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This time we introduce "Watarida rocket and Miyukizu" produced performances "greetings to be bored." I asked Miyuki Okamoto, one of the organizers Miyukizu, about the enthusiasm for setting the stage for the opening of September 21 (Friday).

What kind of unit is "Watarida rocket and Miyukizu"?

In the Kanagawa Prefectural Theater Federation to which I belong, it was the beginning that members of another theater company wanting to perform 'Kitaima' 's "Kayo" gathered and set up a unit called "Green Shinichiro and Muyukis". Because there are only three characters, it was hard to perform at the theater company that was at that time. After that, we performed the performance twice and, after thinking about what we would like to do next, we became talking with Oda Hiroyuki who has been working as a "Watari Da Rocket" personal unit "Let's perform together." Oda was my husband, once belonged to the same company, but since quitting, I worked separately from each other, so it will be the first time in a long time.

I heard that the performance work "Greeting to Urreus" is the original original script.

I agree. Basically "miluKeys "is a unit to perform a screenplay that I would like to act.I worked on production, chose my favorite script, talked to my favorite actor and asked the director to perform it in a style I asked It was.
But this time I asked Toshiaki Tsuboi of "Theater company scramble" to write a script. About the end of last year I was told that if I was talking "Watari Da rocket and Miyukizu" next year "I will write it if it is me". I liked Mr. Tsuboi's work and I also appeared, so it seems that this show was decided on the spot.

What kind of work is it going to be?

First of all I gathered members and Tsuboi asked me to write a script in line with the actors. Points are not too surreal, people are not dead, about 2, leave everything behind. Originally I like "easy-to-understand" works, but Mr. Tsuboi is the one who writes comedy-touched works, so it seems to be an interesting story this time as well.
Five people who are appearing are fresh as they co-star except for Oda for the first time. I look forward to what kind of chemical reaction will take place on the stage.

Please give a message to the viewers.

Because it is not a so-called message-oriented play, it is a stage where you can think that it is interesting also for those who do not often see drama, and those who first visit the theater. After the show " I did not understand well "(laugh). Because the performance schedule also established times of opening Friday night at 8 o'clock, people working in Tokyo on weekdays and those who work on weekends are fine.
Even if there are somewhat disgusting things at work, I think that I can get better if I see the stage, so please come and join us!

"Production note"

Toshiki Tsuboi, who presides over theatrical group scramble, is responsible for producing and directing. This time it is my first time to offer works to other units as I've written down works for my own company. He seems to be fascinated by making works with other members.

"Because most of the performers are older than themselves, I wrote down the theme of" elderly love and comedy. "Do not you think that adults desperately love romance is ugly and funny Because it is a theme to pick up family relations, diseases, death etc. anywhere, I withdrew them at all and aimed for a play "nothing happens" in a sense, so there is nothing to bring home anything, but simple I think that you can say "I was fun ~" and return home. "

Watarida rocket and Miyukizu Produce Performance vol.1
olor: # 993366; ">" Greet greeting "

[Date and time] September 21 (Fri) 20: 00/22 (Sat) 14: 00/19: 00/23 (Sun) 14: 00
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center HIKARI (Multipurpose Plaza)
[Production / Directing] Tsuboi Toshiki (Theater company scramble)

[Cast] Miyuki Okamoto, Hiroyuki Oda, Akihiro Koyama, Ring Yura, Tomomi Niwa (Show GEKI)
[Rate] Advance ¥ 2,500, same day ¥ 3,000, less than high school student \ 1,000
[Inquiries] TEL.090-7196-7017 E-mail:



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