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Play school for youth 2018 performance
“Man! Man! Sai!” Pre-performance special feature!!
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"Play School for Youth" is now in its 12th year. Young people (from high school students to 29 years old) recruited from a wide range of people and the theater company in charge of the Kanagawa Prefectural Theater Federation will take on the challenge of creating a play together, not only with the cast, but also with stage design, lighting, props, props, and production.
This is a joint project between the prefecture and the Prefectural Theater Federation that contributes to the development of youth through theater.
This year, 14 people passed the audition and are taking on the challenge of creating a complete stage performance, from acting to props, costumes, and advertising, with Studio Salt as their instructor.
The application requirements for the play school are wide ranging from high school students to 29 years old, so participants of various ages and backgrounds gather every year. Some have had stage experience since childhood, while others have no experience at all. Meanwhile, this year, he decided to focus on basic training in acting. The performance in August, which can be said to be the announcement of the results, will be a revised version of last year's popular ``Man! Man! Sai!''.

~What is “Man! Man! Sai!”~
This musical drama is set in a special nursing home called ``Furusato'' and depicts the feelings of the elderly residents and care staff through a mix of physical expressions such as song, dance, and rhythm ensemble.
This work, which was performed at the Magcal Theater last year and received good reviews, will be aimed at new students.
The script has been revised and will be performed as ``Man! Man! Sai! -2018ver.-''.

One day, about a month before the actual performance. We asked the students who overcame the tough practice, sometimes with tears in their eyes, about their thoughts on the actual performance!

Lin Ying
I want to become a voice actor in the future, so I participated to gain experience. It's my first time acting, but it's really fun. I'm always told that my voice is too small, so I want to make sure that my voice is heard in the audience's hearts during the actual performance.

Natsuko Hayashi
I became interested in theater about three years ago when I saw a play at a theater school. This is my first time participating in a drama school, but it's fulfilling because I can also work on singing and dancing. I will do my best to create a stage that both the audience and I can enjoy.

Mr. Shimizu Dai
I participated because I liked Studio Salt's Asao-san's plays and wanted to work with him. I have always been involved in theater, but acting school opened my eyes to a world I didn't know existed, and I continue to make discoveries. During the actual performance, I hope that our enthusiasm will be conveyed to the audience and the entire theater will be excited.

Ayaka Yamanaka
I've been doing musicals, but I'm not good at acting, so I joined because I wanted to hone that part. So it was a good experience for me to learn the basics of acting.
It seems like there will be a small number of participants this time, but I want to show them the best performance.

Ms. Saki Kawai
This is my third time participating in the play school. Mr. Shiina from Studio Salt writes scripts that touch the heart, so everyone tries to live up to that, and I also try my best. We're going to put in a lot of effort and we'll definitely show you something great, so please come and see us!

Mizuki Kawano
I have been a member of a theater company since I was a child. This is my first time participating in a drama school, but I'm having fun learning a different method from what I'm used to and being able to perform with people my age.
Being able to face yourself properly and express your emotions. That's my goal this time.

Yusuke Yamazaki
It seems that he first discovered the joy of theater at a school play in the fourth grade of elementary school. I don't remember (lol). When I entered junior high school, I took a break from acting to concentrate on club activities, but I decided that I wanted to try it again, so I joined a drama school.
Now that I'm a little more grown up, I'm thinking about things in my own way and reading the script carefully. We want to make our rhythm resonate deep into the audience's eardrums and make them think, ``It was fun.''

Mr. Juriya Hatanaka
This is my third consecutive year participating in the play school. I was planning to take a break this year because it would take the entire summer, but Mr. Asao invited me and said, ``This year's workshop will be amazing'' (lol). But there was no lie in those words. I'm sure the way everyone expresses themselves will change, so I want to make an even bigger impact than last year. This summer, these members will create works that will deeply move the people who come to see them!

《Production Notes》
The acting school is taught by Studio Salt, which is based in Yokohama. They usually work on straight plays, but at Shibaijuku they also incorporate singing and dancing, so it's a learning experience for them as well.
We spoke to the organizer, Reiji Asao, and the scriptwriter and director, Izumi Shiina.

This is my third year in charge of Asao Shibaijuku, and we are creating works with a different style from our theater company. Therefore, there is no sense of ``I'm going to teach you something'', and I always take the stance of ``we're all going to create something together''.
ShiinaThis time, we will be performing a revised version of ``Man! Man! Sai!'' that we performed last year. The concept and basic story of young people in their 10s to 20s playing the roles of 90-year-olds without old age make-up is the same, but the cast and number of actors are different, so it may be a completely different work. not.
Asao: This year, we invited instructors from outside, focused on basic training such as vocalization, and also worked on etudes (improvisational theater). I'm sure it must have been painful, but the results will be on stage.
As you can see in the copy of Shiina 's work, ``This moment is irreplaceable'' is not only the theme of the work, but also applies to the students at the play school. Don't miss out on the momentary brilliance of these talented actors, the things they can't do as adults.

Play school for youth 2018 performance
"Man! Man! Year!"

[Date and time] August 25th (Sat) 13:30/18:30 August 26th (Sun) 13:30
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Momijizaka Hall
[Fee] General ¥2,800, Under 22s/College students ¥1,500, High school students and under ¥1,000

[Inquiries] Youth Center Hall Management Division TEL.045-263-4475


Applications for the giveaway have ended. Thank you for your many applications.
[Application summary]
Follow and retweet the official Magcul.net Twitter account " @MAGCUL " to watch "Man! Man! Sai!" which will be performed at the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center on Saturday, August 25th (13:30). We will be giving away viewing tickets to two groups of four people.

【Application method】
1. Follow the official Magcul.net Twitter account " @MAGCUL ".
2. From the official Twitter account, please retweet the ticket giveaway application post with “#Long Live 2018” that will be posted during the application period below. The application above is complete.

[Application deadline]
Until August 17th ( Friday ) 24:00
*Retweets submitted by the above deadline are eligible for entry.

[Lottery/Winner Announcement]
Winners will be notified via direct message on Twitter from the Magcal.net official account after the campaign period.
The announcement of the winner will be replaced by a direct message notification of the winner. At that time, we will confirm the applicant's name and contact information, so please reply directly to the direct message.
On the day of the contest (August 25th (Sat)), please go to the counter of "Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Momijizaka Hall" and tell us your name and the fact that you have won the Magcal.net giveaway. The staff will give you a ticket.
*To confirm your identity, you may be asked to present a direct message on your smartphone informing you of the winner on the spot. (If you do not have a smartphone, please print out the direct message and present it to us)
*The personal information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than the lottery.

[Application qualifications/conditions]
●Those who have a valid e-mail address.
●You must be following the official Magcal.net Twitter account, " @MAGCUL ."
*If you unfollow us before the winner is announced, your application and winning will be invalidated.
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