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[Ticket gift] "Spiral staircase" appears at Magcal Theater!

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On July 21 (Saturday) and 22 (Sunday), Theater Produce "Spiral Staircase" which is based on Odawara will appear!
This time, I cut off the month to the actual number and infiltrate the rehearsal area where elevation and tension cross. We interviewed Mr. Green Shinichiro who is working on production and directing, and told the attractions of the new work.

There are also ticket gifts, so please read to the end!

Why did you declare theater Produce "Spiral staircase"?

I entered the world of drama for the first time was a theater company called "Mystery Wonder". I regret to quit my activity, but I did not want to leave theater at that point. So we decided to play with our friends with four people, Produce Theater "Spiral Staircase". I entered my 12th year this year.
Basically, I am in charge of screenwriting / directing of all works. I have worked with everyone except me (lol) I practice 1 or 2 times a week. Still, she is performing a new work twice each year.

How many members are there?

As "spiral staircase", 12 to 3 members are registered now. However, not everyone will appear every time. A member who cried out for each performance and raised his hand I write a screenwriter according to the burden of the bar.
Usually, there is no audition. A total of eight people will be on stage, including 4 regular members and 4 other guest performers from other theatrical companies this time, but even those who have extreme talks or no experience at all can do it. I will write a script for that person (laugh).

Is there a color of the theater company?

I like various genres of play, there is no particular tendency, but if you dare say " Is it a story that makes me smile, cry and something in my heart" ? Since I have decided the theme every time, I am planning to make such a stage that it will be conveyed to the viewers.

What does the title "kishikan mikan" mean?

The title may pull from the story or it may decide on the image precedence. This time is the latter. I decided on the sound of words.
When writing with kanji, "sense of deceased feeling undear". It is a combination of deja vu and its antonym.
If it feels like I know that it is the first road to pass, if you feel like a "deadly feeling", it seems like a road you do not know suddenly is the same as usual but a "unseen feeling". I tried to draw a mysterious world like such SF.
While overlapping scenes which are interesting scenes and scenes which are not understood, at the end everything is connected and a certain world comes into view. That is such a story.

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Please give your message to Magcal's viewers.

Hopefully, customers of "Nice to meet you" would like you to see it. It is different from straight play, so I'd be happy if you think that some people are writing such strange stories.
At first it may be champagne starch, but as the story advances, various things are connected, the process is interesting. Finally it got stoned down and aimed at a stage where "it was such a thing" Oh.
I hope to see young people, such as high school students. I would like you to know that "a play is so free".


A man who has sent daily life as a salaried man, Shohei Fujii. Every day, the rainy day I felt as the way back was the first time at that time.
An older woman, Tajima, was spoken suddenly. "Nice to meet you".
Fujii is going to step into the unknown world with such a premonition that everyday everyday changes dramatically as usual.
I know that it should not be known but I do not know that though it should be known, our living world.
"Nice to meet you, remember?" Talk about finding the answer to that question.

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Theater Produce "Spiral staircase" the 23rd performance

[Date and time] July 21 (Saturday) 15: 00/18: 30 22 (Sunday) 13: 00/16: 30
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center HIKARI (Multipurpose Plaza)
[Production · Directing] Shinichiro Green

[Cast] Masayoshi Tashiro, Takuma Mizuno, Takuma Mizuno, Natsumi Otsuka, Hiroshi Oshima (Chile Actors / Worse), Kimori Kimura (Chile Actor), Aoi Terai (TEAM IMITATION), Miyuki Okamoto (Miyukizu)

[Price] Advance ¥ 2,000, same day ¥ 2,500, for high school students or less (only for advance sales) ¥ 1,000

[Inquiries] Theater Produce "Spiral staircase" TEL 090-2908-1920 (Tashiro)




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