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Ryu Miho's "Woman in Jazz" Part 2

Talk with KAMOME Master Motohito Sasaki

Since I lived in Yokohama when I was young, I also feel the nostalgia,
What kind of place is 'Yokohama' for Mr. Sasaki?

Sasaki: This is a favorite place I was born and raised. Next door was America until the end of the Vietnam War.
My grandfather, father, and my three generations were all known to everyone at the same school, lol

Ryu: That's right. It is Sasaki's hometown.


What led you to start listening to Jazz?

Sasaki: I came in while I didn't know. At the time there were few TVs and many radios. Such as stationed forces broadcasting. Is there still FEN? Programs like the Best Hit USA have been around for a long time.
The house next door was the army, and my dad, my dad, brought the radio to the garden and drank beer, and I was playing with the children. Jazz and Western music flowed from the radio without knowing it came in. I also remember the arrangement of the furniture at the time. There is always ice cream in the big refrigerator. While we were at the answering machine, we all eaten with a spoon.
And there were a lot of cabarets in this area in the past, and the big band also played Jazz.
Lol have me take me there

Ryu: Mr. Sasaki used to have an American-style boyhood while in Japan.
Sasaki: That's right, Really naturally.

When is the establishment of Ryu KAMOME?

It is November 16, 2014.


Speaking of Yokohama, the port town where jazz suits. What kind of shop would you like to create when you thought of establishing KAMOME, and why did you choose this place, Kannai?

Sasaki: The origin of jazz, or Minatomachi is quite natural. Kannai has been an adult town since I was young.
This is an interesting place, and in Tokyo, it's an adult town where Roppongi, Ginza and Shinjuku are mixed. I think this side from the bus street. A cinema is also nearby.
When I was young when I was young, I felt that I became an adult. There are many shops in this area that have been around for a long time, and there are shops that are unique to sushi shops, western food shops, and so on. I think it is a good place, a place with a good smell.

Ryu: Certainly there are many shops that I do not know. The atmosphere and the atmosphere. There are also many shops that I do not know yet.

The catch phrase of the shop "Jazz, fusion, funk, bossa nova, etc. with good music and food in a sense of everyday wear" There may be few images that can be heard casually with jazz, but it can be heard in the sense of everyday wear of Mr. Sasaki What kind of image is it?

nt: 1em; margin-bottom: 30px; "Sasaki: I don't have a dress code. It's often heard over the phone, but it seems like it's gonna be sandals, it's always come true lol


There are sofa seats in the store, and you're comfortable, are there any particulars within the store?

Sasaki: The room is comfortable, the toilet is clean and there is something delicious.
I don't think much about the layout, but it would not be interesting if all were tables and chairs. It's low, it's high, and it changes the color of the chair. The color of the sofa is different, and cushions are placed.

Ryu: You can relax that random feeling.

Sasaki: Oh yes, then the way of thinking won't be ticking. When it sees normally, it looks like a furniture shop

Ryu: There are big windows and you can watch live from outside, but that's good too. People who are open-minded and who are looking from the outside feel free to enter the store

Sasaki: Actually, this window is smoked and I can not see it, but I can see a little at night.
That's why some people are watching it.

Ryu: Chef, Tuner, I always feel like a family.

Sasaki: Well, I've been working with the same members for over 10 years.

What is your favorite song by Sasaki? (Jazz, bossa nova or rock)

Sasaki: It's different at that time. I also like rock.

KAMOWhat is the most popular menu of ME live matters?

Sasaki: The most popular is pork saute. There is always a person to eat. Quiche with it. Quiche Lorraine is the simplest quiche of bacon and onion. The meat rate of women is high.

Ryu: Is that true? Do you often order meat dishes?

Sasaki: That's right. There are a lot of cutlet sandwiches, chicken sautees and meat food.

Ryu: Are there many people who can come alone while drinking alcohol?

Sasaki: That's right. There are many people. People I met here get along well and say hello. But at first everyone has many people. And there is a man who comes every day. "I thought jazz was something of a man's world, but what does a man do?"
Everyone says that beautiful people will come to listen to jazz.

Ryu: That's right, it's funny lol Surely there are a lot of beautiful jazz music.


What kind of shop would you like the musicians to come back to?

Sasaki: After all, it is good.
Some musicians said that they were hungry as soon as they came

Finally, how can women feel free to go to the jazz house in the future?

Sasaki: It has already started. All right.
The dirty image of the jazz house has been defeated.
Please come to KAMOME lol


TEL: 045-662-5357

How was it. The second "Woman in Jazz"
We sent an interview with Mr. Motohito Sasaki, Master of KAMOME in Yokohama.
KAMOME is not only a customer, but a shop loved by musicians.
Everyone at KAMOME feels that they have returned.
The hidden jazz shop, KAMOME live matters, "If you know this shop, it may be a cool woman. "
Please take a girl friend and go listening to Jazz!

Ryu Miho

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