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"Kanagawa Prefecture theater drama musical" judge, Mr. Fujisawa Norimasa, the winner group "Mojimo Jaguar and Hera Glasses", Mr. Tatsuhiro Kajiura, interview with the leading actress Kumiko Noda <Part II>

A regional theater musical that can only be seen in Kanagawa

In Kanagawa Prefecture, we support regional dramas that feature local legends and folk tales. As part of that, on January 29th, we held a public competition for the "land play musical" at the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Hall. The appearances are 4 groups that passed the primary screening. Each showed a musical based on "cat in the dance hall", "Yokosuka Museum of Art", "Chubu shop" and "Father of Yokohama waterworks".

The winner of the award was the theater unit “Momo Jyaga's Head and Spatula Eyeglasses” by Akira Ueura and Shoko Kawada. We performed “Japan Yokohama Ohama-sama” where the present and the past were mixed on the subject of the pleasure house “Chabu-ya” in Honmoku.

Following the previous report, we will deliver interviews with singer Norimasa Fujisawa who was the judge, Yudai Kajiura of "Mojamo Jagura and Hera Hera Glasses" and Kumiko Noda who is the leading actress.

Interview with Jury, Mr. Norisawa Fujisawa "I felt full love for Kanagawa"

After the final performance, I spoke to singer, Norimasa Fujisawa, who served as a judge. Mr. Fujisawa says, "It is the first time to judge," but what is the deciding factor in choosing the winning group?

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Mr. Norisawa Fujisawa

A vocalist who advocates the style of "pop opera" that combines pop and opera.
"Fujisawa Norimasa Birthday Live 2017" at Billboard Live TOKYO on March 5 (Sun), "Fujisawa Norimasa Symphonic Concert 2017 ~ Hibiki ~" at the Tokyo Art Theater Concert Hall on Thursday, April 20 We are planning to hold "Fujisawa Norimasa SPRING CONCERT 2017" at Machida Citizens Hall on Sunday (Saturday).

—— Mr. Fujisawa, you seem to be quite lost in the examination.

Fujisawa: It was the first time I was born to do the screening itself. It was difficult for me to judge because I was always on the side of being able to listen and be on the side of being a singer. I studied very much and I was more nervous than my own live (laughs).

This time there were 4 groups, but each story is interesting. Although I missed the championship, "Yokohama Citizens Children Musical" was also very good. I came into my heart and was impressed by my family bond. The singing voices of children will be more colored and changing from now on. Persuasive power of age was transmitted and I felt the future.

Mr. Norisawa Fujisawa

Besides, all groups were full of love for Kanagawa. I think I was digging into history carefully. I was troubled which team to choose until the end.

—— What points did you focus on when judging?

Fujisawa: I'm sorry in a biased view, but still I am conscious of the sound. Emphasis was placed on singing, vocalization and sound production. For a musical, it is important whether the message can be delivered by sound.

"Momo Jyaga's head and spatula glasses" was great from the beginning. A sense of reality as I have confirmed that the brush brush of the drum, "Ah, raw sound?" The arrangement is also stylish, and jazzy and blues tunes are cool. I was drawn into the world view at a stretch.