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Daily and reality taken in the 19th century technique "Daguerreotype", the future Photographer Taku Arai

Prepare and get a standing position

-What is the process of shooting with the Dagereo type?

It is the first time to polish a silver plate, and it is sensitized with chemicals, photographed, developed and fixed. A single pass will take approximately 3 to 4 hours at an 8x10 size.

It takes a minimum of one and a half hours, and three hours or so for polishing. Shooting sometimes ends in a few seconds, but I have to stand still for a long time, because I have to let the other party stop. I can not intervene by leaving it to the other party or the environment, I just feel like I just wait.

Video: Tomoe Otsu / Music: Takeyasu Ando / Cooperation: Tokyo Metropolitan Fifth Fukuryumaru Exhibition Center

Taku Arai / Fifth Lucky Dragon multifocal monument of the production process of From Takashi Arai On Vimeo .

-You seem to be polishing the technology even now.

Shining came to be able to do much, but there are a few things that have not been understood yet, and I do not understand how to measure the timing of sensitization treatment done with iodine gas still well afterwards. I know that it will be about this width by trial and error, but I still feel that I am still experimenting.

The sensitization process does not appear after several seconds, but the reaction speed changes because the humidity and temperature differ depending on the day. That is not good because it is not necessarily proportional to temperature, and it must be done with physical sensations under the conditions at that time.

――While it takes a lot of time, why do you choose Dagelo type as a production method?

Shortly after the Great East Japan Earthquake, I was asked to take photographs of the affected area from overseas magazines, and brought out a digital camera, but I could not take it at all. As a professional, I have contracted for a variety of jobs, but for the first time I stopped working on the way, and when I thought that I had a feeling of setback or failure, I was filmed if I happened to be a Dagereo type. It was only that.

Multi-focused monument for the 5th Fukuryumaru 2013
Multi-focused monument for the 5th Fukuryu Maru 2013

Especially the first thing I felt in Fukushima when I got a digital camera was that I didn't really know where I was, or where I was already damaged, like I was taking away from it. I felt like shooting and running away. On the other hand, the Dagereo type can not escape because it has a dark room tent on the site and the camera is large. If you decide to shoot, be prepared to stay there for a whole day. When I was prepared to try it, I felt that my standing position was stable and I could take pictures.

"Nuclear" as "Reality" in Life

―― It seems that you started to work on the "nuclear" work because of the encounter with the fifth Fukuryumaru (which was exposed in the US hydrogen bomb experiment).

It is said that I often use the theme of the nucleus, but I have not set the theme at all and take anything, but by chance the largest issue in life is the nuclear issue I had no choice but to accept it. The theme of the core as a work has never actually been considered. When I visited Fukushima, I wondered why Japan would become such a nuclear powerhouse, and when I started to check it, I started to know later that it was linked to the atomic bomb and the secret agreement between Japan and the United States. Rather than deciding on the theme, it was so realistic for me in my life.