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歴史的建造物をリノベした心地よい空間「GALERIE PARIS」

"GALERIE PARIS", a comfortable space renovated from a historic building

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Infiltrate an artistic space!

Encounter the art of today in a building that has been ticking for a long time

This time, the third time, we will introduce the galleries where various special exhibitions are held in Yokohama and Nihon Odori. "GALERIE PARIS" was relocated and opened in 2000 at this place, which was a renovation of a historic building in Yokohama. In contrast to the profound feeling of a building, once you step in, you will find a bright and spacious space.

This is the exterior of the building containing "GALERIE PARIS". A gallery in a well-built old building ... It's like looking at the streets of Europe.

Immediately after climbing the stairs at the entrance of the building. The entrance of "GALERIE PARIS" is on the right side.

Let's get in!

During the interview, "GALERIE PExhibition view of the solo exhibition "Water Tones" by Noriko Nagano, a painter held at "ARIS". As the title suggests, it was a wonderful exhibition where you could hear a different "water tone" when you stand in front of each work. Mr. Nagano, thank you for your cooperation in shooting!

It is a space that is not too large, the work is easy to see, and it is easy to get close to the work. Some old equipment, "Is this a safe ?!", remains.

While sticking to the most popular white and square "white cube" in the exhibition space of contemporary art, it also features large windows that allow natural light to enter and a high ceiling that prioritizes "volume over square meters".

A row of ginkgo trees peeking through the window is also part of the space. The leaves of the ginkgo trees were green because it was still hot at the time of the interview, but you can enjoy the autumn leaves and the fluttering leaves add a sense of the season to the simple gallery. Immerse yourself in the world of the work and sometimes enjoy talking with the artist. It is a cozy gallery that invites visitors to the extraordinary.

Next to the gallery is a boutique, which has a different atmosphere from the white cube style gallery. Here, in Japan and around the world, arts related to "GALERIE PARIS"The works of the artists are on display and for sale.

“Since the building has a long history, even if you put old things such as antique dolls on it, it fits nicely into the space,” says owner Morita. Accessories, clothes, paintings, objects, and antique dolls are also displayed to entertain the eyes of visitors. If you visit the gallery, be sure to check out this boutique next door!

Nihon Odori, which retains the essence of the time when Yokohama opened. The former Mitsui Bussan Yokohama Building is the oldest office building in Japan, built in 1884. Galerie Paris is on the first floor.

Introducing works by artists who are active in the architecture, performing arts, fashion, and music scenes, as well as in the field of art. The attached shop sells unique jewelry and fashion items by domestic and foreign designers.

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