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新作「WOLF」を見逃すな! この夏、OrganWorks/平原慎太郎が送る 神奈川県立青少年センター上演の最新ダンスシアター。
Theater / dance

Don't miss the new "WOLF"! This summer, the latest dance theater performed by Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center sent by Organ Works / Shintaro Hirahara.

Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center 

「OrganWorks new performance "WOLF"」

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I have read somewhere before that the farthest journey for humankind is the inner journey.
This word has been echoing in my head since I finished the interview with Shintaro Hirahara.

Mr. Hirahara is a dance company that focuses on contemporary Japanese dance.
He is the presiding officer of "Organ Works" and is the person who worked on the composition, direction and choreography of the new work "WOLF" introduced this time.

OrganWorks (© yixtape)

The new work "WOLF" made in the corona wreck.
About the "wolf" that is the subject of the stage
Mr. Hirahara is said to have been inspired by the Hokkaido wolf, his hometown.
The Hokkaido wolf, once worshiped as a god by the Ainu people
It is said that it was driven out with the times and was driven to extinction.

"It started from the fact that human attitudes toward extinct animals are extremely sloppy, and despite the fact that there was a time when wolves were praised as gods, at some point the vermin was instantly harmful. The sudden changes in people's way of thinking and values are extremely violent, and I think that there are many parts that can be compared to recent society.
I had a desire to incorporate it into my work well. "

"" WOLF "Image Photo © Organ Works

Besides the wolf, which is the subject, the important key point is "vinyl".
Like a subject that is hard to associate with a wolfI feel it, but what kind of thoughts are there?

"Vinyl is visible even though it cuts things off.
It's a mysterious material that is ambiguous but surely disconnected.
Also, I like to go to see stuffed animals, and stuffed animals also cut off life and death.
I try to keep it alive, but there are no living things there.
I wonder if people's views are so cold and messy just because they don't have a soul.
It just didn't come right.
And such "disconnection" can be represented by vinyl.
The meaning of this work is historical, what to think about when corona,
The reason why I came to think this time is that it fits very well. "

"Diss_olv_e" performance photo (2020) © igaki photo studio

The word "getting sloppy" made me feel a little sick because I remember it.
I myself have never reached out for stuffed animals and loved them as I do for living things.
In this world, all the "disconnections" that unknowingly separate us
It is said that it is expressed by "vinyl" that is used as a matter of course in everyday life.

From the verses of Mr. Hirahara's words, expectations for a stage that has not yet been seen grows steadily.
The boundary line created by "disconnection" in "WOLF"
How is it really handled?

"You shouldn't just go see what you know, and I want to be an irregular generator.
In today's world, you can select and see only what you like,
I think it's important to get out of that.
I'm sure that unexpected things are interesting, and I hope to convey the importance of coming to see such things. "
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Dancers Taeko Machida (left) and Shintaro Hirahara (right)

By the way, maybe because SNS reads my hobbies and tastes these days.
I noticed that I was exposed to similar information.
It feels like it was in a box that gradually narrowed before I knew it.

In today's world, where many people are trapped in similar boxes, it is not just one stone, but four or five stones.
Isn't it a person named Shintaro Hirahara?
I think Shintaro Hirahara, an irregular generator, will break this box.

Shintaro Hirahara's world is an existing world that he was seeing through his own filters.
Let me look into it from a new angle.
It will be an opportunity to reconsider your own thoughts and values.
The message is mainly appealed by the physical expression of contemporary dance.

A story and a message told through dance.

This summer, let's go on an inner journey through the world of Shintaro Hirahara.
I have a feeling that it will be a deeper journey farther than before.

Shintaro Hirahara (© ️Hajime Kato)

Born in Hokkaido in 1981. After a career in classical ballet and hip hop, he has been active as a dancer, choreographer, stage composer and dance instructor as a contemporary dance expert. In addition, he presides over the dance company "Organ Works" and engages in creative activities. Participated in domestic and international dance works such as "Condors" presided over by Ryohei Kondo and "C / Ompany" presided over by Shintaro Oue. Co-written with Noh performer Reijiro Tsumura, theatrical company LeeHe also provides choreography to Kiume, Kentaro Kobayashi, Kensaku Kobayashi, Akira Shirai, etc., and actively interacts with artists in other fields, such as collaborations with artists Chiharu Shiota and Midori Harima. Special feature of magazine "BRUTUS" "The next person. Selected in the performing arts category in "Catalog of People Who Change Tomorrow".

OrganWorks new performance "WOLF"
[Date and time]
Friday, July 2, 2021 19: 00-
Saturday, July 3, 2021 11: 00- (3 years old and above can enter), 15: 00-
July 4, 2021 (Sun) 11: 00- (3 years old and above can enter), 15: 00-
[Production / Direction / Choreography] Shintaro Hirahara
[Cast] Taeko Machida, Takkun Ikegami, Aya Onishi, Reimi Murai, Jun Aoyagi, Rin Takagi
[Place] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Studio HIKARI
(9-1 Momijigaoka, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
[Ticket fee]
All seats are free (preschoolers are not allowed to enter)
General advance sale: 3,500 yen Same-day ticket: 500 yen increase for each fee
■ U-24: 3,000 yen
■ High school students and younger: 1,000 yen
(Please show your ID at the time of admission.)
△ Discount for people with disabilities: From the ticket price you pay by presenting your disability certificate when you come to the venue
We will cash back 1,000 yen.
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[Production] Rayon Veil

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