. Gaku, a sculptor who is familiar with Galerie Watts.

A gallery where you want to meet the owner

Mr. Kamibayashi's modeling ability, which balances the points like the little fingernail and makes the human doll stand up, is so impressive that the viewer mistakenly thinks that he keeps it on the floor.
I was impressed with the work every time, saying that it is a technique that can be done because it captures the interlocking of the skeleton and muscles and the movement of the human body.

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Going through the courtyard to the back, in the background of Kamibayashi's work, there is a drawing by Mr. Motoko Yoshida that was held until the last time.
At first glance, both look incomplete. But I feel something exists in the invisible part.

For example, in Kamibayashi's work, it's muscle, and in Yoshida's work, it's a person in the space where things are placed, or a voice. Therefore, you may feel comfortable with the compatibility of the two works.

A gallery where you want to meet the owner

By the way, Mr. Dai (left) and Mr. Kamibayashi (right) have been together for about 35 years, and by chance they are the same year. And both of them like alcohol. It doesn't matter if it's during an exhibition. It started right away.

A gallery where you want to meet the owner

Odawara became a post town during the Edo period, and a town associated with political and business people and cultural figures who lived as villas and residences during the Meiji period. Born there in 1947, Tai says there were many unique people in the neighborhood.

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"When I picked up my grandfather who played Go at the Uiro (a famous Chinese medicine in Odawara) house in the neighborhood, there was a relieved garden. Also, the current Kataoka art store had white porcelain and works of art from the Li Dynasty. I don't really understand the meaning of "beautiful" because I'm a child, but I already had a feeling that old things are beautiful, "says Dai.

On the other hand, there were Chotaro Kawasaki, who lived in a shed on the Odawara coast and depicted the life and human patterns of the bottom layer, and "Galandou" (* Naotaka Yamauchi of Garandou Crafts Co., Ltd.), which appeared in Ango Sakaguchi's work. , He seems to have witnessed the muddy smell and pureness of human beings. Perhaps that's why Mr. Tai feels inclusive.

A gallery where you want to meet the owner

By the way, Mr. Kamibayashi is a mountain man and tough sculptor who was also the guardian of the mountain lodge. A long time ago, I was told something like this.

"Compared to sculptors and painters, there are more people who commit suicide than painters. Painters may feel the limit because they have to put them in the frame. Sculptors are, in a sense, unlimited. Space is unlimited. There is no limit, so the sculptor is mentally comfortable (laughs). "

I thought so.

However, while saying that it is easy, I am strict about being an artist, and I am committed to "being honest with myself without flirting in any situation."

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Value your intuition and don't lie to yourself. Even so, since they are easygoing people, the discussion while drinking alcohol is really interesting to listen to, with a wide range of topics such as art theory, material stories, and human power. I cried at the time limit and left "Utsuwa rape blossoms" with the thought that my back hair would be pulled.

Then, I headed to the "Nanohana Living Tool Store" in a corner of the underground shopping mall at the east exit of Odawara Station. Here, the daily tools recommended by Dai-san and the rape blossom staff are on permanent sale, and special exhibitions by creators such as dyers and potters are also held regularly.

A gallery where you want to meet the owner

In the next "Nanohana Moon Cafe", Mr. Kamibayashi's big work was floating.

A gallery where you want to meet the owner

In fact, "Nanohana" is a long-established Japanese sweets shop founded in 1883, and Dai-san is the third generation. (Currently, my son inherited it as the 4th generation) The bun "Hakone no Tsukisama" may be familiar to many people in the Odawara and Hakone areas.
The moist skin and the sweetness of brown sugar-based bean paste are wonderful. Even though it's a common bun, is it the same as Dai-san that you feel a little bit of something? When I say that, Dai-san seems to laugh out loud.

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(2020.9 coverage)

《Gallery information》
Utsuwa rape blossoms

1-3-12 Minamicho, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL: 0465-24-7020
Business hours: 11: 00-18: 00
* Opened only when the project is held (Kamibayashi Gaku Exhibition has ended)
Parking: None

▶ ︎ About 15 minutes on foot from JR Odawara Station

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"Rapeseed living tool store"

"Hakone rape blossom exhibition room"