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[For business operators] Please post an infection control measure document!

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<Infection Prevention Measures/LINE Corona Notification System>
The prefecture will issue "Infection Prevention Measures" that you can see the countermeasures in a list only by selecting and entering the infection prevention measures to be taken at business establishments (facilities, etc.) on the Internet. By posting the approach document at the facility or event venue, citizens of the prefecture can use it with confidence and reliability.

In addition, by using the QR code issued together with the action manual, the LINE Corona Notification System is provided as a mechanism for health centers to promptly follow up the infection risk of users of facilities etc. as needed. I will. This will send a LINE message to those who visited the infected person's place at the same time. Business operators are encouraged to implement this initiative to provide peace of mind and prevent the spread of infection.

*The QR code name is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

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[For business operators] Please post an infection control measure document!

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